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  1. I have been thinking of two posters, Nephele and Sam.   I've forgotten Sam's forum name, but he was a guide at Hadrian's wall in England.  Nephele would give us our Roman names.  I suppose they went to Facebook? I don't do FB. Just curious as to how they are doing, esp. during this pandemic.

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  2. Yes, I would like to ask the artist how he/she arrived at eye color. And I imagine there was much more makeup worn by women than shown in the colorization. 

    Which makes me wonder, in ancient writings are details like this about people ever written about by their peers?  Not that I have read as much as others here probably have. Seems to me I do remember reading that Julius Caesar had "light gray" eyes. 



  3.  I've always been fascinated by the object. Imagine the anguish when news of the ship wreck reached whomever was responsible for its creation - looted or other wise. 

    Did I miss what type of material it is made of?  Why would only 1/3 of it survive? Corrosion causing it to fragment and those fragments being dispersed by the water current,  surely there has been efforts to scour the site for them. Ah, all too mind blowing to think about.