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    Punic Warships

    Well, they're not as large and bulky as I believed but then again Punic warships were meant to ram and destroy the ship with one blow so it doesen't come as much of a surprise.
  2. Rameses the Great

    Egypt as a World Power

    You're right even if the Egyptian army marched on Istanbul througout history it has proven VERY easy to defend. And I think Mehmet was appointed by the sultan to be the wali of Egpyt since the British had since expelled the French from Egypt.
  3. Rameses the Great

    Egypt as a World Power

    Egypt never planned on controlling Greece. At that time the Ottomans were backwards and were being humiliated by the Greek navy and land forces so they asked for Egypt's help. The sultan and Muhammad Ali brokered a deal that would give Egypt control of Syria if he helped the Ottomans in the war. The Egyptians crushed both the Greek army and navy which led to the fantacized Greek War of Independence which won the sympathies of the European Powers. Their combined fleet defeated the Ottoman/Egyptian fleet at the Battle of Navarino since the Ottomans and Egyptian only had a few iron clads between then whilst the Europeans had all iron clads. This was not because he took Syria but because he planned to take Istanbul. After the Ottoman sultan renegged on the agreement, Muhammad Ali Pasha decided to take Sryia by force. He then defeated them at the Battle of Nizib and then again at the Battle of Ridnayeh despite the Ottoman's superior numbers and the Prussian coalition under Van Moltke. This left the Ottoman capital undefended so they turned to their traditional ally Russia for help in order to stop Egypt. They held a peace conference in France stating that Egypt would stop it's agression and ambition and in turn would receive Syria. Muhammad Ali reluctantly signed seeing as he had no choice. Ironically though, Russia then tried to take down the Ottomans in the Crimean War... It wasn't forced labor he modernized and industrialized along French lines. Egypt was indebted to the European power but their economy was one of the best in the world at that time. Egypt did industrialize their cotton plantations that's why they were top in cotton exports. With the American Civil War and with European demand for cotton as war loomed in Europe Egypt's economy was booming. The British occupation was because the Egyptian civil war threatened Britain's economy. As rebels were taking over the nation Britain was drawn into the war on the side of the Khedive which led to Egypt's weakness and its defeat at Tell El Kebir. Had Egypt been united and planned to pay back it's debt then perhaps they wouldn't have been in that position, remember Egypt did defeat the British in the first Anglo-Egyptian War. Still though with French interest in the Suez Canal and England's Indian colony I don't think that England wasn't going to make another attempt to take Egypt. I actually have your topic about Egypt saved on my desktop on a word document. lol. I'm planning on opening one about Egypt's making of the first empire in history and think that the New Kingdom would be a good topic. I'll start one and I certainly hope you join in because you probably know the most about Ancient Egypt on this forum.
  4. Rameses the Great

    Dacia and Modern Politics

    You served a fine platter for Kosmo! He knows a lot and should reply in due time his knowledge about Dacia is immense.
  5. Rameses the Great

    Joy to The Forum!

    Congragulations Pantagathus! But I still find it weird how close you and GO are close outside the forum.
  6. Rameses the Great

    G-Man and PP discuss football

    I'd love to see how the Steelers react when they go up to New England. We usually play better when no one gives us a chance and if there's team that can take more motivation out of being disrespected then the Patriots, it's the Steelers. With the Colts, Pats, and Steelers looking like powerhoused it'll be a very interesting playoff in the AFC this year the NFC well...
  7. Rameses the Great

    Pakistan In Chaos

    It is now reported that Mushy's Army has taken control of the nation Musharraf delclares a state of emergency. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21609019/ I expect America's foreign policy to now be pro-Indin rather than pro-Pakistan. This nation is now flipped on it's head there is chaos everywhere. A Pakistani on another forum is reporting all television shows are banned including BBC and they're now rewriting marshal law. As Jewehrul Nehru once said, "There is darkness everywhere..."
  8. Rameses the Great

    Birthday Hails to Moonlapse!

    If you weren't such a delinquent, you'd be on here more often and know what is going on! Have you assassinated AoS, you...you... ragamuffin? I banished him and sent him to a remote and uninhabitable land called 'Swissconsin' haven't heard of him since.
  9. Rameses the Great

    Pantagathus in Peril!

