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  1. It appears Russia is more of a gold mine for history than I thought. Do you know how they got the Mongols out of their lands? I heard they used gunpowder but many sources seem to suggest otherwise.


    Russians applyed gunpowder for canons since 1382 year to defend Moscow from Mongols. I believe it wasn't earlier. They usually used boiled grease which poured out on the enemy's heads. BTW, the applying of canons was one of the reasons why Mongols couldn't defeat Moscow.

  2. Oh, my operation was good and I haven't problems with my eyes now (I wear glasses sometimes but it's not so need for me now).


    Yes, I know Richard Fazzini, I already read his lectures about Luxor and about history of Egypt. I found he's one of the best egyptologist in the world now. I often use his thought about history of Egypt. They are always very competent and understandble.

  3. Oh, yes! I'm a stewardess. It's not a great job, lol


    Hey! My sister is a flight attendant & so was my mother (now a manager of in flight training). It's not a bad job! :)


    Do you work for Aeroflot Lacertus?


    No, I'm working in Eastline Group. This group have it's own airport (Domodedovo) and its own tourist business and we supply charters and private flights to all countries. Sometimes we escort tourists only while they use other airlines company which cooperate with Eastline.


    Thanks for your moral support, Pantagathus. I hope it's my temporary job. I'm an archaeologist in spite of all these things. :)