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  1. For every person that does, there must be 10 that do not. Most people are too lazy to crack open a book. There are still a lot of people that take "The Da Vinci Code" as gospel. Congrats, dianamt; I for one am profoundly happy that you're that one in ten! It's saddening to me that reading seems to be losing popularity with children. The majority of the kids I know fit right into that category of 'too lazy to crack open a book'. It's not Playstation's fault either; it's the parents fault! Even worse than reading "The Da Vinci Code" and taking it as gospel is watching the movie and thinking it is. I wasn't a fan of Dan Brown's book, but at least it got people reading! Damn all crap movies to Hades, I say! I know this is off topic, but "The Da Vinci Code" was an awful movie. But wait a minute, it does have something to do with Rome! All you churces in our area of Kansas had signs up saying come and learn the truth about movie. Our pastor told us not to go to it. Being as smart as my husband and I are (haha) we knew it was just a movie. On Monday after the movie tanked, all the signs were down and not a mention of it again. My children are good readers. My oldest, Vibius Hedius Donatius, can read a book in a day. I am a slow reader. Decimus Hedius Exoratus, read in spurts.
  2. dianamt54

    Who would you like to meet most?

    I can't limit it to one, sorry. She would be an wonderful woman to meet. I would also like to meet Aurelia and Servilla. Not sure what I would talk about. Maybe how did you survive child birth? Didn't Cornelia had 12 children? Just two and I am done! I would love to meet Julius Caesar. "Did you want to be king?" I would like to meet Brutus, but I don't intend to meet him in Dante's deep layer of hell. Can I also say Richard III? I would ask him "Who Killed the Prince's in the Tower"?
  3. dianamt54

    Sulla - personality

    I didn't a chance to expand last night, but if Caesar showed characteristics of a personality disorder, than Sulla must have something. Multiple personality disorder? Schizophrena? He was a genius, but I guess all those years of war, wine and woman, he just snapped. What do you think?
  4. dianamt54

    Greatest Roman Figure??

    So was King Nicomedes IV Philapator of Bithynia, if we are to start sinking to that level... I'll admit that I have a considerable admiration for Caesar, and I'll also admit that Colleen McCullough did much to facilitate this admiration. I believe Caesar's military ability was not overrated, and that he was also an orator, writer and legal draftsman up there with (and perhaps beyond) Cicero himself. His Achilles' Heel, to me, was his complete and utter devotion to his dignitas. McCullough suggests that he firmly believed in the concept that his and every man's dignitas was also Rome's dignitas, and as such strove to the utmost all his life to increase it. Perhaps this is somewhat naive, but i don't like to assume the worst about people. This almost fanatic zeal made him incapable of the sort of compromise that would see his dignitas decreased, even a little. Maybe if he was more subtle, less obviously aiming for greatness, he would not have attracted the jealousy of his peers. This was the way of Augustus I believe. The Oxford Latin Dictionary defines the expression as fitness, suitability, worthiness, visual impressiveness or distinction, dignity of style and gesture, rank, status, position, standing, esteem, importance, and honor. Wow, what a list of words. Maybe that is why some people hold Caesar in such high esteem. The ultimate man. Is it all about image? I think that the populus that were interest in politics wanted to achieve this, the populus that only cared about food on the table, had no idea what dignitas. Reminds me of today.
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    Make a Movie

    All these ideas sound great. I can't wait to see them all on the big screen and all our names in the credits
  6. dianamt54

    The Other Bolyn Girl

    I saw is, and I was a married woman by myself. Anyway, I liked it. I went there in my mind that it is just a movie, and of course historical license was taken. The costumes were outstanding. Eric Bana, good looking as ever! I think the Showtime mini-series has helped make Henry VIII and his times popular. Again, I have to keep in mind that it is just a tv show, but I do like it. Sam Neil, in the first season was outstanding. JEREMY NORTHAM as Thomas More is good also, even though he wrote an awful story about Richard III. MARIA DOYLE KENNEDY as Katherine of Aaragon is probably the best actress on the Tudors. Anne Boylen played by Natalie Dormer is ok, but I can't figure her Anne Boylen out. And finally JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS, good actor, intense, but not the stature of Henry VIII, Eric Bana has the stature.
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    Do you play a sport?

    I use to play tennis in my teens and twenty's, then I hurt my back. I sometimes still get out and play, but I let the ball come to me, even if it bounces two, three times. Now that we got a Wii, I love the tennis. I get into it and move around. The first couple of days, my right arm was sore. You should see my 8 year old. He can just sit there and the ball goes where it wants to. Kids! When I lived in the Great State of Kansas (in my mind anyway) I played sand volleyball. I would say beach, but Kansas is in the middle of the USA, no beach! Anyway, the team I was on was AWFUL. But the more beer we drank, the better we thought we were!
  8. I always here quotes on tv or on the radio, like, The Die is Cast, It's Greek to me, When in Rome. Aspects of Rome seem go come up every where. When my children are watching shows on the Cartoon Network or Disney, they reference Rome. Even good old Spongebob had an eposide about Rome. I keep clicking my heals three times and I say There is no place like Rome, There is no place like Rome, There is no place like Rome, and nothing happens.
  9. dianamt54

    Where do you see Latin today?

