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  1. Roman gods originated from the Greek culture, obtaining many aspects and qualities of their origninal counterparts, but of course the names of most gods were changed.


    However i have heard that thats many gods were still known by the Greek names, for example Zeus (Jupiter/Jove), Hades (Pluto) etc.


    I was just wondering, why were the Gods re-named when they were still known by the original Greek names?


    Also I havnt heard of a large number of these gods that were actually different in anyway from the Greeks ones, the ones i have heard of include Minerva/Athena


    From what i know, Minerva was goddess of Wisdom, while Athena was goddess of Wisdom and War.


    Any help, quotes and links would be greatly appreciated.. but while books are good im not sure if i would be able to get my hands on them


    Thanks ^_^

  2. Hi I'm from Australia and so unfortunatly Rome has not appered on TV for us yet :( but i have heard alot about it but... lol my dad is kinda strick on ratings.. as in G, PG, M, MA, R etc :rolleyes::angry:


    he doesnt care about violence but is there anything .. else in it? like nude scence.. :lol:


    lol.. if u could please help me out in the it would be greatly appreciated :D



  3. Wow! I'm glad I asked. Thanks for the update. When last I was in school, the Herodotus theory was treated as seriously as there being a real ancient city of Troy. :rolleyes:



    There is many theories on weather Troy exsited or not... although the majority now regard it as pure myth.. there is a possibility of great truth to it.


    However i have read the Aenied and Virgil suggests that (im a litttle fuzzy on the details) Saturn (Cronos in greek myths) gave local law and order and the name of Latium to Italy/future Rome. There was a golden age. From there the Italians travelled to Troy starting a Metropolis and later Aeneas travelled to Rome. Aeneas however only founded the location of the city plus traditions, culture and the local language (latin) to appease Juno (Hera), it was then Romulus that founded Rome, the city itself and named it after himself.


    Therefore in myth.. the Italians and Trojans are 1

  4. Ok this may seem a bit extreme being a girl but i am really into blood,


    this is my dream and though i see it in the third person i have written this account in the first person of one of the main characters and yes i understand that it is in the past tense but at the end i die so how could i have written it...?


    hope you like :)


    The Gladiator


    The crowd was cheering as I walked into the Colosseum. My heart was thumping against my rib cage. The smell of blood and sweat mingled, the sun

  5. I think Spartacus would have been defeated in the end if he remained in Italy fighting the Roman legions. The legions were armed better, had more training and more disiplin.


    I also think that is he did retreat to the north Crassus and Pompey might have still chased him because if they let him get away he would have set a very bold revolt that many more would have been inspired by. But by burning all the slaves the remainder would be content and not revolt.