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    First Waterfalls

    I prefer this picture! Don't know why. It looks more real. (Moon especially)
  2. Lacertus

    Night. Crimea.

    It's one of the last paintings (canvas, oil).
  3. Lacertus


    I like this city.
  4. Lacertus

    My Site & How The Outage Can Be A Good Thing

    Good site! (It's very specific!) I'm not sure that I like this subject but I can give some information about history of Russian drinkings lol
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  6. Lacertus


    Well, I went for a work only without any aim and did random pictures.
  7. Lacertus


    I'm glad that the weather was realy good for pictures
  8. Lacertus

    Night. Crimea.

    Oh, yes... I painted it. Thanks for appreciation. I like paint but I haven't time for it (and I haven't mood for it sometimes). It's useless to try to paint anything without proper mood.
  9. Lacertus

    Commanding View

    Oh, lol! Your cat flys right! My cat turns upside-down all things on my table! He plays with lamp and pens and tears in pieces my papers...
  10. Lacertus


    Good picture!!! I began with acrycics too, but then (when I tried oil) I forgot about acrylics, lol. Did you try oil tempera? It's more real then acrylic and looks like oil but its technique is not so hard like oil technique.
  11. For P. Clodius (specially) who likes it. It's not Russian origin drinks! But Russians do it better then other. The word
  12. The mighty Roman empire had fallen victim to poor government and barbarian invasions. Centralized government deteriorated and countless petty chiefs set themselves up as lords. As to Christianity, it was one of the reason too, because Christianity began to govern on the Roman power. IMHO: It's impossible to point at one reason, Roman Empire had got a lot of issues.
  13. Lacertus


    This is a good addition! I have got a great article about Tauri (on Russian). It's not my work of course but I can to translate it. I'm not sure about my rights for it though.
  14. Lacertus

    Note About The Emponema Gallery

    Great land and majestic stones! When I see such places I think that time is stopping for them. They were from time immemorial and will be at all times. It
  15. Lacertus

    What Religion Are You?

    Roman Catholic
  16. Lacertus

    My Birthday And Stuff...

    Happy birthday!
  17. Lacertus

    UNRV debate sparks outrage!

    He looks cute and smart!
  18. Lacertus

    Night. Crimea.

    Yes, It's mine. I was in Crimea this summer. It's a Koktebel bay near Feodosia (10 miles to West).
  19. Lacertus

    Alavana Harbour

    It's great! I know so hard to do good pictures when weather is such bad. The light is not good during these days and it's hard to catch the moving objects so clearly! The birds are wonderful though.
  20. Lacertus

    Quidquid Agas, Prudenter Agas, Et Respice Finem

    damn the mining company! Well, look forward! I believe it's not one site in the world.
  21. Lacertus

    UNRV debate sparks outrage!

    lol! I can figure out a couple of them!
  22. Lacertus

    What Would You Bring Back?

    tflex was first about Alexandria Library! Well! I think I could bring my imaginations about that time only... I haven't so hand to bring all things what I would like to have!
  23. Lacertus

    Roman Religion

    Yes, 83% sounds really good. I guess we have mark "satisfactory" about 50%, but I'm not sure.
  24. Lacertus

    What To Bring With You?

    I mean other, lol. I read some times ago that people from Asia Minor used incense of some herbs for the same aims. They burned them in the room and inhaled the smoke of herbs and at the same time result was similar to smoke tobacco.
  25. Lacertus

    Roman Religion

    My congratulations! I hope to see your new pictures soon! Tell me please about school grades in America. We have only 4 grades in my University (excellent, good, satisfactory and bad). I have mostly excellent marks and some good (English and Latin, lol)