Win a Roma Victrix Beaker

We are very excited to announce that we are giving away one Roma Victrix Beaker made by Calix Imperium Ltd.. This is due to the company celebrating its first anniversary and the fact that they have been accepted as suppliers to the British museum prestigious Grenville room shop, after passing the curators stringent examinations.

Selling price for the normal public is 90.00 plus vat within the EU, for UNRV members only they will offer it at 85.00.

How to WIN:

1. Go to our new CHAT

2. Follow the instructions on how to enter the chat (first download client, than enter server and port)

3. When you are in the chat you will see a welcome message to the left -
"Welcome! This

4. We want yout to complete this sentence and send it to

"Here is a screenshot so you know exactly where to look for this sentence"

The deadline for entering this competition is the 30th of September. The winner will be chosen randomly from all replies; and if you meet a fellow romanophile in the chatroom don`t forget to say HELLO! :)

About the Beaker:
Calix is the Latin for "cup", from which we get the English "chalice". While the Greek kylix from which the word ultimately derives was a broad, shallow pottery vessel, the Calix Imperium offering is tall, deep, and made of sturdy pewter. (In fact the Calix is modelled on a first century glass calathus called the "Poseidon beaker currently in the Yale University Art Gallery. However, even allowing for nineteen hundred years of wear and tear, the modern Calix is of considerably finer quality.) What will immediately catch the eye of anyone interested in Roman history are the three panels set on the outside... the full review of the Roma Victrix Beaker

Get it now!