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    I had the pleasure of spending a few weeks in Istanbul earlier this year, with the aim of seeking out as many late Roman & Byzantine ruins as possible. I explored the Sultanahmet district, finding ruins of the great palace, I walked along the land walls (imagining the Ottoman siege as I went), I toured the Imperial way and I ventured north into the Galata region, across the Golden Horn. Pics and snippets of all the historical finds here: http://www.gordondoherty.co.uk/writeblog/walkingthroughconstantinople Hope you like
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    I've not been on here for ages but I have two books self published on Amazon for which I owe UNRV forum a great debt of gratitude. They are just aimed at kids although lots of adults have said they are a fun short read for any age. Caroline Lawrence has reviewed the first on Amazon and gave it four stars; which will do me, coming from such a renowned author. Time Tunnel to Londinium and Londinium Revisisted could not have been realised without help from this forum and from the Latin discussion forum that I used. I'm not a bestselling author or anything, but I did manage to get into double figures one day this month. The books are on Kindle for 99p (99c) Kindle downloads can also be read on laptops/PCs and most smartphones and tablets. I also have another book which is finished, save for proofreading and editing. This is a rather older age group full novel. Fair bit of violence and, probably the sequel will also contain much allusion to sex. Children of the Wise Oak is a fantasy laid over a real historical setting. Set in 80s BC Europe, Celtic British adolescents travel through Gaul and eventually to Rome Armed with magical powers but forced to avoid using those powers openly, they get a taste of the real might of Rome and of what may be to come. Should anyone be curious enough to read it, they can do so here Children of the Wise Oak on Inkshares Hope this isn't all just too self self self.
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    Hello me-dears, I feel a re-introduction is in order before I start picking your brains for more info. I haven't been on for a very long time. Regular contributors will know me as a pain asking lots of stupid questions about Roman life while I try to write books which touch on the subject. Should anyone feel the need to know what use their brilliant answers have been put to they will find my two children's books on Amazon Kindle Time Tunnel To Londinium, and Londinium Revisited are 99c/99p or free to anyone with Kindle Unlimited. If this is too much but you would still like to read them I will send the .doc to those who ask. UNRV is thanked in the credits The Time Tunnel books have now moved on and users of Anglo-Saxon history forums may now fear my rapacious need for tiny details, so you are safe there. However, I also wrote a much longer book now titled "Children of the Wise Oak" which features Celtic boys who venture to Rome and get into a spot of bother. The sequel to that book will focus on a rather striking woman attempting to keep an eye on Julius Caesar; which I have realised is going to be a literary tightrope if I am to maintain a shred of historical credibility. Why I didn't just write a straight fantasy is a mystery to me. Anyone who wants a link to "Children of the Wise Oak" is welcome to it.