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  1. OK, Caldrail, I must say that I have to think a little longer to find out which of your options my young men can use. By the way, I recently found out that they are both plebeian. I thought they were patricians, but they are not. Does that change their situation? Anyway, Arius is a little foolish, VERY stubborn, and he dislikes everything his father likes. When his father tries to move him into a position he doesn't want (something in politics, i'm not sure yet), Arius runs away from home and becomes a legionary. Is this a credible story? Don't know what Lucius is going to do yet. I think bribe is the right option for him. I mean, trade was profitable, so he's got the money to do it... What about his age? he's 16-18 years old in my story. Maybe he's going to the army after the end of my story...
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    The hobbies of a Roman girl

    The father of my girl is definitely not pleased with the situation, but what can he do if no one wants to marry his daughter? I mean: he can not force his daughter into marriage if there's no bridegroom, can he? So if the daughter says: "Dad, please be patient, I think XX likes me and is going to ask for my hand." Won't he listen to that? (Maybe my idea of marriage is to romantic)
  3. OK, then Gaius' job is not a problem. I've been thinking about another name for Tirza all night. I don't want to name her just "Caecilia". Somehow the name "Tacita" crossed my mind. Is this possible? If it isn't, I'll call her "Tertia", like you, Nephele, suggested. I changed the order of the children. Now she's the third and youngest child. In another topic you told me about the age of marriage and now she's three years younger than before. So: Tacita or Tertia, that's the question... I'm really pleased with these advices. I have another family with difficult names... Would you mind helping me with them too?
  4. Thanks Nephele! I'm going to change Arrius into Arius. I like that name too. Someone else once suggested Appius, but that doesn't sound 'cool' enough . Arius is all right! I'll have to think a little longer about Tirza. Tertia won't do, because she's the first and only daughter and the second child in this family. I'm wondering if another solution will do: She changes her name into Tirza after becoming a christian. I heard people sometimes changed their name after being baptized. But actually I wonder if her father would agree with that. Hmmmm. Need some more time for this... Other question: The father, Gaius, is an aedilis (is this the correct word? He's a member of the city's management). Is this possible for a plebeian? Or should I change his job. Or did his marriage help him to reach this position?
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    The hobbies of a Roman girl

    I guess that's the point. My girl is too choosy. Actually she is in love with a guy and persuaded her parents to wait until he ask her (she thinks he likes her too). But because of some misunderstandings he doesn't ask her. She's very sad about that. But wow, Nephele, did they really marry at the age of 12. I know my character is getting a little old, but I thought 14 or 15 was the normal age... Maybe I should make her 1 or 2 years younger then... I'm glad Roman women knew weaving and embroidery. I used those activities, but suddenly wondered if this was correct. And yes, in my story she goes to the baths several times. After all I think I'm writing it quite well .
  6. Hello Nephele, That's a lot of information about the Roman names. I think I didn't understand everything (my English is not perfect, I'm dutch) but I think I have to change a lot in the story that I
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    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Forgot something: I'm female.
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    Your Hidden Roman Name

    My name is quite short i think: dieknenpepig Let's see what you can do with that