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Roman Book Reviews

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The Lion's Brood: The Story of Hannibal by Rafael Scott; reviewed by Primuspilus
Latin Via Ovid: A First Course by Norman Goldman, Jacob E. Nyenhuis; reviewed by Ursus
The Late Roman Army by Pat Southern and Karen R. Dixon; reviewed by Neos Dionysos
The Later Roman Empire, 284-602 by A.H.M Jones; reviewed by Divi Filius
The Last Generation Of The Roman Republic by Erich S. Gruen; reviewed by Germanicus
The Last Pagan by Adrian Murdoch; reviewed by Ursus
Legionary: The Roman Soldier's Manual by Philip Matyszak; reviewed by Ursus
The Life and Times of Constantine The Great by D.G. Kousoulas; reviewed by Ursus
Life, Death and Entertainment in the Roman Empire by D.S. Potter; reviewed by Skarr
Livia - First Lady of Imperial Rome by Anthony A. Barrett; reviewed by The Augusta
Life in Ancient Rome: People and Places by Nigel Rodgers; reviewed by Lost_Warrior
Last Roman: Romulus Augustulus and the Decline of the West by Adrian Murdoch; reviewed by Decimus Caesar
Looking at Laughter by John R. Clarke; reviewed by Ursus

Book Reviews

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