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  1. Crispina

    Roman names

    Nephele? Where are you?
  2. Crispina

    Roman authors walk Hadrian's Wall in full military gear

    Sounds like a stunning adventure, anticipating those stories and photos you will post along the way. How and where are donations sent? I have a huge tin of saved pennies - just kidding. I can always turn them over to the bank for cash.
  3. Crispina

    Ladies of Beautiful Hair

    Enjoyed this very much. Thanks for posting. This probably has been discussed before, but the Vestal Virgins remind me so much of Roman Catholic nuns. Is there a connection or just coincidence? Makes me wonder.
  4. Crispina

    Lindsey Davis

    Me too. Nemesis had a pretty exciting ending did it not? "Falcophile" - I like that.
  5. 2000BC: Here, eat this root 1000AD: That root is heathen! Here, say this prayer. 1865AD: That prayer is superstition! Here, drink this potion. 1935AD: That potion is snake oil! Here, swallow this pill. 1975AD: That pill is ineffective! Here, take this antibiotic. 2000AD: That antibiotic is poison! Here, eat this root.
  6. Crispina

    Richard III

    I bookmarked that site, Ghost, will see if I can watch the programming. Hope so! Nope. Not available for my country.
  7. Crispina

    Richard III

    I bookmarked that site, Ghost, will see if I can watch the programming. Hope so!
  8. Crispina

    Happy New Year!

    I wish the same for you and everyone too. Except I will turn 60 this year! UGH. But, I have Lindsey Davis's new book to look forward to in 2013.
  9. Crispina

    Merry Christmas!

    I'll try again. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy Saturnalia to everyone.
  10. So very interesting. Thanks for posting.
  11. I hear nothing at all wrong with your English, maybe a bit tired from your illness, but otherwise enjoyed the videos very much.
  12. A local high school is presenting "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To the Forum" as their musical this year. This school has an excellent drama club and always provides great entertainment for being only high school students. A friend of mine is in charge of the choreography. Anyhow, buying tickets for this Sunday's matinee. Too bad the chariot chase scene from the movie can't be done on a high school stage. Cracks me up.
  13. Crispina

    Some comedy tonight! er- Sunday afternoon

    As promised. Photos from the play tonight. For high school kids, they did an amazing job with dialog and songs. However I had a completely different image of what Pseudolus should look like! (he's the one in the purple striped pants) No chariot chase, just an awful lot of running around the stage and through the theater aisles. Most disappointing was the fact that the audience turn out was very small, being a Sunday matin
  14. Crispina

    Some comedy tonight! er- Sunday afternoon

    I'll try to remember to take my camera!
  15. Crispina

    Some comedy tonight! er- Sunday afternoon

    :D And just how were you "involved"? pray tell - which character did you portray or perhaps you had the interesting job of set design? cool.
  16. Couldn't resist. And it's hard to see, but there's a Chihuahua driving.
  17. Crispina

    Lindsey Davis

    I agree "A Body in The Bath House" is a good one. I remember parts of that book more than others.
  18. Crispina

    The Normans (BBC Documentary)

    Good, the video plays for me. But I wonder if I've watched this doc before.
  19. Crispina

    Richard III

    Thanks, great info.
  20. Crispina

    Roma Victrix Beaker

    In addition to my failure to understand the mic usage, it seemed everytime I logged into the chat to see who was online no one was there. But I recall we tried the chat thing a couple years ago? and it was frustrating because of the different time zones.
  21. Crispina

    Richard III

    Ok. Dumb question - how did they know it was him? WAS there a headstone, what identified his body (bones)?
  22. Crispina

    Caligula's tomb?

    While at Viggen's link about the cat discovering the catacombs (very interesting!), I noticed on the same page, this story from 2011. Did they ever confirm it was Caligula's tomb? http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jan/17/caligula-tomb-found-police-statue
  23. Crispina

    The Ides of April

    Oh sorry, didn't mean to post spoilers. I can't recall in which book she makes her appearance but I do have a source reference - "Falco - The Official Companion" which is the only book I actually did purchase. I will sneak a peek.
  24. Crispina

    The Ides of April

    I remember now. In the last book it was strongly hinted that she would strike out on her own as an informer.
  25. Crispina

    Fortress of Spears

    Ugh. Ok, thanks. I may give the books a try.