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Sardinia Travel Maps

When travelling abroad wise travellers inform themselves upfront about their destination. Online maps for the destination of your choice is a great way to get the basic facts, but obviously a computer with online connection won't always be available when you travel. It is essential to have a map of the region actually in your hands. Don't forget!.

When to buy Travel Maps

Make sure you order with plenty of time to spare in advance of your trip. Even though shipping is generally fast in the modern world, waiting too long to order could be a problem as glitches can occur. You'd rather have the travel map in your hands a bit earlier than risk not having one at all at departure.

Travel Maps for your holiday in Sardinia

Mediterranean Sea
The clear, clean and uncluttered style of Michelin maps is compounded with extreme attention to detail covering scenic roads, footpaths, panoramic views, emergency telephones, road widths and more.
"Italy, Southern"
$10.95 (39" x 56")
Cartographia is a world-class Hungarian publisher of country and city maps, specializing in Europe,Eastern Europe,and Africa.
Mediterranean Sea
$10.95 1:2.000.000
High quality road map of the mediterranean with place name index and multilingual labels and legends.
Insight Travel Map

High quality road map of the mediterranean island Sardinia, with place name index and multilingual labels and legends.
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