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  1. Oh I got the professional publicity photo's and an icon of a sticky-out tongue when she mentioned her mother and father had been killed in a civil war. It's all a bit glib. You weren't far off geographically.


    And I thought she chose me for my wit, creativity, debonair looks, fashionably shabby hair and clothing, and a certain niche in society? My dreams are shattered. Seems the young lady either wants money or a life in england and isn't too fussy who provides it.


    Sadly I have no authority or influence with the Foreign Office, HM Customs & Excise, the Judiciary, and even my bank manager doesn't like me anymore. And she reckons she has problems?

  2. Unforunately the laws of physics don't always work that way. In some circumstances the vehicle with a higher energy state suffers less in collisions - though it depends what they collide with. I'm thinking of a case where two porsche 911's were racing on a country lane (the drivers both said they weren't but didn't convince anyone) and smashed into an oncoming car. The innocent victim was killed outright and the two porsches, whilst written off, protected their occupants.

  3. Nor me. All too clean and sterile. But it's an absolute godsend for heating stuff straight out of a fridge or freezer, and takes very little time. Just as well really. I discovered a spider in my new fridge last night. Didn't take the little monster long to figure how to get into his air conditioned hidey hole did it? He was only a tiny little thing. Shame I had to squish him really.


    Karma will probably get revenge for that selfish act I suppose. That's health and safety in the kitchen for you. Reduces your reincarnation prospects.

  4. That's kind of an interesting view Doc. For me, sport was always about taking part. Whether I'm stood on the sidelines or sat in front of television, spectating was always a crashing bore for me.


    I suppose then I've had little or no time for commentaries on sporting events. Does that necessarily spoil the spectacle?


    It is true I can watch motor racing without complaint. It must be something about the internal combustion engine that strikes a chord with my musical sensibilities. Now that racing is likely to turn to electropop instead of heavy metal orchestras I might have to think again!

  5. It would, but you don't find many titled jobseekers. I'm probably the first our job centre has encountered and they were determined to erase it and restore me to conventional rascal status. In any case, there's sufficient law to give errant nobles a bloody nose if they don't comply - titles do not imply immunity as some of the actions against senior politicans following the expenses scandal will illustrate.

  6. How do I make it through? Honesty, persistence, and the occaisional argument with a bureaucrat that doesn't know which end of the human anatomy is which.


    Never demand what you're not entitled to. Always insist on what is yours by law. Always do what they require you to do. Always apologise - never make excuses. They've heard them all before.


    Other than that, treat job searching as your job, and do a little of what you enjoy whenever you can.


    I'll be honest. Long term unemployment sometimes feels close to a jail sentence, but learn to live with it. Take pleasure in small things (not necessarily literally) and take a look outside. Sun shining? Take a breather. Enjoy the world for a short while.

  7. I did mention to the policeman that metal theft might have been a motive. He didn't think so. For some time the police have been trying to get me to name my perseuctor regarding what happened to the vehicle over the years. Sorry, but they didn't bother to draw attention to themselves. Thieves prefer to keep things quiet as a rule.

  8. There is a certain sense of justice in that a man who lived by the sword has been well and truly killed by it.


    I do understand the public jubilation I saw on the news as americans react to the story that their bogeyman was done for. Was this celebration exaggerated by the nnews? There's a part of my british character that sits uneasily with this sort of indulgence especially when it does nothing to stem the need for islamic revenge.


    I also note the choice of navy SEALS to enact the mission. After the Deltas accidentially killed a british woman they intended to rescue, one wonders if they shouldn't have been allowed to ressurect their reputation. Then again, with Bin Laden in their sights, I also understand the need for no unnecessary risks, hence the lack of reports to pakistan authorities.


    It was said a few years ago that the SAS had Bin Laden in their sights but were refused permission to fire. I have no idea how true that story is, but no matter, the bad guy is down. We shall to wait and see how significant that event was.

  9. The customer compliance people told me I was articulate, educated, and good at interviews. So why aren't I getting any interviews? Why do you think that is? But I should be employed by now - Why don't I get interviewed?


    Actually I do, sparingly, and I got an email just today advising me of a possible interview to come. Rather those questions seemed to be fishing for a particular answer from me. Not sure what it is the lady wanted me to say, but I am certain it wasn't going to help.

  10. I thought you yanks defined mountains as bumps in the landscape higher than a thousand feet above the surrounding scenery? I know we do. Sadly we don't have mountains in Darkest Wiltshire, as our tallest spot is Liddington Hill (just down the road from me) which rises about 600 feet at most. Other than that we have a country lane in Wroughton, immediately south of my home town, which is so steep it might as well be classed a mountain because you need oxygen and ropes to walk up it. So there you have an alternative definition :)

  11. The effort and skill required to handle formula one cars is not in doubt. However, the spectacle is largely spin. A single overtaking move on F1 is headline news. Other than that it's a multimillion pound traffic jam moving at whatever speed the first three decide, rather like the M25 without speed cameras. The problem is that F1 has become a showcase for racing technology. It is, frankly, incredibly dull to watch compared with the less restrained classes of motoring racing. But hey, if you like that sort of thing...