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    The Lost Tribes

    I suggest that the Romans didn't think so but they weren't so much interesting in that. The Romans were hardhead nation and always had many other businesses and plans. They chose an other directions for the Empire expansion. If only the way cross-desert would promise wonders to them Romans did it.
  2. Lacertus

    The Lost Tribes

    As far as I know Romans named this lands Sarmatia. Poland is Sarmatia and Ukraine is Sarmatia and North Caucasia is Sarmatia too. Although Romans distinguished between Slavic, Sarmatia and other tribes. The Scandinavian tribes were named Northmen. It's really easy! I suggest the Romans didn't think about Central Africa, I know that the territory of Sahara desert was named Libia. (correct me if I'm not right)
  3. Lacertus

    Roman Perceptions Of Britain

    Sorry! My blunder! The Celts Alphabet here The ancient Celts had a form of writing called ogham (pronounced OH-yam). It was the writing of Druids and Bards. Ogham is also called 'Tree Alphabet' because each letter corresponds to a tree and an associated meaning. The letters were, in fact, engraved onto sticks as well as larger standing stones. There is surmise that the Pict's alphabet evolved more early then other Europe's alphabets. Pictland, was made up of a large area of what is now modern day Scotland, mainly in the low-lying coastal areas of Eastern Scotland where they sustained themselves through fishing and farming. The Picts weren't any one particular race or culture per se, but a military alliance which was formed around 100 AD to defend against the Roman invaders. The name Pict itself is believed to be derived from the Latin word Picti, "painted men". In fact, the Pictish nation out-lasted the would-be conquerors and predated the formal organization of both the Scots and Irish. Historical and archaeological records also show that they were also quite fierce warriors, judging by accounts of those whom they defeated in battle. They were the dominant military power in that area for almost 500 years. As regards the Pict's origin they were native people of Britain and hadn't any relations to Germanics. This were the nation which lived in all territory of Europe until the Celt's migration began and replaced the Pict's tribes to West.
  4. Lacertus

    How Did You Come Across This Site

    I was looking the informations about Roman legion's numeration and found this site. After that I visited the forum like guest a long time until I resolved to write anything. It was hard for me because I had to overcome the language barrier.
  5. Lacertus

    The Time Of Rest

    I forgot already about any holiday( vacation). But you, guys, have a rest in the summer probably. Where are you rest usually? Can we to dream about it at least?
  6. Lacertus


    I like an extreme and I prefer extreme sports: rally, gliding, a mountain bice, etc. I make high-risk acts and have luck. But frequently in a daily life there are annoying troubles which cause more harm, than my extreme. For example, I can do a parachute jump and land without harm for my health, and next day twist a foot going downstairs. Should my life be extremed constantly? Is there a limit for luck? Did you do any mad acts in your life? How much are you luck?
  7. This part of helmet was very necessary for neck's protection. Besides that this part permitted to distribute the helmet's weight more evenly and lightened heavy load on the head. Still besides it made the helmet more stable equilibrium and kept from tilts. This was good help in fighting. This part of helmet Romans took over of Celts in 3BC abt.
  8. Lacertus

    Roman Perceptions Of Britain

    This is the quote of the article: To my mind this fact should be a reply why the "Bogbodies" were found. (Forum peregriny, The Celts)
  9. Lacertus

    Inter Cohort Legionary Shields

    Generally I take similar informations at the ancient authors particularly Polibius and Livius. They were very informative with respect to an armour and legion's structure. I know how archaeological founds look and there are no any chances to determine natural colour of some thing. Alas...
  10. Lacertus


    And many others acted as well till Augustus and after him. Nevertheless it does not reduce his merits. It only small cunning, instead of megalomania, I think. Augustus was quite sane person.
  11. Lacertus

    Inter Cohort Legionary Shields

    There are appointed standarts for colours, sizes and shapes of all armour within each legion. A case when a shield had other colour was punished. I think this fact could have a place in early Rome when Romans fought in free formation. As soon as array was formed the standarts were brought in Roman army.
  12. Lacertus

    Time Team

    It is to be regretted for me that I can not see this programm. Alas... Great thanx, Longbow, for information about the sites. Really very interesting! I am delighted with any found which I excavated myself. Thus I can understand common pleasure of dig. Thanx, Maximus. I'll wait news.
  13. Lacertus


    Usually I'm have free time since 6pm to midnight or later. And I glad to talk with all you. I will look in chat-room.
  14. Lacertus

    Time Team

    I meant this but maybe I couldn't say it right. English isn't my native language and I can confuse with mean of some words.
  15. Lacertus

    Time Team

    It's very interestingly but I want to ask how you determine value and age of your founds? I suggest most of people who take part in the digs haven't special education. And what is you personal impression of this dig?
  16. Lacertus

    Information Required For Alternate History Book

    My easy thoughts. Dacia and Parthia were the Caesar
  17. Lacertus

    Origins Of The Sabines?

    No, they were not Hellenic people. They belonged to group of Italic tribes migrating from northeast at the end of the second millennium AD. Sabini, marsi, frentani, samni, osci were the syngenetic tribes and had similar languages.
  18. Lacertus

    The Celts

    Yes, the Heads of enemies were precious trophies for Celts and they didn't hurled Heads at the enemy.
  19. Legionaries served 25-26 years because retiring were once two years. The soldiers had to do savings his salary during the serves. After retirement a legionary could give some money or a lot of land. Distribution of land ceased in 2AD. There were attempts to organize a soldier settles in colonies but such settles were unpopular. The soldiers preferred to return to motherland but free lands weren
  20. Lacertus

    The Biggest And Longest Running Dicriminatio

    Why you decided that you are genius? Whom do we name the genius? I think you speak very much about your unique abilities but you must do anything too. If you
  21. Lacertus

    Legion Standards

    I know that imaginifers wore bear's or lion's skins on the head.
  22. Lacertus

    Chat Room

    Very much appreciate!
  23. Lacertus

    Picture Of Yourself

    O'k! It's my cat.
  24. Lacertus

    Picture Of Yourself

    Oops! This is a beauty parade! lol Maybe we'll raise the reputation to the winner?