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    G-Man and PP discuss football

    I love New York captions. I remember the one with Omar Jacobs running and under it, it said, "Running the bally anyone can do it."
  2. Rameses the Great

    What music do you guys like?

    So what kind of music do you guys like to listen to? I like some rock, not all, and the type of rock varies do greatly. Hip hop is my personal favorite, I can easily get into the rhythm and I really do believe there is meaning behind the lyrics. Heavy metal I can't STAND any satanic music that incurs me to only smash and not think for myself is depressing, sorry ACDC/Led Zeppelin. Next to hip hop I like to listen to classic, what a contrast right, don't like Beethoven but Mozart is masterful and some classic songs help to mellow me out and focus. Country is kind of weird to me, I guess because I'm not an American but it really is confined no contrast. So how about you guys?
  3. Rameses the Great

    What music do you guys like?

    Oh, we're getting specific now. I like 2pac, especially his song 'Changes' is very inspirational and I like Eminem.
  4. Rameses the Great

    Birthday wishes aplenty for Northern Neil

    Happy Birthday Northern Neil!
  5. Rameses the Great

    What music do you guys like?

    I don't understand what the point of heavy metal is. Is it to draw a reaction in a negative way or is it some kind of 'rage against the machine' kind of thing? I could never understand it, and when I tried to listen to it a couple of asprins were in order.
  6. Rameses the Great


    Turks? I thought there were from the Caucasus.
  7. Rameses the Great

    What music do you guys like?

    Thanks lol, I do like soft rock but that's just about it. People say you can't really like hip hop and rock but I don't know, it seems not to be so for Klingan.
  8. Rameses the Great

    America Votes 2008

    Nader's taking it all this year! NADER, NADER, NADER!
  9. Rameses the Great

    Birthday Hails to Docoflove ("Dol")!

    Oh no, I'm forgetting everything happy birthday Doc!
  10. Rameses the Great

    Where are all y'all?

    Present! And GO, if we beat the Jags and go up to New England just you wait cause I've got something planned for you. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! If the rabbit didn't stop to.... Listen, you delinquent, is the Klingon going to be able to see the Super Bowl UP there in Sweden? They did send it a few years back live. The problem was kinda that it was sent 3 am or something And I'm not really used to the American advertisement culture If the game says it starts at 8 here in America, it'll actually start at 10 lol. The commercials are sometimes fun, but way too time consuming. By the time the game starts and ends it's usually 4 hours and a half, far too long. Hey in the World Cup there was 90 minutes plus stoppage time and it STILL didn't take that long; considering the World Cup dwarfs the Superbowl in advertisements and viewership.
  11. Rameses the Great

    Where are all y'all?

    Present! And GO, if we beat the Jags and go up to New England just you wait cause I've got something planned for you. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! If the rabbit didn't stop to.... Listen, you delinquent, is the Klingon going to be able to see the Super Bowl UP there in Sweden? I'm not sure, I remember NFL Europe wasn't very popular so for an NFL game in America to be broadcast there would be rare. He could listen to it on the radio, if he's really interested or buy a satelite.
  12. Rameses the Great

    Where are all y'all?

    Present! And GO, if we beat the Jags and go up to New England just you wait cause I've got something planned for you.
  13. Rameses the Great


    Kola sena wento toyabeen!
  14. (Foreigner visits ancient Greece in Athens and Sparta.) Athenian: Those Spartans throw deformed babies off cliffs! Spartan: Don't listen to those Athenian boy-lovers! I can see it, a bit unfriendly but I can see it.
  15. Rameses the Great


    R.I.P. Cows/dinner.
  16. Rameses the Great

    Did the Macedonian Phalangites carry shields?

