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  1. In Blighty we don't usually see amrican versions of our own shows, both because the media in America is so all-pervasive, but also because no-one in britain buys them. What we have seen is a little perlexing to us. Okay, we sort of recognise who the main characters are supposed to be, but they're translated into a different stereotype and to be honsest, since much of British humour is based on absurdities concerning our way of life, the jokes from american perspective just don't work. That doesn't mean american comedy isn't funny - we fall off our seats with some imported shows, but these are home grown shows that are internally consistent.


    Perhaps one exception might be Shameless. I haven't seen the US version, but the trailers were as deadpan as British humour and I think that's why it might work for us too.

  2. Cars are often an expression of personality. The M5 driver zooms past you because he wants to look important and the car is not only a badge of status, but a means of competing aggresively for position on the road.


    Personally I liked sports cars for the buzz. I find them interesting, challenging, extremely rewarding, and it must be said a source of endless frustration. I'm not bothered by anyones elses opinions of it. Beware of drivers who buy cars for for show - in my experience, they usually drive in a thoughtless manner.


    But not everyone sees cars as status symbols or expressions of personality. My father always bought cheap cars because he revels in counting beans. For him, having found a car that returns good fuel economy and running costs means he can shuffle more beans onto something else. I've always found it hilarious. He's so proud of his Prius and literally cannot understand why I fell over laughing every time he spoke of it's innate superiority over forms of motor vehicle.


    So if you like your little Toyota Doc, you enjoy it. There's nothing worse than being stuck with a car that doesn't please you.

  3. Thing is Doc, the male of the species is designed by nature to want sex. Hey, I'm no different. See that attractive young woman walking by? I guarantee I'm thinking about sex in some form or other before she passes by and vanishes from my concious memory. All us chaps are like that to a greater or lesser degree.


    It's our compensation for closing the toilet seat on a regular basis, or helping with other household chores. It's also, I hasten to add, the result of our male domination struggle. You see, if I have more scratches on the bed post than that other guy, he's pathetic, useless, a loser. If I have more scratches on me, then I'm obviously partnered with women of a much more dangerous calibre, and thus reflects on my big game hunter psyche.


    At heart we're still cavemen. After all, Gene Roddenberry suggested in his Star Trek series that mankind doesn't solve its political, economic, and cultural problems until the 23rd century, and even then Captain Kirk can't help going wide eyed every time an Orion slave girl flutters her eyelids at him.


    So I guess if you want a moonlit evening on the holodeck with Mr Right, you're going to have to wait three or four hundred years. Starfleet turns out perfect men by the shipload.


    By now I've probably depressed you totally. But be honest Doc, all those failed cavemen who are trying to date are actually phoning you. That's goota mean something. My own view is that you should set up a thirteen week competition between your prospective partners. Set impossible challenges each week like doing the cooking or beating up the noisy neighbour. Only the winner will get a date, and each week, one of them will be mentally scarred for life by your withering rejection.


    As for me, I don't worry about it anymore. Been there, done it, so to speak. Plus as an older bloke my keyless ignition is not quite as reliable as it was. But you know, I still have fun. people are what they are, and it's only when the issue of 'ownership' comes up it all gets a bit wearisome. Personally I think you should buy a whip. Your life will be transformed :D

  4. The reason space exploration has failed to conquer the hearts and minds of the world beyond the odd salt sucking monster and green skinned conquest of Captain Kirk, is that no-one has profitted. Once people can exploit space commercially or illegally, that'll change dramatically. There's this woolly headed idea that Man will conquer space and hug space aliens forever more, but let's be honest, where explorers go, commerce hitches a ride.


    Do I sound a bit dismissive? Maybe that's because Captain Kirk gets more girls than me. Life is so unfair :(

  5. Politics is always full of BS. It's in the nature of politicians to exploit and mislead to a greater or lesser degree. You do find leaders who are more sincere than others, but the regime they operate in is more likely to subvert those ideals in order to achieve success and survival. In other words, you run with the crowd or sit on the sidelines. Since politicians get involved either for personal achievement or for deep seated conviction, there's never going to be a complete consensus of how things should be run thus we get politics as a way of life.

  6. Yeah, that's a funny thing isn't it? It seems to represent some sort of deep seated psychological need to see heroes of a certain country perform courageously against evil, but in a science fiction context.


    In effect we have a very medieval style of story - man vs monster - updated for the twenty-first century. The idea of a brave hero against evil hordes is nothing new - that's been a staple of heroic fiction since we invented the fireside - but notice the christian angle in this. It's always civilisation that's under attack. It's alway us versus them. Whereas traditional storytelling is from a third person perspective, very neutral aside from the fact we want the good guy to prevail, with modern storytelling the tird person style is distorted by emotional involvement.

  7. Oh for crying out loud Ghost, the people you're so worried about upsetting are often more racist than you. The reason so few blacks and asians cross your path is because they prefer not to.


    Not so long ago I was sat in the local library while a young black lady decided to manage her social diary via a mobile phone. As the policy toward mobile phones in there is to avoid annoying other people, I reminded her that using a mobile wasn't alowed on the 2nd floor. She responded angrily as if I had transgressed her human rights. She even suggested that if I had a problem then it should be settled on the street (her words, not mine). When the librarian nervously intervened at my insistence, she said that I had 'spoken to her like a dog'. I wish now I had.


    That sort of thing isn't unusual. Some people of ethnic origin cling to this idea that they're downtrodden so that they can exploit situations to their advantage. It's a form of aggression, emotional blackmail, bullying even. I have no problem with the colour of peoples skin. I do have a problem with people using it to push others around.


    My advice is stop worrying about it.

  8. yeah, vehicle licensing is kind of strange. I had a SORN'd vehicle that's been recently stolen. The police told me to investigate it myself. The DVLA seemed completely unconcerned when I phoned them to report it stolen, so I now have an off-road declaration for a non-insured non-operational invisible Eunos cabriolet that is nonetheless legally owned by me. I wonder if I'll get a letter asking me if I want to continue my SORN declaration later next year? At least that way they can't prosecute or fine me for incorrect vehicle registration.