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    Who Said That?

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    Corinth 280 Bc

    Unfortunately, I could not find the reference in an English-speaking site. I think that Corinth was under the control of Macedonia. Macedonia at that time supervised territory of Greece. But Corinth had any management and legally entered in Common Greece union as the independent state.
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    Corinth 280 Bc

    Corinth was the collecting point of Common Greece in head of Macedonia from 338 BC to 243 BC
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    Who Said That?

    Marcus Aurelius
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    Yeah, 1054 was outstanding as for Visantium as and for Russia. Yaroslav The Wise, duke of Kiev Russia, died in 1054. He divided the state between his numerous sons in tradition of his forefathers
  6. Thanx, Valens. The bronze Etruscan situla of the Sertosa places in Civic Archaeological Museum in Bologna in room 10 ("The Etruscan Civilisation"). Four warriors depict here. There is the tablet with the inscription "typical etruscan warriors of 6-5 BC". I prefer to believe my own eyes.
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    Who Said That?

    "non amo te, Sabidi" Martial?
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    Only very worthy victory might give the right for a triumph. But how might the worth of victory be assessed? It
  9. Yes' Certosa situla is dated 5BC. ETRUSCAN's warriors depicted on the situla. That is not VENETS.
  10. Of course, this is correct, but date from 3-4 BC . In 5 BC only roman-etruscan army had use any fighting formation. Square and oval shields were applied in etruscan army and I don't know about use their by venets. The etruscan warriors were depict on the Certosa Situla.
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    Messanger Contacts

    lacertus23@hotmail.com (MSN, e-mail)
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    Armour Change?

    The pilum and the martiobarbul are not different weapons. The martiobarbul is the perfected pilum. The practical application of this weapon are not change.
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    Armour Change?

    Since 3 CE an armour were used seldom. Probably, it is connected to falling discipline in the legions. Anarchy was typical for this century . It has touched the army too. The armour have remained at cavalry. They were scaly or such as a chain armour, length up to knees, with cuts on each side and with long sleeves. The chain armour weighed 55-65 pounds and was more flexible than segmenta. Martiobarbuli has replaced pilum because it was more perfect weapon. It was the jagged dart with lead weighting. These improvements have made the throwing weapon more destroying. Besides, the additional weighting allowed to strike more exactly and advantaged the greater penetrative force. Military art does not stand on a place, the weapon will be improved at all times. Excuse me for some mistakes.
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    Favorite Roman Poet

    Ovid is my favourite poet. I read it poems only in Latin. It sounds very hardly in Russian translation. I read Lucan too. Really, it was very interesting, but it read slowly because style was difficult for me. The first poet whom I have read in Latin was Catull. I can remember something: Ille mi par esse deo videtur ille, si fas est, suparare divos, qui sedens adversus identidem te spectat et audit dulce ridentem, misero quod omnis eripit sensus mihi....etc My apologies. I can make mistakes.
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    Many-storied Rome.

    What was a hight of buildings in Rome? I read about 6-8 floor houses. In what time did Rome begin grow to hight?
  16. Once I visited a "World of Etruscans" exhibition. Here was many things including helmets this epoch. I noted that the helmets had mainly small size. Such helmets would unlikely use an average statistical man of our time. What happining? Have people been growing for 2500 years?
  17. Lacertus

    People Have Been Growing

    I don't say that all people were small height. There are always exeptions. We aware about that Caesar and Marius were tall because they were notable among common sosiety. It was the distinctive part of their external shape. Gaulic warriors were really high if them to compare to undersized Romans.
  18. Lacertus

    People Have Been Growing

    I think that foods were not first reason which influence on the growth of people. Many chemical minerals are influenced on growth (iodine, calcium, phosphorus etc). It's possible some things had been occuring in atmosphere of Earth. Air, water, soil had been change what lead to chainging of the mineral balance (the same foods, for example)
  19. Venice was established in the middle of 5 CE by the inhabitants of the firm ground who were saving from barbarous attacks. The population found a refuge on islands. Islands became a part of the latin culture. Formation of the Venetian state began in 9
  20. Lacertus

    What Helmet Is That?

    These are two different helmets. The evolution of helmet development is possible track on them. First helmet It is Italic imperial helmet.They manufactured from iron. They had obvious gallic features on it. There are wide neck-flap, a special kind of plate-cheek, peak in a forward part of a helmet and the ledges protecting ears. All these innovations appeared gradually, and together they are present on helmets at the beginning of 2 CE Second helmet If the image of a helmet is transferred without distortions it is italic helmet not later the middle of 1 CE. They manufactured from bronze.
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    Dogs And Stirrups

    Are the pictures that were found on vases, mosaics, wall reliefs to be evidence of using hounds in wars? http://community-2.webtv.net/Hahn-50thAP-K...K9/K9History23/ There are archeological finds dated 1200-500 BC which directly point out that hounds were using for combat actions. May suggest they did not use later, at least there is not any reference on this theme.
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    Many-storied Rome.

    It is interesting, is there anything information on reliability of a constructions of these houses? I don't think, that they were build forever. May be there is some informations from ancient authors?
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    Kingdom Of Heaven

    Guys! 12 dollars are so much, I'll see it for 3.