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  1. Crispina

    Beautiful Sounds of a Epigonion

    I shared this with some musician friends who were thrilled to receive it. Thank you for posting the links.
  2. Crispina

    THE TUDORS. USA opinions wanted.

    "It will be interesting to see how The Tudors will age Henry. " The last scene of the last episode should tell us something. The way he was stuffing himself with that baked swan pie or whatever it was. Me thinks his girth will grow this season.
  3. Crispina

    Legionary game

    I'm in the storeroom as well. Wanna sing Christmas carols???
  4. I can see it now: "Indiana Jones and The Stone of Destiny"....that is if it's filmed before Harrison Ford gets WAY TOO old. Thanks for posting this and all the other interesting articles. And to everyone else who does, I check in every day to learn something new.
  5. Crispina

    The Gladiator's Graveyard

    Thank you for posting the link to the documentary. Not only did I enjoy that, but I bookmarked the site and have been enjoying other Timewatch programs and documentaries at that site. Especially, Terry Jones and "Medieval Life" (I'm in the wrong forum, sorry). Watched every one of them, then "Hidden Rome". I believe this may have been on TV,tho; but I enjoyed it again.
  6. Crispina

    Trial of Sextius Roscius

    Very good. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Saw this and couldn't resist. Sorry. "I'm tellin' you, Achilles...You wear those heels into battle, and you're asking for trouble."
  8. This is so interesting, but I'm confused about how they know it's Cleopatra's tomb? Only because of the coins? Or does her name appear somewhere on the walls? And if it's been underwater, the remains would be destroyed. I can't wait to hear more about this. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Read story here: http://tinyurl.com/36z5cj
  10. Sorry if it's already been posted, I just happened across it while surfing for information on the tapestry.
  11. Crispina

    Audio books for Claudius the god and I claudius

    I thought about the library right away, but perhaps you mean you want to purchase the audio books not borrow?
  12. Crispina

    Lunar eclipse is on!

    The sky is bright and clear and the eclipse has begun here - almost half - total around 10pm.
  13. Crispina

    Black Pharaohs

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. I wish this could be presented as a film documentary some day.
  14. Crispina

    Painted portraits

    This topic has surely been discussed before, but being a lazy newbie, I didn't search the archives. Why do we not see more painted portraits and murals of emperors and important officials? Because they are fragile they just didn't survive that long or were statues considered more "proper", ect? I've seen photos of grave masks and pics of graffitti. And were documents ever illustrated?
  15. Crispina

    Painted portraits

    What is Septimius and the lady wearing on their heads? Crowns or hats? I don't believe I've ever seen a Roman (or sculpture) with a hat.
  16. Crispina

    Painted portraits

    I have never seen pictures like these. Thanks for sharing. What is written on the portrait?
  17. Crispina

    Painted portraits

    I have never seen pictures like these. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Crispina

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Thank you Nephele, I just now found this post! I copied and will save your reply to show my friends. Hateria Cerintha aka Crispina P.S Gaius Hortensius Frutex now wishes you a merry winter solstice as his head sits in the garden with an inch of snow on top!
  19. Now you can be IN the movie! http://www.jibjab.com/sendables/266/Holida...s_a_JibJab_Life
  20. Crispina

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    I'm ready for MY Roman name. Gauis Hortensius Frutex says, "Happy Thanksgiving" by the way! Ctirseanthherir (I am female.)
  21. Crispina

    Name my garden Roman

    My first post! And want to begin by saying how happy I was to find this forum and how much I've enjoyed lurking as a "guest" these past months. Totally not what I expected my first question to be to you learned historians, but today I purchased a concrete head! He was only $10, but I saw him instantly as being given a position in one of my sunken gardens - a Medieval chap I thought. But..the more I looked upon him, the more I saw a sour faced Roman Senator! I've dubbed him, "Gaius Gardinius" (I know-not Latin for garden, but I like it). Me thinks he needs a third name. Can you help me?
  22. Crispina

    Name my garden Roman

    As promised here is Gaius Hortensius Frutex. A friend wrote to me that he is "just in time for Halloween" (!) Now that I think about it, he does resemble a ghoul; but then again some Roman senators were certainly "goulish". He has eyeballs, they just don't appear in the pic. Ha ha. Thanks again Nephele. And if I had been thinking I would have wrapped the ivy about his head, having no available laurel.
  23. Crispina

    Name my garden Roman

    Oh, and as soon as possible, I will post his photo!
  24. Crispina

    Name my garden Roman

    "Gaius Hortensius Frutex" it is. Thank you Nephele! And thanks for all the welcoming remarks.