  10. Rameses the Great

    Difference between Assyrian and Babylonian language

    I can help with Arabic but to note, the Semitic language began in Ethiopia so I'm not sure if the Middle East would've had specific Semitic language groups considering before then it would've been part of the greater Afro-Asiatic language family.
  11. Rameses the Great

    Naval warfare

    Just a quick note, did not Sparta receive heavy support from Persia to build a navy?
  12. Rameses the Great

    The vote on Turkey

    FVC, Kurds were literally going into the Southeastern portions of Turkey and killed civilians running back into Iraq. So why is America's situation in Iraq any different? A case of the pot calling the kettle black perhaps? And oh yeah, the Turkish military is nothing to sneeze at.
  13. Rameses the Great

    G-Man and PP discuss football

    Steelers for the Superbowl baby!
  14. Rameses the Great

    Birthday Hails to Moonlapse!

    Darn it, I missed another birthday! Happy Birthday Moonlapse.
  15. Rameses the Great

    Pertinax in Peril!

    Classic GO. You can't take the American army you silly Eyetalian!
  16. Rameses the Great

    DUDE It's Been Awhile...

    You know the harp is an Egyptian invention? Haha, just had to add that in there. I haven't posted in a while also, I'm busy with school, work, and a bunch of other stuff now I have to take SAT's soon. So stressed. Do you have any pics of your harp? Love to see 'em.
  17. Rameses the Great

    G-Man and PP discuss football

    Pitt got dismantled by UCONN.
  18. Rameses the Great

    Mr. Bean's Holiday

    Is anyone going to see it? All I know is as soon as it comes out I'm in brother's car to go and see it, I grew up watching Mr. Bean greatest comedy sitcom ever created.
  19. Rameses the Great

    LEG GEM XIIII Martia Victrix

    You should know, you're no 'Eyetalian' your a Roman!
  20. Rameses the Great

    Birthday Hails to Pantagathus!

    Oh no, it appears in the midst of my absence I missed the guy's birthday who answers all my questions! Happy belated birthday Pantagathus!
  21. Rameses the Great

    Most Macrohistorical Battle

    There are so many big battles out there that had taken place but some seem to get little attention. These battles are usually things that can change the outcomes of the world. It is usually disregarded but are the most important battle ever to have been fought. My vote goes to two battles: the Battle of Ayn Jalut and the Battle of the Homs. The Mamluk sultanate faced off against the undefeated Mongol army. It marked the beginning of the end for the Mongol domination over the world. It was also the only time ever their cavalry was defeated, and fairly soundly, by the Mamluk heavy cavalry. The Mongols were unable to conquer Egypt and Syria was then liberated after the Battle of the Homs. It marked the end of how far the Mongol Empire would expand, the other was in Japan. Do you have any battles that are not well known and deserve more credit?
  22. Rameses the Great

    American Education

    It seemed to be a normal pageant of Miss. Teen USA, not much to talk about then enter
  23. Rameses the Great

    Ptolemaic-Carthaginian Relations

    Hello, I'm back. I had a question that I wanted answered for an awful long time on Ptolemaic and Carthaginian relations. Little is mentioned about these two powers however, they were the two dominant forces in North Africa and I'm wandering what they felt about each other. Clearly the Ptolemaic Empire was concerned about it's provinces in the Middle East rather then the rest of Africa but they probably did here about each other's affairs, wars, and trade. Although very unlikely they were at war with each other were they ever involved in a type of naval or military engagement with or against each other? How did both feel about a power across the continent? Did they feel threatened or were they allied in times of hardship i.e. Punic Wars? Where's Pantagathus when you need him? anyone? You guys can close it if you like.
  24. Rameses the Great

    Ptolemaic-Carthaginian Relations

    Indeed very ineresting thank you very much ASCLEPIADES!
  25. Rameses the Great

    Nurturing the little shoots

    That's so nice you must be so proud! I hope he joins us soon. He's living my dream of studying history unfortunately when born into an Egyptian family you have no choice but to either be in medicine or engineering. It's like the first, 'You know you're Egyptian when...' Congragulations to your son!