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    Mark Antony

    I would have to say Anthony betray his homeland, he abandon his Roman wife for a foreigner, and not only that but he also gave to her control Romans lands.
  2. And it's happend due to fact that the later empire had much more problems than in earlier years when no one could threat Roman power and even disastrous emperors like Caligula and Nero didn't do to it much damage.
  3. Ingsoc

    Origins of the Emperors

    I don't think the ethnic origin was a big deal at the Hellenistic/Roman world, even those emperors who had a non-Roman origin (like the Severan dynasty who were Semites) adopted completly the Roman culture and identity. it's just does to show you the extenct of the openess of the Roman society which made yesterday enemy to today ally.
  4. Ingsoc

    Origins of the Emperors

    Arca Caesarea was in Lebanon.
  5. Ingsoc


    Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa was the first to won the Corona Navalis after his victory at Actium.
  6. Ingsoc

    Imaginary Jewish revolt and Roman Triumph

    Probably a mistake by the author of the Historia Augusta (it's indeed a dubious source). It's also goes against all that we know about the Roman-Jewish relationship during the times of the Severan dynasty. from rabinnic legends we know of the good relationships between the Severan emperors and the leader of the Jews in Judea, also in it's time there seem to be a tendency toward accepting the Roman occupetion.
  7. Ingsoc

    Rome and the USA

    Personly I dislike using the ancient world for contempry political comparision, however if you such comparision I think it's should be between the USA and the Athenian Empire. Both states prefered to rule as head of a strong alliance (Delian League and NATO) rather than direct occupetion, democrasy was the founding of both states and they acted to spread it (althought they had no problem making an alliance with an un-democratic goverment).
  8. Ingsoc

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    First + last names: glreauitra (don't have a middle name) I'm a male last time that I checked.
  9. You could argue about the politics but I think everyone would agree that Agrippa was among the greatest Roman general.
  10. Ingsoc

    Vandals apparently topple Pompeii column

    It's a sad thing when people delibertly destroy their own heritage.
  11. I would have to go with Marcus Agrippa, without his victories and military genuise, Augustus could never founded the Roman Empire.
  12. Ingsoc

    Jews And Romans

    The seem to forgate that Roman-Jewish relations began in a positive manner, in 169 BC about 100 years before Pompeius conquer Judea, an alliance was formed between the Jewish rebels agains the Selecuid Empire and the Roman Republic. all Hasmonean rulers until Alexander Jannaeus renew the alliance. In the time of Alexander Jannaeus and his heirs there were a shipt in the Jewish policy, the seleucid were no longer a threat to either Judean or Rome and in the east there were a fear of being conquered by Rome, we have knowlege the Judea was part of the anti-roman eastern alliance (we know it's had good relationship with Parthia and Armenia). The Jewish religious law forbide relationship with non-Jews, the only example I know of to such relationship are with the two daughters of king Agrippa I: Drusilla merried the roman procurator of Judea Antonius Felix and her sister Berenice was the mistress of the Roman emperor Titus (from the time of his campain in Jerusalem until the time he was crowned emperor).