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    It was many years ago when I use to do shots. Now it seems if I even sniff a drink, I get tipsy. I am too "mature" to suffer a hangover in the morning!
  2. dianamt54

    What is everyone's favorite Drink?

    Man law! How about a red beer? Tomato juice in beer. I had it once, it was ok!
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    Senators, Equestrians, UNRV members

    Poach some eggs and drown them in the stuff, serve with bacon. Simple and quick. Sign me up, love bacon and eggs! So do my boys!
  4. One of then biggest mystery to me, is who killed the Princes in the Tower. Before I had children, and I had a brain, I knew all the arguments as to why Richardn III did not kill them and why Henry VII did.
  5. dianamt54

    What movies have you seen recently?

    My family watched "I am Legend" and "Enchanted" on the same night. A strange experience. Last night I watched the "The Memory Keeper's Daughter". It is good! I recommend "3:10 To Yuma" and "Rescue Dawn"
  6. dianamt54

    What movies have you seen recently?

    I like that one also! Funny!
  7. dianamt54

    What movies have you seen recently?

    Being such a Russell Crowe fan, I have not seen it yet. Not a movie to see with kids around.
  8. dianamt54

    The Olympics in China?

    I am getting on my speaker's corner box: I was just wondering, what do you think about the controversary? I don't believe that the Olympics should have ever been awarded to China. I am not sure what China presented to the Olympic committee, but what ever the Chinese presented the committee was impressed. If certain countries or people want to protest, that is fine, but no violent. Not trying to grab the flame from the runners hand. The runners have been training for this day. They are honored to carry the flame. My mom told me that some where that the protesters turned their back when the person carrying the flame ran by. If China is being blamed for violence, what does that say about the protesters and violence? I hope that everything goes well in China. Can coutries really keep politics and sports separate?
  9. dianamt54

    Roman Historical Fiction

    I had a problem with this book. I could not get use to Caesar being called Julius. Caesar had two sisters, he was not an only child. If there were no sisters, there was no Atia, and then there would be no Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus. I know this is an old thread . Just had too!
  10. dianamt54

    Global Warming

    I just keep this in mind, if the meteorologist can't perdict the weather for tomorrow, how can they perdict the weather in 100, 200 and so on years?
  11. dianamt54

    Not a bad idea!

    Maybe it is not such a bad idea to go to a camp for a couple of days. Get away from it all and be pampered. The thought I had is when one Patrician woman has her courses in the house,the rest of the women stay with her out of sight from the men. Of course if there were a lot of women in the house, like mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, no one would see the women for days. Didn't patrician houses have one side of the house for women and the other for men? I think the pleb women probably just worked through it. Some of them didn't have slaves, so they worked very hard keeping the household running.
  12. Though much more involved than suggested, yes, Pompeius, Crassus and Caesar for all intensive purposes, virtually announced to the Senate they were in charge by virtue of controlling the key components of the Roman political system. There was still considerable opposition of course, and that opposition had a voice (M. Porcius Cato in particular), but little real power. The "triumvirate" (so-called only in retrospect as it was not an official designation of government or authority) controlled the tribunate (and therefore the power to legislate) through support of the urban populace, held significant support of the army via Pompey and had access to massive wealth and the support of the Equites via Crassus. Additionally, even after Caesar had left Rome for Gaul, the scheming of Clodius managed to manipulate the senate into sending Cato to govern Cyprus (and exiled Cicero, but Cicero could hardly be recognized as a great opponent to the triumvirs and in fact supported them in some legislation/activity). Thanks for the info, being I am still an infant, I do go back and try to read as many posts as I can. I don't look at the date, I just look at the subject. Are there more up to date ways of looking for certain topics? Sometimes, I just happen apon one and just start writing questions. Thanks again!
  13. dianamt54

    New Zealand

    In my opinion, the better question is... what don't governments want to control? Every new uncontested method of control restriction of personal liberty breeds more government dependency. It ensures the status quo as regards the ruling class and preserves their positions of authority and privilege. While there may be some who honestly think they are trying to help people, ultimately I find it impossible to believe that the bureaucratic establishment truly cares about our health as individuals...including what we eat, smoke, drink or otherwise shove into our various bodily orifices. PS. Even if margarine were "one molecule away from being plastic" it is essential to note that the existence of that one particular molecule or any other slight variation in chemical structure makes it not plastic or not toxic (though there are ingredients in natural forms of some products that can be harmful--aluminum in deodorant/anti-perspirant for example). However, I do agree that eating products closer to their natural state as opposed to processed foods, is in general terms, a wise policy. (Provided one is not spending all day eating toxic 'shrooms.) How funny, I made shrooms for dinner. Not that kind, normal kind.
  14. dianamt54

