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  1. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Hbo Rome Second Season

    it will be good to see the rise of octavian, from the boy to the man that became Augustus, cant wait!
  2. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    What Is Your Favorite Era Of Roman History?

    i totally agree, its a close call but the the principiate takes it by a whisker!!
  3. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Eurovision Song Contest

    that is quite possibly the worst video i've ever seen, the scary thing is the lead singer is a dead ringer for my dad in his younger days!!
  4. Gaius Paulinus Maximus


    Please provide some evidence for this. there were actually two brutus's around at the time of caeser's assassination, Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus who was a roman general and admiral and close friend and adviser to caeser, but also one of his assassins and Marcus Junius Brutus, he was a cousin of decimus brutus and nephew of caesers enemy marcus portcius cato, who's daughter he marries, he was a supporter of pompey who changed sides after pharsalus, he was made governer of cisalpine gaul and reluctantly drawn into the assassination plot. hope this helps a little
  5. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Eurovision Song Contest

    I'm not sure what's funnier...that video, or the fact that the german media is claiming that they didn't win because of backlash from World War II. Sigh. Geez, guys...it's germans playing country music. What did they expect? germans playing country music was the funniest part of the whole show ...... complete idiots! suppose it beats grown men in shorts slapping their thighs whilst eating big fat sausages!!!!
  6. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Ask The Expert - Dr. Arthur Keaveney

    thanks for your time Dr Keaveney during the time of sulla's proscriptions around 80bc when he decided to let caeser live even though he had defied sulla's order to divorce his then wife Cornelia, my first question is why did he do this knowing that caeser was a relative of his most hated enemy Marius? secondly, if sulla had got rid of caeser when he had the chance what effect would this have had on the fall of the republic, ie- would the republic have survived?? thank you maximus
  7. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Book Reviews By Forum Members

    hi viggen, im new to this site but have been reading the forum discussions for some time, im an avid reader of books about ancient rome both fact and fiction and would be very interested in getting in on the reviewing. i'm no scholar like most of you guys but am willing to have a go. how about it old boy?????? cheers maximus