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  1. I've just downloaded the new Adrian Goldsworthy book on Augustus. Haven't started it yet but if it's anything like his previous biographies on Caesar and Anthony and Cleopatra then it should be a good read.


    Other recently completed books are "The Sons of Caesar: Imperial Rome's First Dynasty", "The Sword of Rome" A Biography of Marcus Claudius Marcellus", and "The Secrets Of Rome: Love and Death in the Eternal City".

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  2. I just finished reading the section regarding 'Housing and City Life', about vacation villas of the Roman elite. While I don't remember a specific reference to Rome as a magnet, I did read that although the elite liked the luxury of a villa in the country "far from the noise and traffic of thbe city", one requirement for such a villa was the proximity to Rome "as they did not want to be too far from civilization". For example, Pliny the Younger's villa was only 17 miles from Rome and he boasted of being able to carry out a full day of business in the city yet still be at the villa by sunset.

    In the same section, Martial and Juvenal both complained incessantly about the problems of living in Rome yet were reluctant to leave for any length of time.

  3. I totally agree. Bought this book a while ago and found it a very good account of the battle. Goldsworthy deserves his reputation as a foremost authority on ancient Rome and his writing style is both informative and engaging. The inclusion of maps and photos of the battle site only adds to the value of the book as a whole and like you say, he is always transparent when there is any doubt as to the veracity concerning details that cannot be confirmed.

    Apparently he is writing a biography of Augustus which I am looking forward to reading.

  4. Found a 2nd hand copy of Eagle in the Snow recently and enjoyed it immensely, especially the last few chapters. Very emotionally written and gripping account of war and sacrifice.


    Currently a few chapters into "Rome's Last Citizen: The Life and Legacy Of Cato, Mortal Enemy of Caesar". Easy to read and concise account of everybodys favourite stoic (though he was never against breaking his own rules for the good of the republic).

  5. Still working my way through the list of essential ancient classics. Finished Livy, Suetonius, and partway through Tacitus.


    Recently ordered Rome and Environs: An Archaeological Guide, As The Romans Did: A Sourcebook in Roman Social History, and Rome's Last Citizen: The Life and Legacy of Cato, Mortal enemy of Caesar.


    So many books, so little time!!!

  6. Hi everyone


    I think my obsession with all things Roman started with the Asterix comic books when I was young. My favourite period is currently the Roman Republic and early Empire but I also love everything about the city of ancient Rome itself. I have just finished reading "A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome" by Alberto Angela and found it fascinating that a lot of daily life has not changed much in 2000 years.


    Looking forward to interacting with you all.