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    Battle of Philippi

    The forces of the Second Triumvirate (Lepidus, Octavius, and Antony) were the defenders of Rome out to try and defeat the conspirators who to part in Caesar's death (Brutus and Cassius.) Although the first day of Philippi was a stalemate, with Brutus defeating Antony and Octavius defeating Cassius, the ultimate fate was decided when Cassius committed suicide from miscommunication. Although Cassius killed himself the battle was still in full reach of Brutus' hand and I have to think that had he been more strategic he could have easily won. He tried to lead both armies but was utterly destroyed on the second day of the battle. I can't help but wonder why the death of Cassius effected the men if they were in full control of their battle. I just have a question for you to ponder about, had Cassius and Brutus won do you think they would have marched on Rome or set up a capital elsewhere? If they had marched on Rome do you believe the Senate would have raised another army to fight them or concede to them and have them rule Rome with the execution of Lepidus?
  2. Rameses the Great

    German gets a new letter

    Is this change only to be instituted in Austria or all of the Germanic speaking countries?
  3. Rameses the Great

    Dried fish

    I thought the Mediterranean had their own way of making fish. Cooking dried fish is something that is usually found deep in Africa. I can only speak of the Middle East but how we do it is we usually bread the fish and cook it in oil. Perhaps you should check Food Network's homepage.
  4. Rameses the Great

    Ancient Racism

    I believe some type of racism had existed throughout every civilization in some way. The Egyptians believed they were the perfect race not to dark, like Ethiopians, and not to light, like Semites. The Persians, although did not use slavery to much, believed other cultures were below them such as the Greeks. The Greeks believed anyone who wasn't a Hellenic was a 'barbarian' albeit not racist in our modern sense but certainly nationalistic. I wouldn't say that the Romans were the first to start ancient racism because it had existed well before they arrived on the scene. Whether they took it to a whole new level is very debatable.
  5. Rameses the Great

    Ancient Racism

    I, for once in my life, agree with MPC. The Romans held stereotypical views. In gladitiorial fights, they believed Africans and northern barbarians were brutes who used strength to win. They thought people from the East: Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Phoenicians, etc. would use some type of magic from the gods. They believed Greeks, and other Balkan peoples, were intellects and would use their minds to win battles. They designated some peoples to be slaves such as Slavs and other barbarians. They did however know when there was a superior method to doing things and did borrow ideas from other cultures so they didn't think of others completely inferior.
  6. Rameses the Great

    Slight concern for our old friend

    You get those jokes to? Don't worry he usually goes off for a long while and comes back. I sent him a pm before saying I wondered where he was and I missed him and he hadn't been on the forum for three straight months. It's ok if you're a little bit concerned but this is not the first time he's done this. Give it a bit more time, I'm confident he'll show up.
  7. Rameses the Great

    Comedians... your favorite(s)

    Russell Peters. I'd post a couple of vids but they've been taken out of Youtube. He's still an absolute legend though. I was able to salvage his best ones though: Russell Peters - Asians Russell Peters Outsourced - English Accent (For our English members) Russell Peters, Beating the kids
  8. Rameses the Great

    Pyramids built from concrete blocks

    I don't care for this, 'hey we discovered and are probably right about the pyramids' theory. If I can take you to Egypt with me you will seriously see all these theories and ideas with all their 'information' placed in them and we'll still be clueless. Your criticizing of Hawass and your idea that we know more then what is actually presented to us is somewhat confusing to me. This is his life and he has had a hard time defending his job from outsiders who pop up with new 'theories' and ideas of the pyramids. If you want to listen to this go ahead but I'll reserve my ideas until after the facts are presented more then just an obscure article with an agenda tagged unto it. I really wonder why people try to develop new ideas and why they are held so valued to people if an accomplished Egyptologist(s) speak out against it. Prove me wrong, prove me wrong.
  9. Rameses the Great

    Happy Birthday Augustus Caesar!

    Happy Birthday Augustus Caesar!
  10. Rameses the Great

    Global Warming

    I wholeheartedly agree. It's just made with people who have an agenda and nothing better to do in an attempt to change our lifestyle. I'm worried about the environment and the rate we are destroying it but to say that global warming will kill us all is just stupidity. Shifts in the temperature of the Earth is nothing new it's a natural process. No matter what we do the Earth will warm and cool according to its time. They're just like the guys who come up with daylights savings time, they have nothing better to do so they enforce it upon the people.
  11. Rameses the Great

    Historic Fort Unearthed in Pa.

