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  1. I think it is a beautiful legend. Even Plutarch spoke about Romul as about the hero of a legend, but tried to make his more real. Actually the similar history is at many nations. (At Russian, for example, one of the versions of Kiev's foundation).
  2. Lacertus

    Byzantine Military

    Oh! I have a book about Byzantine Military with good illustrations. I understand there are many types of soldiers depicted of them. But book was printed in 1976 and wrote in Russian. At present time I don't can to scan images (the book is in Moscow and I'm in Crimea). I tried to find this images in Internet but without any results. How to help you now?
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    Chat Room

    Wonderful! Let's make it. Das somebody like this idea? I think we can discuss more thems and have bright talks.
  4. Lacertus

    Vinland Map

    "This map really does not affect our notions of the discovery of North America. The true discovery of the American continents came more than 25,000 years ago, in the depths of the Ice Age, by Siberian hunters who followed the mammoth herds into what is now Alaska." Fancy! All America is one large Siberia!
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    I think it should be. That happened with you should not take place. Therefore the surgeon was good and could help you. Yes, it happens. While success was on my side. Sometimes I feel, that is necessary to stop, but I can not yet.
  6. Lacertus

    Gaius Julius Caesar

    Ave, Caesar! Ave, Tirant! Certainly he is prominent in history but it isn
  7. Lacertus

    Roman Poetry

    Well done! I can do translation into Russian? Is it possible? Are you agree?
  8. Lacertus

    Webpage Layout

    Oh, no! It's not necessary to change anything! It looks soundly for me!
  9. L. Sextius was the first plebian consul. P. Licinius Calvius, consular tribun in 400 BC, and the first plebian who was elected to that magistraty.
  10. Lacertus

    The 30 Curiae-help

    Comitia curiata was only own form of assemblies of Roman people (patricii) before reform of Servius Tullius. Comitia curiata lost any real mean wis apperance assemblies of centuria and tribus and was saved as survival of olden days. They had formal rigth deliver to Imperium to magistratus. Every time they voted the Lex curiata de imperio. To accept this low there wasn't need presence of curiata's members. There were enough 30 lictoris ( as were 30 curiae) and 3 auguris. Before the reform of Servius Tullius patricii were divided into 3 tribus (Ramnes, Tities, Luceres). Each tribus was divided into 10 familiae. Therefore were 3 tribus, 30 curiae and 300 familiae. I think it's true.
  11. Lacertus

    Marius VS Sulla

    It is more similar on PC game, instead of to a real situation. Even if it would be possible, the winner would stand on a battlefield one above hill of corpses. For whom is it necessary? Let there will be a drawn game.
  12. Lacertus

    Roman Poetry

    Do you mean modern poets or ancient? I like poetry too.
  13. Yes, it's perfectly shown in the movie "The Lord of The Rings", but I didn't read about these alarm fires at ancient authors. Nevertheless it seems so simply and accessibly.
  14. Lacertus

    Roman Equipment

    It said Polibius about Punic wars. Scipio Emilian punished a legioner during siege of Numancia who had the sheild bigger size. I meant this only.
  15. Lacertus

    A Strange Thing Happened To Me On My Way To

    "Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum". I think, this is the same crazy movie. I saw it. What I may say? Real funny. But it isn't "my". I don't like so absurd things. Interestingly, what is your estimation of this movie?
  16. Lacertus

    Fa Cup Final

    It is senseless dispute on anything. Sport is an individual choice of each person. It is normal, that in the different countries prefer different kinds of sports. It is a traditional choice of this or that country. I think your remark isn't correct. That beats everything. How the American or European football becomes the standard for measure of our cultures advances!?!
  17. Lacertus

    Www.roman-empire.net Forum Still Around?

    "Critical Error Could not open template config file..." This condition has been processing so long.
  18. Lacertus

    Roman Equipment

    Legions were armed a stabling sword (gladius hispaniensis). They lenght were 24-26 in. First such swords appear in Spain. It's a sort of Celt sword with sharped and elongated tip. they were accepted in the army in time of second Punic war. Shields of heavy warriors (Hastati&Princepii) were 4 foots hight and 2.5 foots widht, were curved and oval in form. They were manufactured from wood and covering by a leather. Such shields Romans took over Celts. (Shield=scutum, it's same) Equipment in legions were same. That was indispensable condition. The legioner, who has different weapon as helmet other form or shield big size or other cloth, was severely punished. The manufacture of weapon was profitable business in Rome.
  19. Lacertus

    Episode III

    Saw it too. Awesome! I wonder how all series interrelated between theyself. Beautiful show!
  20. Lacertus

    Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus

    Should trust to Plutarch Gnaeus Pompeius gave the cognomen of Magnus from his army in Africa, but it came in full force as Sulla endorse it. Pompey became to names himself Magnus later everyone and after a long time, in time when he was sent to Spain as the proconsul against Sertorius. I think Plutarch is right. Pompey worth the cognomen of Magnus and the glory and love of nation.
  21. By what means the discipline was maintained in Roman legions? How were legioners punished for minor infringements?
  22. What kind of basis was underlying to division into the classes? I had found some versions. What is your opinion about this?
  23. Lacertus

    An Interesting Thought I Had...

    I think that falling Rome is the result of destroing moral principles.
  24. Lacertus

    Who Said That?

    Octavian August New Quote:"When the candles are out all women are fair."