    Some did and I guess some did not. They usually had a circular shield, as most Greeks did, and I believe strapped it to their arm opposite the spear. The guys should get to you soon on that.
  17. Rameses the Great

    The Trojan War: A New History by Barry Strauss

    Looking forward to it! Although, the skepticism I hold over Troy is more of a geographical one rather than a practical one. They're starting to say that Troy was located in Eastern Turkey and most people envisioned it being right next door to Greece across the Hellespont. I don't think the Greeks would've had it in them to cross all the way across Asia Minor and atttack a secular nation state who's walls are 15 feet thick.
  18. Rameses the Great

    A New Palestine?

    Peace in the Middle East? A mere Western dream I suppose. Middle East hatred stems from thousands and thousands of years of disputes over territory and redemption. This isn't like Pakistani and Indian conflicts that lasted 1300 years following Islam coming to the South Asian subcontinent or the 500 years that Britain and France have been at war, this is 3 thousand years of hatred between civilizations. We'll be fighting until the day the world ends, that's just the way it is. It's nothing new, it was only the world's business when they saw the atrocities happening in the Middle East but we've been doing this for 3 thousand years!
  19. Rameses the Great

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Well as an Egyptian, Thanksgiving doesn
  20. Rameses the Great

    Ancient Egyptian literature

    Good job Ursus! The Egyptians did know there was a world out there other than Egypt and the Nile but preferred to stay isolated until the New Kingdom arose. They were peaceful and preferred trade rather than war to solve issues in their nation. Egypt's imperialist ambitions were only to revive Egypt, which was at that time a shadow of its former self, into a power. Battles such as Meggido and Kadesh are also reminders that even though Egypt may be a peaceful nation, it will also crush opposition if need be. Great summary overall Ursus!
  21. Vini, Vidi, Vici. And that's it!
  22. Rameses the Great

    Ave, Pertinax

    Happy Birthday Pertinax!
  23. Rameses the Great

    Carthaginian Sacrifices

    I've also heard that in times of peace and properity Carthaginians would instead of sacrificing children, sacrifice criminals and hostages and returned to sacrificing their own children only when they felt the gods 'turned on them.' Interesting thought.
  24. Rameses the Great

    Carthaginian Sacrifices

    Child sacrifice has always been a Semitic practice which was a well documented Syrian and Phoenician practice. It is more than likely they caried it over into North Africa and continued the practice there.
  25. Rameses the Great

    Egypt as a World Power

    As Egypt was warring Muhammad Ali Pasha, the appointed wali of Egypt from the Ottoman Empire, tried to take control of the nation. As the British were defeated in the first Anglo-Egyptian War Muhammad Ali Pasha tried to move quickly to eliminate any opposition to his throne in Egypt. He killed off the Mamelukes of Egypt and took full control fo the country. Muhammad Ali was of Albanian descent, but considered Egypt as one of the more prized and more free vassals of the Ottoman Empire so he took control. As he took over he modernized agriculture and technology as long as modernize the army along western lines, namely French. Anyways, he served a huge role in helping the Ottomans momentarily retake Greece after the Greeks had inflicted upon the Ottomans critical defeat. The Battle of Navarino is also a battle that is remembered as the joint Egyptian and Ottoman fleet were destroyed by a European coalition to end Ottoman dominance in Greece. There was still a stipulation if Muhammad Ali helped the sultan, he would then receive Syria. When the sultan refused Muhammad Ali took his modernized army and defeated the Turks at the Battle of Ridnayeh and again at the Battle of Nizib two decisive battles that left Istanbul virtually unguarded. Fortunately for the Turks they were save by none other than their traditional enemy, the Russians. A European delegation met with the sultan and pasha. The treaty called for Muhammad Ali not to attack and take Istanbul and return the sultan was to grant Egypt's independence and control over Syria. It was clear the Great Powers preferred a weak Ottoman Empire rather than an up and coming vigorous upstart that was Egypt. Still today he is considered a hero in Egypt. He made other nations recognize Egypt as a power once more. Although his successors debts crippled the nation and led to internal strifes leading to the colonization by Britain in the late 1800's, he was able to make Egypt an independent and considerable power. Does anyone really know this?