    I've actually visited Fort Pitt out in Uniontown but I've never seen any remnants of Fort Duquesne. It's also fair to point out before Fort Duquesne was erected George Washington built a fort in the are before it being taken by the French.
  12. Rameses the Great

    The Ottoman Empire

    However, the Mamelukes had artillery and fire power whereas the Sufavid's did not. In many battles against the Ottomans the Sufavid's refused to use artillery, believing it was cowardly, thus leading to numerous defeats before they realized change was imminent. Many times the Ottomans conquered Istafan but decided to turn their attentions to Europe not wanting to attack anymore of their Muslim brothers, giving the Sufavids the oppurtunity to reconquer lost lands. BTW, DC the link isn't working.
  13. Rameses the Great

    Archaeologists unearth 4th century church in Serbia

    Nis was also an area that was dominated by the Ottoman after the fall of the Byzantive Empire. Interesting article thanks P-P.
  14. Rameses the Great

    The Ottoman Empire

    For those who are interested I found a series of great documentaries made by PBS: I would've liked it to go more but it only talks about the early history of the Ottomans until the end of their dominance as Europe would emerge more powerful than the Ottomans after the failed Siege of Vienna. It talks from the rising of Osman, to Mehmet the Conquerer, then ends with Seuleiman. The thing I don't understand is that the Turks were said to come from Central Asia around the Aral Sea, how does that translate into being a European power if you weren't even from Europe?
  15. Really should come as no real big surprise. The Egyptians were probably the fathers of medicine but the Greeks improved upon the advancements.
  16. Rameses the Great

    Greatest rant ever recorded?

    Why do you play sports? Herm Edwars will tell you,
  17. Rameses the Great

    The Ottoman Empire

    I just want to bring in a new element to the discussion. At the time of Egypt's modernization, of economy and military, led by Mohammed Ali his modern Europeanized forces proved to much for the Ottoman Empire to handle. He decisively defeated them in many battles, in spite of being vastly outnumbered. The Ottomans had to depend on a European coalition to remove the threat of Egypt conquering Istanbul. Can this somewhat be used as an example of how the Turks in many ways failed to modernize?
  18. Rameses the Great

    Quo usque tandem?

    Good to have you back and I hope your fortunes change for the better.
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  20. Rameses the Great

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    Definantly good to have the Imperator back at the helm!
  21. Rameses the Great

    Most Macrohistorical Battle

    I see, I'm just thinking if Hungary was closer the European powers who had the advanced technology how come the Ottomans had the better technology? Did they modernize and hire Europeans to help teach the army, if so whom? I also recall Hungarian playing a large part in helping the Ottomans create cannons.
  22. I wouldn't necessarily call it a blessing. They did however gain a chance to develop their own customs, though not immediately, building strong empires and kingdoms. Had Constantinople fell the West would be a bit more reliant on the East. When the Ottomans conquered Byzantium it pretty much severed relations between the East and West thus creating Western European powers to arise. Also Russia can be used as an example. Off the record, for us the fall of Constantinople was an awful day and Tuesday is still to the Greeks the unluckiest day of the week.
  23. Rameses the Great

    Interesting Stuff

    You can go to torrenttech.com and I gaurantee you can probably run him out of business. Sell 300, Borat, and other recent movies he doesen't have find what people need and sell it for $5. No taxes.
  24. Rameses the Great

    Interesting Stuff

    You should download movies from the internet and sell it to people. Not that I know anyone.
  25. Rameses the Great

    Most Macrohistorical Battle

    I wouldn't say Mohacs was a win for the Ottomans out of technology rather then sheer numbers. The Ottomans usually outnumbered their opponents and was ultimately why they won. They needed all the troops and reenforcements they can get and before the reenforcements arrived they were doing badly. Also the Hungarian reenforcements didn't arrive in time for the battle. Had the Hungarian Empire concluded their alliance with the Habsburgs I highly doubt the Ottoman would have won.