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    I will go to the library tomorrow and see if they have it available. Thank you!
  2. Crispina

    Entry to South /West Palatine area

    Will be waiting to see the photos, Lee. That's great.
  3. Crispina

    Did the earth move for you too?

    Obama never did make an announcement, unless I missed it. The news media must have only heard a rumor.
  4. Crispina

    Did the earth move for you too?

    Gosh, I was at my mom's today and we were watching the news about Lybia when the news about the earthquake in Washington DC came on. Only, we soon found out it was in Virginia but felt in many other areas. I'm in Ohio. Mom's neighbor came out and said she was laying on her couch and felt it. Lots of panicked people in New York City too. Now the President is about to give a special news conference about it. Sheesh.
  5. Crispina

    Events (UK and Europe)

    Buy me a round trip ticket and I'll be there.
  6. Crispina

    Coin of Vercingetorix?

    OT, sorry; but which movie is this clip from?
  7. Discoveries like this just blow me away. As was stated, you just never know what still lies hidden. Who was the artist? What did he think when the fire caused his work to slip into oblivion under the new baths?
  8. Crispina

    The Eagle (Movie)

    I do believe the relationship became more than "just friends" at the end of the series. And didn't Aquila hide his father's ring by burying it at the bottom of a tree? as a symbol he'd be back to be with her or something like that? Now I'm interested in reading the books again.
  9. Crispina

    The Eagle (Movie)

    Yep - can't remember her name, though. Probably another reason this character was left out was the ambiguous nature of Marcus Aquila's relationship with her. She was too young to be a 'love interest' (in a children's book and Hollywood film, if not in real-life Roman Britain), though their friendship seemed more than just that. My view only. One of my favorite book series, but I had to go online for the answer - her name was Cottia.
  10. Crispina

    The Eagle, the movie FYI

    Is available on On Demand now. I watched it tonight, saw it the first time in the theater. Still think it's a very good movie.
  11. Crispina

    I, Claudius' Miniseries by HBO

    Tv audiences today want more sex, more blood and gore. Can you imagine how excited the creators of this new "I, Claudius" were to be able to vamp up the old series now that they can get away with so showing so much more? People will be anticipating the Caligula episodes for sure.
  12. I was watching a documentary on Rome's attempts to conquer Persia, and the narrator mentioned that after his death in their captivity, the Persian king had Valerius stuffed and put on display. I never heard this before, how do they know this? Is it recorded by an historian? Also they didn't call themselves Persians, it was another name that begins with an "A". I just can't recall it right now.
  13. Crispina

    Viva Roma No. V (Mambo #5)

    I love it!
  14. Crispina

    Happy Birthday GhostOfClayton

    Have a very happy birthday.
  15. Crispina

    Windows and Blinds

    I'm not sure if I understood you correctly but the glass covering the wooden partition is just there to protect the ancient wood and is not an original feature. Oh, I'm a dummy. Sorry, yes I thought the wooden partition had glass in it. Thanks for pointing that out.
  16. Crispina

    Windows and Blinds

    This post has made my day. How fascinating! I'm in awe of the glass objects linked to in your post Ludovicus. I have to say I never knew much at all about Roman glass making, and am thrilled to read about it. And "The House of the Wooden Partition" - I wish I could see this in person. I never knew such partitions existed in the Roman world, then again as the article states most never survived. But with glass? I'm blown away (pardon the pun). Thanks to the OP for bringing up this topic and thanks to Ludovicus for the wonderful links.
  17. Crispina

    Vindolanda Reopens (inc stunning 3D Film)

    I would love to visit the site, but alas I can only do so thru UNRV - thanks for that at least.
  18. Crispina

    Happy Birthday Ursus

    Happy birthday, fellow Taurus(ian?)
  19. Crispina

    Happy Birthday, Crispina

    Oh my gosh, yes it's my birthday today - two more years and I'll be sixty! - oh my, where did the time go??? Thank you, thank you for the greetings. No special plans, but this morning I got the ladder out and caulked a big hole in the siding of my old house where the bees try to set up home every summer. At least I accomplished something today, and will go buy me a birthday cake later. Did have some sun for a bit (while I was on the ladder) but now there's a dark sky, and the clouds will open any minute. That's ok, my garden and flowering trees are beautiful this Spring.
  20. Crispina

    Aubechies April 2011 - Roman Cavalry

    That was fun. I'd love to go to something like that. Thanks for posting.
  21. Crispina

    Lindsey Davis

    "The Accusers" - finished this book the other day. It was ok, but won't be one of my favorites. It was interesting to read about Rome's judicial system, although not sure how much was fact and how much was "Lindsey" . Which brings up a question - did ancient Rome really have the equivalent of newspapers for news? Ms. Davis keeps mentioning "The Daily Gazette". Now, I know that aint' right. or is it? Wasn't there just a town crier type of person who stood on a podium in town and read recent events and edicts to the populace? or did I get that from HBO's "Rome"? Today I picked up the next in the series, "Scandal Takes a Holiday".
  22. I really enjoyed that. Thanks for posting.
  23. Crispina

    Agora, the movie

    Just finished watching this on On Demand. Not a feel good movie at all is it? The sets and photography are outstanding but I come away with the same feeling I always do when a woman is portrayed in movies. Woman smart and strong? Woman die. So according to this story, she was killed not for her beliefs really but because she influenced the prefect. Is it true she was helped to die before the stoning or was that part added for the movie?
  24. Crispina

    Lindsey Davis

    "The Jupiter Myth", this book was done very well. Also lots of romance , and a sad ending for an admired character! As usual, Lindsey Davis can write an action scene so well you seem as though you are right there in the middle of the amphitheater. Yes, I've had quite a few "but, wait a minute..." moments when reading her books. I totally missed the one about the match. ha. Next up - "The Accusers".