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  1. Lacertus

    A Trivia Question

    In this case it was possible to tell Gaius Julius Triumphus Caesar. Cognomen titles can apply to women. Dalmatica, for example.Women can get warm in beams of glory too.
  2. Lacertus

    Pompei Discovery For Swedish Archeologists

    Thanx for interesting news, PP. I spoke to my students about ancient city under the ruins of Pompei several weeks ago, but that was the words only. Now I can show the proofs.
  3. Lacertus

    Places To Visit

    Rome I would like to go by the road of Hannibal acrossing the Alps. I'll do it soon. Cologne and Hamburg are my favourite citys.
  4. Lacertus

    Romes Origin...

    I like then following theory: up to 12 BC Italy was populated by swarthy people of Mediterranean type. To 10 BC begins promoting of Aryan tribe toward South. They occuped more part of North and Central of Italy and mixed with their proceeders. There is a opinion that the Trojans were Arian's tribe, which belong the Celts, the Greeces and etc. it's likehood that Indo-European and Aryan are same tribe.
  5. Lacertus

    What Made Rome?

    First of that the Romans were learned how to defend from outside enemy. Second they were intracting their enemy as allies in their fight with other enemy. So flexible policy were the basis of Roman's growth through of conquested territories. This strategy was leading to greatest wins (Carthage, etc) and Rome had achived the status of the superpower state.
  6. Lacertus

    Mediterranean Fleets

    Some time ago I read about greece rostrum of trireme. It was found near Canaries but it condition was poor. May be the Egiptians sailed to Central America. Yes. Would they run to India?
  7. Lacertus

    Mediterranean Fleets

    Many great states of Mediterranean had fleets. How far the navigators would came? Have you any knowlege about that? There is fantastic stories that America was discavered to 2 thousand years before Columb.
  8. Lacertus


    Engineering in roman army was a special art. Special engineering unit was in each a legion this unit was formed by more talent man who were able to this deal. Priveleged ingineers were awared by money. This promote developmenting of engineering.
  9. Lacertus


    Yes, I think that the chariot had not a success to fight a Roman legion. I doubt generally that Britons used them to combat, likehood, they were just a sort of transport.
  10. I saw many Roman things: spoons and forks different shapes and dimensions. Romans used to apply covers.
  11. Lacertus

    Rate our content!

    This site is the best. Really.
  12. Lacertus

    Favorite Movie/tv Show

    I have been seen Master and Commander many times. It
  13. Lacertus


    The Senate.Someone who is in power has no right to be weak.
  14. Lacertus


    North Africa was more significant conquest. Gallia was gradually getting under influence of Rome. If Rome left Gallia in peace, it came to Rome itself later. The German tribes did not give a quiet life to gauls too. That circumstance could lead to search of powerful allies. It's my opinion only.
  15. Lacertus

    Greatest Roman Innovation/Improvement

    I risk to choose roads, but the Roman laws are actual too.
  16. Lacertus

    Livy As A Historian

    Are you sure, that modern historians do not deform the facts? Probably, our descendants will receive rather approximate representation about our time. Livy tried to be unbiassed. Certainly, he could not be absolutely exact, and it is not his fault. I think his books are noteworthy and very informative.
  17. Lacertus


    I like extremal sports: a mountain bicycle and gliding. I have younger brother (10 years), he is the talented racer. I accompany him at competitions and trainings. His career - is my hobby too. I carry the responsibility for him and I want, that he has achieved many things in his life. Classical music. Painting. And.. the ROMAN HISTORY!!!
  18. Lacertus

    Members Age Range

    23. I look 23 and feel 23.
  19. Lacertus

    Wheres Everyone From

    I am from Moscow, Russia.
  20. Lacertus

    What's Your Favorite...

    Alesia is top of the military art!
  21. Lacertus

    Head To Head

    I give preference Livy. His books about Punic wars are more informative in my opinion. But it is useful to read all authors. Frequently they supplement each other.
  22. Lacertus

    King Arthur Review

    To see and forget. Battle stages are without blood! Where is realism?
  23. Lacertus

    What Kind Of Warrior Are You?

    I dislike war, but i'm a patriot. :sniper:
  24. Hannibal. But P.Clodius is right, certainly.
  25. I agree with Maximus. "Brushes" were a sings to diffier centuriones and other officers and arm branchers.