Roman Literature:

Aulus Gellius

Gellius (123 - 169 AD) was a Latin author who studied grammar, rhetoric and philosophy in the tradition of the Greek scholars. His only work, the Noctes Atticae, takes its name from his time spent in Attica.

It is essentially an unorganized collection of thoughts, notes and essays on subjects as wide ranging as grammar, geometry, philosophy and history. Despite its lack of sequence it is a valuable source on the daily life and social circumstances of the 2nd century AD.

Noctes Atticae (Attica Nights)

Did you know?

It is from the lost Aegyptiaca of Apion, a first-century AD grammarian from Alexandria, that Gellius retells two well-known fables; the story of Androclus and the Lion (V.14), and the Boy on the Dolphin (VI.8).

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