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  1. The tour of Rome included a walk to the Circus Maximus and the streets and area there. No crowding really, and I found it so interesting. Very nice with quiet streets and trees.  I believe the Pompeii tour must have been toward the end of day as you mentioned, because it seemed as tho by the end the sun was beginning to set and I worried it would be dark before "I" got out of there. lol

    Thank you for the additional info and I will check it out.

  2. Last winter, I believe it was, I discovered the ProWalk tour videos and was hooked.

    I "took" the Pompeii tour - all six hours of it. I had to take a break to fix supper, but ate it in front of the computer as I continued the tour into the evening. I enjoyed it. Yes, he walks quickly but I didn't find that annoying at all. If I wanted to see more of something, I paused the video. I have always wanted to go to Pompeii and I must say I feel as tho I have.

    Another day I took the tour of the city of Rome - I forget how many hours that was - five? Up and down streets, historic areas, etc. I was over whelmed by the crowds at the Trevi Fountain! And I wasn't really there, but I couldn't wait to get away from there. ha  Altho found it fascinating too.

    Then I visited The Colosseum. Oh my, what an eye opener. I couldn't believe the crowds there, in fact I spent more time watching out for the people in front of me, coming at me, and beside me, then seeing the sites of the Colosseum. Felt like I was there. But again, I thought the video was wonderful. 

    There were a couple other tours I watched, but I can't recall right now which ones. Thanks for sharing the Capri tour. I enjoyed it.

  3. Even tho they called it a partial eclipse for our part of the country, I'd say we got a pretty good show anyway. Lasted from 1:06pm. to about 2:30p on Monday the 21st.  Didn't get dark as in black, but definitely a grayish dark, the temp was 89 degrees but at the maximum you could really feel a drop in temperature.  Apparently I had better hold on to my glasses as Ohio will be in the path of another eclipse, this time total, in 2024. Just hope I'm still around in 7 years.


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  4. Thanks Viggen. How are you?

    Yes, that's the article I read. It didn't mention where the bones are or what may have happened to them. What I meant to say, "Wouldn't that have been important to people down through the ages?"  But I guess it's been a long time and the building has gone through many changes.  The ashes and bones were probably merely tossed aside.

  5. Ave, all! Long time no post, but never stopped checking in now and then. Like the new forum.
    Very interested to see a news blip about the Mausoleum of Augustus is to be restored. I admit, this is the first I knew of it. Were the remains of Augustus and his wife Livia,Tiberius, Claudius, Nero, and Caligula really interred here? I read that the building suffered greatly over the centuries, but will we ever know what became of the "bones and ashes" of the afore mentioned Roman emperors?
    Why wouldn't this be important to historians down through the ages?
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  6. I've been here 34yrs. and have never brought in a metal detector.  Alot of what I find when digging is shards of a thick blue and white china. I save them. Also bits of rusted metal parts, a horse shoe, and bullets(!).  Maybe the bullets were used to shoot the china dishes. When breaking apart the concrete floor of the small front porch one year we found a buggy axle used as rebar. 


    Yes, I am in USA - Ohio.  The Indian Head penny I regretfully gave to a collector. Wish I had kept it.  Like you, I suspect there are more coins scattered about but then again there may have not been that many children who could afford even a penny in their pocket, especially looking at old class photos of them. They seemed very poor.

  7. I live a one room schoolhouse built probably in the 1870s, at least this present building appears to be from this time; and an original outhouse is still on the property. It was still in use up until late 1940s/early 1950s when indoor plumbing was put into the then school/dwelling. Pretty sure some of the structure may have been rebuilt over the years altho it still had it's cedar shake roof up until about 6yrs. ago when it pretty much succumbed and I had it shingled. The pit had been lined with concrete at some point also. As far as I know it has stood in its present spot all these years. When I moved in I found the pit filled with junk from the PO, and I've never ventured to clear it out. For all I know someone may have also filled it up with cement.  If not, it would be interesting to see what articles were thrown in or lost by school children over the years. 


    I once dug up an old ink well where a large porch used to be across the front and found an Indian Head penny while working in a flower bed - and a Boy Scout ring!