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  1. Hey, Doc's Diner is open at last! Let me check the prices... Let's see... Flight to Los Angeles tomorrow... Return train tickets to London.... I'll need to think of an excuse to explain why I'm late signing on the dole... What the...???


    Grabbing a bite to eat at Doc's place is going to cost me

  2. We seem to have gone through a cultural fantasy in which home ownership was possible for everyone. Renting has re-emerged in a big way over the last ten years after those heady years when Thatcherism expanded our horizons, at least in the relatively prosperous south. That includes me too. Except I couldn't afford to buy in the first place, but unlike people who were taking on mortgages costing more than seven times their income and lasting fifty years, I kind of figured all that out for myself.

  3. Maybe it is. It might also be that however enthusiastic you are about documenting your adventures in text and imagery, or even how interesting it actually is compared to other peoples, it often depends on your presence in their imaginations. A celebrity can make a sentence appear everywhere. I can't even get the Job Centre to get my name right.

  4. Funny that. It's almost as if they're merely being polite. Either that or we kid ourselves how interesting our photographs are. There was a time when I was working for a japanese company. There was literally nothing to do all day but sit twiddling our thumbs. Out of sheer boredom I brought along a cd full of my local scenery snapshots, and out of boredom, my two team members went through them, jpeg by jpeg. Perhaps that was why they stabbed me in the back and got me fired :) If they didn't like the photos, they only had to say....


    As much as we value our own work, I think we have to face the inevitable reality that not everyone else will see the value of it. I learned that lesson in the music business many years ago. Every band in the world think they're brilliant. But out of all the billions of human beings in the worlds population, how many are truly regarded as gifted and listened to by the rest of us?

  5. You see, that wouldn't work here. It isn't that we british are scared of litigation, it's just that unless you're the victim of an accident you most certainly will be the victim of a rather large bill. And even if that obstacle were removed and we adopt yet another amercian custom, that being the one of suing anyone for profit, then sooner or later a greedy politician is only going to tax our winnings even more.


    In any case, we don't need to sue our leaders. All we have to do is march around shouting a lot. They soon get the message, or a notice to quit within a few years courtesy of the general publics vote. It's a brave politician that ignores dissent in Britain. Unless you're John Prescott, in which case you simply punch joe public in the face. Don't laugh, it worked for him, he's now Baron of Hull.

  6. No, it was a little different. Although the system was effectively the same as the older grammar schools, the newer comprehensive schools were undeniably biased toward socialist tendencies and thus every student was supposed to be treated the same. So in effect showing talent mattered little. You had to push yourself if you wanted to get somewhere. That said, there were still some teachers who were more supportive. I'm thinking of an english teacher who was very keen to keep me writing, whereas on the other end of the scale, that awful woman who went by the label of a biology teacher.


    Funny thing is though I got ungraded in history. Bill Slater, my history teacher, had colluded with my parents to give me a hard time for some reason. He used to jump on me for no apparent reason whatsoever - though in fairness, I got off lightly compared to some other kids.

  7. I encountered a lot of barriers in those days. University was out of the question because I failed, largely out of boredom and teenage rebellion, to get sufficient grades (but what a great time I had!). By that stage I'd discovered music and nothing was going to stop me pursuing that direction in life, especially since I was getting pressured by my parents to join the services. I don't think my father has ever really forgiven me for not joining the army as he did.


    As it happens I did study engineering at Swindon College. It was never a happy relationship.

  8. There is a sort of innocence about that piece, isn't there? Like we're all shy teenagers agonising over silly details like fashion, pimples, and whether our dream partner will actually respond to our timid approaches. Funny thing is, at my age I long since ceased being worried about it. Hello pretty young woman. Doing anything today? No? What about sex at my place?... Oh, I see. Oh well, at least I tried :D

  9. That's just it. The cosmos contains no record of what happens. The quantum state of the universe exists for only that single individua frame and then it's gone, changed, another quantum state. It literally is impossible to travel in time because there isn't any.


    Nobody is certain how many dimensions exist, just that attempts to reconcile physics into one unified law strongly suggest that there are. We can only perceive three. We are aware of the change in the universes quantum state, which we describe as 'time'. Some believe the other dimensions were split off from ours by the Big Bang, others that the unseen dimensions are curled up tight and too small to be perceived.


    Perhaps the only 'real' and empirical evidence for multiple dimensions, or indeed, parallel universes, is gravity, which is weaker than the other forces in physics by a huge order of magnitude and shows every sign of leaking through from outside our own continuum. It is fortuitous, because if gravity were any stronger, we wouldn't be here.

  10. What the? :D You don't like motor racing? How can you not like motor racing? What is it with women? Don't they understand the feral need for speed, the subliminal one-ness with a beefy V8, the sense of excitement as the laws of physics finally wins the battle on turn four?


    Me likee racing cars. Especially the ones I get to drive. Hooo hoo hoooooo (*VROOOOM*) See yaaaaaaaaaaaaa..........



  11. I hear Zurich is something of a playground for light aeroplanes at the moment. With all airliner movements halted they're just letting everyone else free run of the place. You don't see that in England. In fact, there was a light plane accident not far from where I used to fly, just in the last week. The cause isn't known yet but naturally people are wondering if ash was responsible. Personally I don't think so, it's unlikely he was flying high enough, and light aeroplanes usually crash because someone either didn't do something they should or did something they shouldn't.


    Well, if any of those enviro-tards are interested, I haven't coughed once since the eruption began and so far I show no signs of becoming a zombie. It ain't exactly Pompeii around here (despite some peoples efforts :D )

  12. The urge to write is a funny thing. I went daily a while back and sometimes you just haven't got enough time in the day to set down everything you want to say, on other days you stare at the screen in a dull eyed stare devoid of any impetus to even twitch a finger. You have an advantage over me. I don't have a cat who likes cars. On the other hand, I do have a car that likes cats. You can see where they've been lying on the dusty bonnet (that's 'hood' for those who don't speak Queens English ;) ). There you go. It was worth the money after all :D