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  1. TV at the moment is just brilliant lately, absolutely love the shows mentioned by Viggen apart from Mad Men, I just never got round to watching it although I am quite fond of Christina Hendricks!!


    A few more that I am trying to keep up with are Alcatraz, just seen the first two episodes so far but it looks promising. Fringe, been watching this since the beginning, love it. Blue Bloods, Tom Sellecks tash is legendary!. Touch, now this show has got some real promise. Homeland, my current favorite show, edge of the seat stuff. The Vampire Diaries, my guilty pleasure!.



    But probably the best show I've seen in a long long time is Romanzo Criminale, if you haven't seen this then you have seriously got to get on it. It's a Italian speaking show, subtitled, set in Rome in the 70's, imagine The Soprano's but with flares! Just brilliant!

  2. I've read the books and seen the movie, The similarities all be it futuristic ones to ancient Rome are pretty obvious, names, gladitorial type entertainment for the masses, the all powerful leaders lording it over the conquered. In no way do these similarities cheapen or affect the flow of the story. It's a great film and even better book well worth a read and view.

  3. I think your analysis is pretty much spot on and you raise some interesting and thought provoking questions all of which are fully plausable.




    Personally I'm leaning towards the fact that Antony totally underestimated the young and as you say insignificant Octavious played a massive roll in Antony not attempting to modify Caesar's will to his favour, Antony probably thought that he'd be able to manipulate Octavius and eventually take control of the Republic as and when he wished which was obviously a massive misjudgement on his behalf a fact which I'm sure he regretted to the day he died!!




    A great post, although we will never know the answer you can't beat a good what if??

  4. They've used superglue and are waiting for the solvent from ebay!! :lol:


    This sort of excuse just doesn't wash with us Kindle users!


    Maybe the superglue has stuck their fingers where they can't reach the keys to load the book on to Kindle? :unsure:


    Hah nice come back!!


    What do you say to that then Ghost???:D

  5. A recently discovered mysterious "winged" structure in England, which in the Roman period may have been used as a temple, presents a puzzle for archaeologists, who say the building has no known parallels.


    Built around 1,800 years ago, the structure was discovered in Norfolk, in eastern England, just to the south of the ancient town of Venta Icenorum. The structure has two wings radiating out from a rectangular room that in turn leads to a central room...........





  6. Thank you. I will have a read.


    Do you find Herodian to be a credible source?


    Also, how would I learn more about the makeup of the Roman army on the Rhine at the time of this incident?


    Herodian makes it read like a classic military coup, with the typical effort to contain and marginalize the civilian government in the aftermath of the assassination.


    As far as I am aware. of the very few historians that mention Severus Alexander, Herodian is probably the most credible and by far the most extensive source on the reign of Severus Alexander.


    Here's a brief history of the two legions that played a role in the death of Severus. Legio II Parthica and Legio XXII Primigenia


    Hope this helps.

  7. For an ancient Greek, the easiest way to get a six-pack with those muscular abs is to buy a bronze cuirass hammered into the appropriate shape.


    Available from your local armourer. (If Pericles could walk around with that silly helmet perched on the back of his head all day, bronze abs should not be a problem.)


    There's a great example here http://www.amazon.co...=283155&s=books


    Yes Maty, that is a great example on a book that is STILL out of stock!!!


    What;s going on?? It's been months since it was last available??

  8. So far I've found some gory details from Herodian:




    Is this the definitive account of the event, does anyone know?



    The literary sources, while numerous, are limited in value. Chief among them, at least in scope, is the biography in the Historia Augusta, much the longest of all the lives in this peculiar collection. Though purporting to be the work of six authors in the early fourth century, it is now generally considered to have been produced by one author writing in the last years of this century. Spacious in its treatment of the emperor and extremely favorable to him on the whole, it has little historical merit, seeming rather an extended work of fiction. It must be used with the utmost caution.



  9. I don't think my kids would want to celebrate Christmas if we had the Krampus roaming the streets of the UK, that is seriously scary stuff, I don't think they would sleep at night!!


    On the other hand if they were that scared of Christmas and didn't want to celebrate it, I would be a hell of a lot richer that's for sure!!


    :lightbulb: Mmmmmm I wonder where I can get my hands on one of those Krampus masks???



  10. Last month, part of a major wall came tumbling down in Pompeii, the ancient Roman city frozen in time by a first-century eruption of Mount Vesuvius. It was only the latest in a spate of collapses at the site, which experts say is in critical condition.


    Though the site is said to be safe for tourists, the disintegration is alarming enough to have spurred the European Union to pledge 105 million euros (145 million dollars) for preservation.


    Troubles at the World Heritage site, near modern Naples in southern Italy, began in earnest last year. In November 2010 Pompeii's Schola Armaturarum, a large building once used by gladiators for training, crumbled overnight due to water infiltration. Just a few weeks later, a 12-meter-long (13-yard) wall protecting a structure known as the House of the Moralist had fallen down in heavy rain.


    Now that poor weather has returned, more trouble has followed.........


    Read the full article HERE