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    The Time Of Rest

    LOL You don't lose sense of humour. It is wonderful!
  2. Lacertus

    Summer Solstice

    It seems strange to me, that this holiday celebrates day of the solstice now. Celts celebrated winter coming whereby (approximately on November, 1) and summer coming (approximately on May, 1).
  3. Lacertus

    The Celts

    Ancient sources disagree concerning human sacrifices. Such data can be found about any people. They cannot serve as the proof. I read about Celt's sacrifices at many authors whom lived a few centuries after. Thus they inform about it without real proofs of this fact. In general it is possible to find such mentions as about Greeks as about Etruscans too. I don't understand the reason to speak about Celts here. By the way Caesar in "De Bello Gallico" didn't to mention any human sacrifices. Plutarch mentioned about that but said: "There is one myth. Probably it is not true". I can say about archeological dig. There were cases when found bones of animals in Celts ritual places.
  4. Lacertus

    Roman Questions

    These scissors were 5-6 inches at length.
  5. Lacertus

    Roman Questions

    Scissors were very simply instrument. Ansient scissors are in many museums. In this case it is not need to evidence this fact. Just go to museum and look the pertinent exhebition. Scissors for reach people were more elegant. In that is all difference. I know this because it is my competence.
  6. Lacertus

    Roman Questions

    Probably just any blade, or their teeth if not wealthy hehe. They did use scissars. There is the knowlege that they have been using from time of etruscan. Maybe teeth are more convenient for you.
  7. Lacertus

    Preserving Harvest

    Northern peoples used deep pits for preservation harvest. Their depth was approximately 6 feet. The pit inside was covered with a layer of clay which was allowed to dry. The bottom of the pit was filled with dry sand and coniferous boards were laid over it. Grain was filled up by layers. each The layer of grain was spaced with a layer of coniferous branches. The needle possesses antibacterial action and the harvest could store a few years. The layers enabled to keep air and grain could "breathe". Above the pit was covered with a rough fabric or a leather and closed tightly by boards and branches. It is considered that such way kept completely the harvest up to 10 years. There was preserved nothing so long usually.
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    What Are People On This Site

    I am from Moscow (Russia). I study in university (college) and I
  9. Lacertus


    I think there is no necessity to be engaged in extreme sports if there is no internal predisposition to this. There are many different fields where someone can realize himself. I wonder that lucky and stupid are together very often. I had any personal experience of this. Alas!
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    The Bosporan Kingdom

    It was a good addition. Thanx, Valens.
  11. Lacertus

    The Bosporan Kingdom

    I meant Huns (also known as Hunni) a nomadic pastoral people originated in northern China and then migrated to Central Asia. In the 2nd century AD they appeared in the steppes on the northern coast of the Black Sea. In the second half of the 4th century they began a massive migration into Central Europe, initiating the period of the great migrations of peoples into Europe from Asia. waw The Scythians and The Romans confronted in battle not once. I'm confused with the name of river "Thatis". What did you mean?
  12. Catastrophic conditions in Roman Empire in middle of 3 BC was included Gallenius did some reform. The main target was to save the army for central power. Gallenius tried to attract to him the heads of army. To this aims was founded a new military elite as special unit of empire bodyguards (protectores divini lateris). From the point of Gallenius
  13. Lacertus

    My Tattoo

    My advice do not need to make all black as Fatboy advises. You may to shade a few contours, to make blend from light to a shadow. It will make drawing more three-dimensional. It will be with originality. As to me I'll make tattoo never.
  14. Lacertus

    Death Of Marcellus

    Really, Marcus Claudius Marcellus has made so much for a victory above Hannibal. His death was tragically and at the same time nonsensicall. He has got in an ambush together with the not numerous group during reconnaissance of place and has been killed. Why such talented commander has shown similar unconcern? Especially the enemy was about and Marcellus should know about it. (He specially tried to set up camp as closer as possible to camp Hannibal to limit forage the enemy.) Probably, unconcern has appeared together with confidence of his forces. Marcellus was confident the chosen strategy and the future victory. Yes, it is possible his death put off the end of war, but I think, that not much more. There would be no victory at Zama in 202BC; there would be other victory in 203 or 204. The death of Marcellus has put off a victory no more than for 1-2 years. It is difficult to answer such questions unambiguously. All right, this my opinion only.
  15. Lacertus

    Time Team

    Yes, it is big success to live in such historical place. My dig are interesting too, but they are organized so badly. I should write about them later when I'll find something valuable.
  16. Lacertus

    Corinth 280 Bc

    This is the case, only it was valid for hundred years later.
  17. Lacertus

    Time Team

    I wanted to say that isn
  18. I have original version of the letter in Russian. But I cann't translate it without assistance as I don't know obscene English. If you're capable it yourself I'll send you the variant of true letter. But I'll not risk to do it at the forum.
  19. Lacertus

    Roman Calvary

    Above all I say about cavalry of republic time (before the war with Hannibal). Roman cavalry was a part of legion and was raised in Italia. In fact Italia wasn
  20. Lacertus

    Time Team

    I suggest that will be good show. I imagine archaeological dig more serious deal then Time Team
  21. Oh! It isn't absolutely exact translation of the letter. Actually we couldn't to read it in a respectable society. It was much more cheerful. By the way, the letter (the draft copy of the letter is more true) has been kept by miracle, the original wasn't kept.
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    Constantine XI Palaeologus (1405-1453) the last Byzantium Imperator (1449
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    Peter Connolly
  24. Lacertus

    Roman Calvary

    Romans began to use auxilia during the war with Gannibal. Cavalry was a weak spot of the Roman army always and many fights had been lost becouse of this. At second half 2