    New Zealand

    Oh my gosh, did you just describe the United States?? You know that government always deals the such important issues! I thought it was ridiculous to have congressional meetings on baseball. I know there are a lot of steroids in everthing, but to waste time on that when there are so much more important issues to deal with, it just crazy! Just my opinion. I think bindge drinking and all you said are so true. I know that I did it, and by the Grace of God, I am still here! When my children go to College, I am just going to move in with them. To butter or not to butter! I just like it better and don't like margarine.
  15. dianamt54

    Imperial Succession

    Tiberius was also the son of Luvia Drusilla and third wife of Augustus. After Augustus's grandchildren died, he adopted Tiberius and his name was Tiberius Caesar Augustus.
  16. dianamt54

    Tee Shirts and Hoodies

    I am the same way. I always wear tee-shirts and hoodies. I guess I collect tee-shirts. I bought two hoodies for my boys at Christmas, but the sizes we off. So I ordered a new one for the oldest one. It might be able to fit in it, plus I don't want him to wear it. He has lost one court, and three hoddies at school. It is a good thing they were super cheap. Where did you get your SPQR hoodie?
  17. Who sanctioned the Triumvirate? Did the three just meet somewhere and decide this? Did they march into the senate and said, this is the way it is going to be and that is it? Thanks for the info, I have been thinking about the triumvirate for the last couple of days.
  18. dianamt54

    Sulla - personality

    What do think of Sulla?
  19. dianamt54

    Sulla - personality

    Certainly your characterization is supported by what we hear from Cicero's speeches and by the fact that Sulla's own former supporters rushed to undo his legislation. Still, I wonder whether those who had been victimized by Cinna and Marius felt the same way. Between the war between Sulla and Marius, the killings by Cinna and Marius, and then Sulla's reign of Terror, I am amazed any one was left in Rome. Didn't all these killings deplete Rome of senators, their sons and half of the patricians?
  20. dianamt54

    Consul Question

    In 90 B.C., the Roman Consul, L. Juluis Caesar, passes a law giving citizenship to residents of cities not fighting Rome in the Social War. When the next Consul comes into "office", could the law be revoked?
  21. dianamt54

    What Did The Romans Ever Do For Us?

    Thanks for the info. I was wondering, why then are the Romans credited with all this? Are the Greeks being forgotten? Why is Rome more known?
  22. dianamt54

    Make a Movie

    If you could make any movie about History, or historical figure, what would it be about? Which actors or actress would be in your movie? I would make the Sunne in Splendor, written by Sharron Kay Penman. It is about Richard III. I loved it. Since I read it many years ago, I have changed the cast. Right now, I would have Russell Crowe (actually in any movie I would make), Christian Bale, James Purfoy, Ciaran Hines, Jeremy Sisto, Ray Stevenson, and of course ME! I have to think who would play who, but I will get to that soon. I would also love to see the First Man In Rome in a movie. Not sure yet who would be in it. But for both movies, I would insist that it would be HISTORICAL ACCURATE, I would throw a fit. I like the actors to look as close to the real person as possible. If the historical person is suppose to be blonde, then she has to be blonde. I don't think there needs to be a reason to change the time line. Of course I am just an arc chair movie director.
  23. dianamt54

    What Did The Romans Ever Do For Us?

    Rome gave the USA our form of government. Marius gave the world the standing army. Almost all cities are based on a grid, and have a center point like a forum. Even the small hell hole I live in. Public libraries, firemen and police. If you look past the Republic, Imperial Rome, to the Church of Rome, religion.
  24. dianamt54

    Conn Iggulden Books

    I tried reading the first one, but gave up about half way through. His style is fast paced and entertaining, and should he write about a different time period or cast of characters I might sample him again. But for those books, in my opinion, he butchered the very well known history of one of the worlds most famous people and chain of events. I know its being 'stodgy' but I'm afraid I just couldn't get through it. Amen, and that is all I am going to say about that!
  25. dianamt54

    Good deed

    Good for you and your friend! The people you helped probably thought you guys were angels. Very bid angels, but there are all sizes of angels. But, it you keep doing good deeds like this, you just won't be living up to your Sulla name. hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Giving up football? You are so young! But I guess years of activities like that puts your body through hell. Both my boys have played American Football and I do think all the time, what is happening to their bodies. Last year, my little one had a knee bruise. We use to go see the Kansas City Wizards soccer team and after the game the had a rugy match. Never seen one up close. OH MY GOSH! You guys are huge. The hitting, the blood! I kept yelling kill, kill, and I had my thumb down. Oh that was in my former life in Rome! In Florence Italy around St. John's day, they have Calcio in Cosutume. They have a Renassiance parade with the famous flag throwers, real Princes on horse back, lovely ladies showing their D