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    Important Security Issue

    Or brought to me by an e-mail. Glad you jump to conclusions. Let me rephrase: Consider it stolen by me for posting elsewhere. Lancaster's Corollary to Beady's 10th Law of Social Harmonics: "Whatever the joke, someone won't get it." Oh, glad I can help. Sorry for the false accusation please forgive me.
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    Important Security Issue

    Or brought to me by an e-mail. Glad you jump to conclusions.
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  4. Rameses the Great

    A Cato for President, Pt II

    Not necessarily true Viggen. The Republican candidates fully oppose Bush's regime, who can with a 30% approval rating the guy's like the plagues, and have more front-runners then the Democrats. O'Bama and Clinton won't make it because of the traditionalist feelings of America and with more understanding Republican nominees there is a very good chance a Republican will be elected. That and the fact the Democrats now control the Congress which would put imbalance in terms of politics like we've seen with the Bush administration. I think people have learned by then.
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    Child Sacrifices

    I said in my post that it was a pan-semitic activity... Baal (Northwest Semitic/Phoenician) = Bel (Eastern Semitic/Babylonian) = B─ôlu (Akkadian) and it means "Lord" or "Master". Most likely 'he' was the sun or a solar deity. The Babylonian & Assyrian Marduk was also conflated with Bel/Baal. As for a Greco-Roman source I would certainly say check Flavius Josephus first. Ok, thanks!
  6. Rameses the Great

    Child Sacrifices

    I know there are theories as to if the Carthaginians did use tiphot rites but was this not brought over from its homeland Phoenicia? The Bible makes mention of children being sacrificed to the God 'Baalim' if this is so then I'm guessing this was from the Phoenicians and Assyrians. Does anyone have more information on this?
  7. Rameses the Great

    Child Sacrifices

    Was this only a Phoenician/Carthaginian practice or were their others in the region who did partake in these events? Whenver it states a chil sacrifice it says 'Baalim' if this is the case it was probably most common among the Phoenicians unless others other than the Phoenicians used Baalim as their God. I'm wandering if there are any Grek or Roman sources.
  8. Rameses the Great

    Romans and Italians

    I have taken a keen interest with Hapsburg Austria and its assertion as a European power. I love to read about the Austro-Ottoman Wars, and Austrian involvement in wars. You certainly have a lot to be proud of Viggen!
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    Before posting I do a similar thing like Nephele I just make sure I copy it and if it is posted I check and if not I just start over and paste it. I like the new look but were are those dang on smilies?
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    Ancient gold unearthed in Sudan

    Up until the early 1800s, the Egyptians sought to control Sudan for its gold mines. Interesting read, thanks Pantagathus.
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    I second that. R.I.P.
  12. Rameses the Great

    Remus And Romulus

    I have curious questions about the pre-Roman area. Remus was killed by Romulus and then we have Rome, well we all know the story. Before that however were their just said 'Romans' around the area living in the hills? Is that why Greece easily conquered parts of Itlay and referred to them as 'barbarians?' Did they have a unified area like Athens? Could you say the same for Greece? They were taught by Egypt correct and became a power. Did the same thing happen with Rome?
  13. Rameses the Great

    The Ottoman Empire

    According to the article, the Ottomans ordered massive amounts of ammunition and weapons from Western countries. By the time warfare changed during the late 1800s, the Ottomans could no longer depend on their specialty hand to hand combat. This probably led to having to finally modernize the army. Also in the Russo-Ottoman War of 1877 the Russians made so many mistake it may not have been such a closely contested war had logistics been better to the Russians. Nonetheless an interesting read Kosmo, thank you.
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    Man drives down Rome tourist treasure

    If you don't want to go up the Spanish steps you don't have to, just take the Spanish elevator not a car.
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    The Ottoman Empire

    Any European nation, Austria and Russia in particular, could've easily taken the Ottoman Empire in the late stages of its empire. They didn't adopt the use of the iron clads, their canons were bulky and not fit for open field battle as their European counterparts, and were to detatched from Europe to modernize. Nations started to break away and nations that did modernize their army, such as Muhammed Ali Pahsa modernizing his army, were at the gates of Constantinople and had not the European powers intervened there would not have been an Ottoman Empire. As Russia set to invade to Ottomans, Britain, France, and Austria had to help the Ottomans in order for them not conquer the Ottomans and grow to strong. The only reason the Ottoman Empire didn't die out before the 1900s is because of European intervention in the matter.
  16. Rameses the Great

    We're all gonna die...

    Can we please not categorize all Chrisitians like this please? Some nut in Venezuela claims he's the anti-Christ give me a break.
  17. Rameses the Great

    Xena; Warrior Princess

    LOL Xena, brings me back to the days of terrible television.
  18. Rameses the Great

    Lost Library in the Kremlin?

    I wouldn't be surprised though. Whether it is truth or not, it certainly is believable. The Byzantines did have an awful lot of influence. Are we talking about the Kievan Rus period?
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    Where's My Newspaper

    I know this is old but I always find it funny. enjoy.
  20. Rameses the Great

    Slight concern for our old friend

    Look who's back! Great to see you back in comission.
  21. Rameses the Great

    I'm Here

    Are you sure that's Pittburgh you visited?
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    Lunch, even in 15 or so minutes

    I prosrastinate and can't multi-task...oh the burdens of being a male.
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    The Ottoman Empire

    I really don't understand why other Middle East empires at the time were reluctant to employ firearms into their army. The Sufavids and Mameluks, although the Mameluks did use artillery in their encounters with the Ottomans, refused to employ it on a large scale througout the army. The Ottoman however, saw this as a great oppurtunity and used it to their advantage setting up a large and powerful empire. Had the Mameluks or Sufavids used firearms perhaps the history of the Ottoman Empire may have been different. Who's to say they could have become the imperialist powers of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Crimea instead of the Ottomans? A sliding door moment in history I suppose.
  24. Rameses the Great

    Hate-speech? Ungood!

    In British schools they can't talk about the Holocaust for fear of 'angering' Muslim students. The EU stands for European Unconcious.
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    Hello all, I have been cruising the net for forums and realize that none is as active or friendly as this one. This forum is not only a great place to learn but to comment on daily things. People try to help and everything is under control. It is a well known site and is very acknowledged by scholars. The way people go about things and always seem to get the right answer across. I just had to post something on this because it is a place where everyone can learn about Rome and the ancient world. I thought I would never find a place for study in history since my family and friends discredit it. Here everyone can relate and the home page and forum shows how history is important. I thought I knew history well, but as you know I was introduced to the world. Now, I understand more and more each day and one answer brings up more and more things to research. I really like it here and I hope all of you do. I mean it with all honesty.