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    Hi everyone I study Archeology at the University and of course I'm interested a lot in Ancient Rome. I think this site has some very good discussions and materials and I'm here to have access to both. Also, as an Italian I find great seeing how many people from all over the world joined this forum, having the same passion for Ancient History.
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    Hi Viggen -- shock news indeed. You've been fantastic for which thanks, and do keep in touch. Good luck to Peter Kay (about time an English comedian got involved!). Happy to continue contributing reviews.
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    Viggen: Good luck and thank you for your work. Stay healthy. guy also known as gaius P.S.: I hope Peter reaches out to us for suggestions to fill the great void as a result of Viggen's departure from the leadership.
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    Viggen, Great job on this UNRV site. I was a reader of this site for many years before I joined some years ago. I have recommended UNRV to other folks with an interest in Roman history. Glad to hear you will still be hanging out here as time permits. You may find me lurking/stalking (reading) around the forums from time to time. I rarely post, but I love the site and the forum. Peter Kay does have some work ahead filling your shoes. Again, Great Job! Mort Rex (aka Tim Jenks, aka Magnus Moorman)
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    Strange that this was posted on November 25, but I'm only getting it today (December 2)...? Anyway, best of luck to you, Viggen.