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  1. Lacertus

    bird of prey

    Oh, no! This bird from ornithological service in the airport. I love nature of course, but I don't like to go from one extreme to another in my passions.
  2. Lacertus

    Felix Leo

    Good cat!
  3. Lacertus

    Happy Birthday Primus Pilus + Viggen

    Gratuliere zum Geburtstag, Viggen! Ich bitte recht sehr um Verzeihung. Besser sp
  4. Lacertus


    Happy birthday! Sorry, I'm late but I was away some days! Wish you well!
  5. Lacertus

    Celts And 'human Sacrifice'? (bog Bodies)

    I wrote just now a work about Celtic society for my University and I collected a mount information about Celts including some methods of their burials. Well, the most part of Britain, Ireland and North Europe was covered by bogs, people lived near bogs, cross the bogs, build the roads throw bogs. They knew that bogs are the great place that can safe their dead bodies too. The bogs were the place of burials for many Celtic people. They preferred to draw down in the bogs dead bodies. Such was indeed the case. There were very different bodies: men, women, and children. They were in different clothes and they could have some wounds or have not them, because the true reasons of their deaths were different of course. I couldn
  6. Lacertus

    Red Bird on Wire

    Oh! He sings! And you showed it so good! Well done! All pictures are well.
  7. Lacertus

    Show in Sudak's fort (Crimea)

    This show goes on during a week every year.
  8. Lacertus

    Contact Lenses Or Operation?

    O'k! I visited this clinic this week and had got some consultations. I have different opinions about this clinic but all people who told me about it said that laser surgery is good here and I must not worry about it. My operation will be the 28 of February. I'm sure about a good result for me.
  9. Lacertus

    My License And More Of My Life

    lol, Flavius! I'm a professional racer. Cops never stoped me before but I always have my race license for such case.
  10. Lacertus

    My License And More Of My Life

    I haven't a License yet. I can get it when I'll be 18 only (in Russia)... but I drive my car very successfully without any License. I have got good practic before and feel myself very confidently during driving. In spite of them I wait this day when I can get it officially.
  11. Lacertus

    Russian winter

    5 miles from Moscow only
  12. Lacertus

    Russian winter

    Now is 7 degrees F and it's not so bad, but was -22 F a few time ago and it was terrible cold.
  13. Lacertus


    Thanks for link, I saw it just now. Intestingly that watercolor that I used constantly earlier mostly not available too. Grumbacher I hope to find anything else here though.
  14. Lacertus

    pigeon (color pencils)

    I found some my drawnings of birds from art school. (this is Lost Warrior's theme)
  15. Lacertus

    Your Level Of Education?

    Attending Undergraduate. This is my third year in the University. I'll get my bachelor's degree after 4 year.
  16. Lacertus


    It is water-colour drawning.
  17. Lacertus


    Oh, no, Flavius! Maybe I can draw only, not really talanted...
  18. Lacertus


    I learnt in art school a few years only but I took privat art lessons from artists then while I was away from Moscow during 4 years. I like watercolors but I cannot buy good watercolors in Moscow now. The most part of good art shops were closed last time.
  19. Lacertus

    pigeon (color pencils)

    Thanks! It's not bad but I remember that I was upset about pigeon's tail. It must be longer but I began draw too big bird and that was not enough place for it, lol
  20. Lacertus

    Contact Lenses Or Operation?

    Thanks, tflex. I found some information about the Moscow clinic. here and I cannot do operation outside Russia for many reasons.
  21. Lacertus

    Contact Lenses Or Operation?

    Thanks, Pertinax. I know about bilberry and had used it. Yes, it's good for eyes, I would like to use it in future instead operation, but my eyesight becomes worse in spite of it. I never heard about Golden Seal herb before. Maybe it's more strong herb then bilberry?
  22. Lacertus

    Contact Lenses Or Operation?

    Yes, it is laser operation in famous Moscow clinic. But I'm afraid
  23. Lacertus


    draw attention! His ears look better!
  24. Lacertus


    Forgot to say! It's not my picture but I found it in album about "Moscow Botany gardens". I'm sure he's idem squirrel. I noted only one with big "ears". He always sneaks around people and he's very brave. This tree is wonderful. I was sure that birch is "Russian" tree only but I saw it near Chicago too (maybe not so white only but it was birch )
  25. Lacertus

    Jack In The Green

    This picture can be used as an illustration to "Lord of The Rings". Do you remember animate and smart trees?