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French Talking Dictionary

A talking dictionary is a very fun and simple way to learn a new language. It has one big advantage in that usually the electronic dictionary is not very big, meaning that it is very mobile. The other advantage is the flexibility. At a push of a button you get instant results, and of course the power of "hearing" the language should never be underestimated.

What makes an electronic dictionary desirable? First the number of words in the database... in general the more the better. One should always try to get one that offers to add on words to the list, because no database is ever complete. A powerful dictionary should have also offer a thesaurus tool, and should pronounce the words in a clear way. The display should be easy to read and every electronic dictonary should have a grammar guide.

Below you will find a collection of "French Talking Dictionaries". We hope it proves to be a useful aid in your goal of learning the French language.

French Talking Dictionaries

Franklin - Clear, concise full definitions from Larousse give you the meaning to communicate effectively. Learning exercises including spelling bee and flashcard methods. This talking dictionary is built on the latest text-to-speech technology to give you advanced English and French speech synthesis and a dictionary with over 450,000 entries. The world's most sophisticated Speech Recognition System that understands and instantly translates any of the tens of thousands of pre-programmed words and phrases contained in the iTRAVL.

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