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    Really, the Scutum was durable.Its design - wum wooden rods fitted by a leather - the most reliable variant. Shields had been sustained a lot of hits by sword. The Roman soldiers had no spare shields. The quantity of armouns and they form had been strictly regulated. Shields become easier and is more thin during time. The center from bronze protected handle for which a soldier held the shield, but the construction was very strong without it too. The bronze plates went out with a time, they remained only for a parades. A bronze thorn appeared on shields. It facilitated the construction and made the shield more effected weapon at in-fighting. As a matter of the fact I am surprised as such thin shield (0,5 inches) could be such strong.
  2. Lacertus

    What Is Your Favorite Period...

    I like the period from the respublic was established until Augustus. There are interest in politics, military art, religion, architecture.
  3. This gold collection of Schliemann has been exposed as a constant exposition in a museum of the Fine arts in Moscow. I saw it. The collection is valid unique, all exhibits in a fine condition. Basically it is gold ornaments and the weapon. However, the origin of a collection is disputable. There is an assumption, that a part of gold ornaments are found in the other place. Those exhibits which do not cause doubts in their Trojan origin, belong by earlier period of existence of Troy and cannot be " Priamus treasure ". But some things (jade knifes) concern to later period (3-4 century B.C.). Certainly, this my subjective opinion. Schliemann has incorrectly carried out excavation, having destroyed that layer which all interested. , certainly, it is necessary to look at this collection. P.S. I do not recommend to refer to newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets in the future. This newspaper has very weak reputation. It prints hearsays.
  4. To pass 20 miles per day it is good result, it was usually not more than 15 miles, construction of camp occupied a lot of time. Should a speed of march had the mean, and the locality was complex to find materials for construction of the camp it was not possible, each legionary had been carried on himself " a particle" of the camp. Having stopped on a halt, each legionary put the pale on the place, and thus, itself process constructions occupied less time. In usual conditions, the camp was prepared by engineers who were more mobile than other militarity units. But there were cases when the army on a march passed up to 40 miles per day. There was no transport in these cases.
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    Roman Emperors

    Hadrian and Trajan.I think, they could make a single whole. At Trajan Rome has achieved blossoming, but without Adrian would not be Trajan.
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    Why Did Rome Collapse?

    Rome repeatedly resisted to Germen, they became habitual "disaster", and if not set of the reasons which have arisen simultaneously, Rome could cope with them. I think, the Christianity was a principal cause of falling of Rome. It had weakened foundations of the strong state, had split it and has deprived of power. The christianity and Roman empire could not exist together.
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    Roman Settlements

    Look here:www.roman-britain.org/places/londinium.htm
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    Roman Bloodlines

    What a Histori magazine published the mentioned theory? The colour of hair and eyes could be the results of later assimilations.
  9. Hi! It's very interesting forum! I think I can get a new knowledge about Roman history and possible share by my own. Many topics are interested for me but especially architecture and military art. Also psychological moment is interested: how can a person change History. Is it possible or no? I very glad to be involved in a discussion of any topics. I bring apology for my English; I take the effort to improve it. Best regards
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    Roman Sites

    I live in Moscow, Russia. I think Romans were planning never to go in our land. I'm going to visit Italy in this year. Are here someone who could advise me one of the interesting place where I could get strong impression? Where can I see early Roman's architecture?