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  1. I think that this neglect was as a result of Stalin's desire to rid the Soviet union of religion. This church may very well have been used as a barn.


    Yeah, you are right. It was so. I know all such churches were rebuilded in Moscow but the provinces still look so.

  2. I learnt in art school a few years only but I took privat art lessons from artists then while I was away from Moscow during 4 years.

    I like watercolors but I cannot buy good watercolors in Moscow now. The most part of good art shops were closed last time.

  3. OH NO, ut's the return of the SQUIRREL WITH BIG--- EARS!


    He's gonna kill us all. :)


    Oh, and I must say, that is one very healthy tree, not polluted all since the bark is so white. :)

    Forgot to say! It's not my picture but I found it in album about "Moscow Botany gardens".

    I'm sure he's idem squirrel. I noted only one with big "ears". He always sneaks around people and he's very brave. <_<


    This tree is wonderful. I was sure that birch is "Russian" tree only but I saw it near Chicago too (maybe not so white only but it was birch :) )