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  1. This game is for The PSP. So if you don't own a PSP or PS Vita, you might not be interested. Do you have a PSP? Do you love Ancient Roman History? Do you love Gladiators? Have you always wanted to play as your own custom Spartan Warrior? A Roman Imperial Soldier? A Myrmillo Gladiator? -And would you rather control a single character, rather than controlling whole armies like most games about ancient rome? -Want to the freedom to choose from OVER FIVE HUNDRED pieces of weapons and equipment in a single game? -Want a game where you can CHOOSE your ultimate weapon and armor? Then you should play Gladiator Begins for the PSP! I could play this game over and over, and I have made so many weapon and skill combinations that I need multiple save files to play all the ways I want. I love the skill system. You can choose from these styles: Single Sword, Double Sword, Large Shield, Pugilist (Fist) But some skills can be used for other styles, which makes for many set ups you can do! I have a Youtube channel that devotes alot of its time to this game. Go on youtube, and Look for the video "Top 5 reasons to play "Gladiator Begins" (PSP). You will see first hand why this is the best Game about Rome on PSP And check out the playlists of Downloadable Content for the game, as well as a list of the unique and powerful Gladiators you will fight!