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    Caesar - personality

    Gee, I wonder how many statesmen believed that they knew best what society needed and would have liked to cram their reforms down everyone else's throats? Probably many. Perhaps that's why societies develop LAWS and GOVERNMENT so that competing ideas can be enacted without violence and bloodshed? Rather than attempt to give you my own analysis of Caesar, who has been my historical hero since my high school Latin classes, I'll just refer you to a book I completely missed until very recently: Christian Meier's "CAESAR (a biography)". He answered all my questions about the man and his environment. The most important aspect of the man was his being an "outsider", next was the ongoing environment at the time: a Crisis Without Alternative. In his book "Caesar and Christ", Durant called him "the most complete man that antiquity produced"
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    What biographies would you like to read?

    What a wonderful opportunity it is for me to recommend the Roman General and Emperator I personally hold as my favorite next to GJC as the subject of your next biography. This I, I think, fills the bill. I don
  3. Finding a shoe print inside a wall is limited most of all by opportunities. As a builder, I myself, have stepped into
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    Perseid Meteor Shower

    (Meteor Showers/Astronomy/Ancient Rome/Caesar and Another World --) Preceding my introduction into Latin/Ancient Roman history I was deeply influenced to become an amateur astronomer because of an event visible to all who may have been alive on the night of October 9, (a Wednesday), 1946. Depending on weather conditions at an observers location, as is always the case for things astronomical, those who were alert to the sky on that night would have seen what I saw at the age of 5 years. It was both awe inspiring and traumatic, for someone so young, Others that I know of who saw it weren
  5. Faustus

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    ddvai ytoannh grwtih (male) There you go - my first name is jewish, middle is actually an ancient roman name, and last is scottish - thanks