    When the president of the USA gives the state of the union address, he stands on the Rostra.
  10. dianamt54

    Tee Shirts and Hoodies

    In the ides of March I was going to wear my Caesar Shirt on the airplane, but my little one had the flu, so I didn't go any where. So far, no one has asked me about my shirts. My husband has a nice one with the eagle and SPQR. Both boys have hoodies and shirts with Rome and SPQR!
  11. Yea, I might win you over yet!
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    Well! I had a beautiful, Catholic, semi big wedding. White Roses, in honor of Richard III and the House of York. I loved being in my wedding dress, but everyone would laugh, it is the typically 1990's dress. Big, puffy shoulder pads. And of course a tiara! I don't think I went that crazy, but who can remember almost 16 years ago. For the most part, men don't take an interest in the details. Some just say, tell me when to show up. Sulla, you'll like this, my bridesmaids and I had memosa's while getting all made up! But I was sober for the cermony. The wedding is only one day, then the reality hits the fan. I have known a few women who said marriage was not what they thought! That is so true! Only the strong survive! I went to the apartment office today and there was an older gentleman there with a University of Kansas tee-shirt. Of course that is our enemy, but since being in Texas, I go up to anyone that has to do with Kansas. He was not, but his grandson went there. Anyway, he has been married for 47 years! Oh my Gosh!! Then I said, it is too late to train someone new! Any it is cheaper to keep her! Hopefully, your sis-in-law will get back to normal.
  13. I love Gladiator. The movie brought forth a new interest of Rome and Ancient History in General. Roman clothes on the cat walk, Gladiator sandals and more. There have been some movies, such Caesar with Jeremy Sisto, Atilla, Nero, Augustus, Nero and the Last Legion. And big budget movies, like Troy and Kingdom of Heaven. Even the Rome mini-series. Ok, some are not that good! Caligula made me sick! I still believe that if a person sees some of these movies, and they liked them, then they will research the time period and learn the true facts, just like me. Or they will talk about it with good experts like you and the people of the forum. It seems I always put my two-sestertius in, even if the person does not care!
  14. dianamt54

    Patricians Becoming Plebeians On Purpose

    The Brother's Gracchi were born patrician, but became plebs to run for Tribune of the Plebs. Primus Pilus explained it like this: "He was Plebeian via his paternal name, Sempronius... the lineage that determined social affiliation. His maternal side was patrician via the Cornelius gens, but it didn't matter". The Gracchi thought they could do more for Rome if the had the support of the people than the senate. Both brothers paid for their controversial reforms with their lives.
  15. dianamt54

    What Would You Be In Roman Society....

    Would you pray on innccent young patrician women too? Of course, since I would be living on the Palatine, I would not be in your part of town. My family would be of ancient decent, generals and consuls, very rich and of course handsome. And yes, I would be married off at a young age, to another rich and succesful family, but my husband would be a defus and I would rule the household. Then I would fall in love with someone else. He would want me to run away from all of Rome. I would decline, because of a woman of Rome, I would do what is best for the Republic. Then my husband die in battle or did he????? And then the some one else and I would get married and our son would be the greatest Roman of all time!
  16. dianamt54

    What Would You Be In Roman Society....

    Wow! But we would be fighting for the love of Julius Caesar. And if Marc Antony looked like Jame Purefoy, Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, I would let you have Caesar.
  17. dianamt54

    What Is Your Favorite Period...

    My favorite period in Rome is from the time of Marius to Julius Caesar. I like the founding of Rome, there is a lot of info to go through. I also like the Gracchi. I am inclined to study the personality of these people.
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    What is an imago?
  19. dianamt54

    First timer

    Yea! Don't forget, you have a little Roman in you! Stand up, great! Maybe you tape some of it so we can all see it. At least you don't have to get messy if we throw tomatoes at you! haha! Congrats to getting your children to speak the language! My children are so stubborn! If only children would listen to their parents! Like I did, not! Knowing another language, whatever it may be is so important in this world! Congrats on the blog!
  20. dianamt54

    Work Problems.

    Good for you! That awful man ran like the weak senators of Rome who ran when something unpleasant happened.
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    Yes indeed, the opposition was killed off or exiled (or in opposition away from Rome like Sertorius in Hispania). Those who remained were Sullans and/or people of similar conservative political ideology and benefited by Sulla and his policies. Additionally, Sulla did give up the dictatorship and took no action that would give the impression that he intended to maintain it forever or that he intended to restore the monarchy. Caesar, on the other hand, whether one agrees or disagrees, did give a real impression that he positioned himself as a real king abroad and potentially even at Rome. No matter how long Sulla intended to be dictator, he was still dictator. He still was in charge of Rome, government and army. the people of Rome saw him as the ultimate dicator and were scared to death of him. Sulla knew that if he retired or died, all his laws would cease to exist. It has to be an igo issue for Sulla. Just because he retired does not mean he didn't want to be "king". The senate (what was left of them) could have given him a title that meant King, without having to say king. He was old, ugly and knew he didn't have much time left. He wanted history to remember him as he saw it. You know "what if" scenario. If Caesar lived longer would he be "King"? I think that when the Republic was nearing the end, the men who had the power of Rome triedn to shape it into their own ideas, no matter what the cost. Marius and Sula lost sight of what Rome really was. Caesar tried to at least keep the populas on his side. Ok, where I was going with this, I don't remember! For the most part he did. It just took him a bit longer to do the job, and the death of many opponents was masked by the fact that they occurred in battle. Notice that most of those involved in his death were actually considered his friends. Of all of those named, only Quintus Ligarius showed any real history of being an anti-Caesarian as an opponent in the war in Africa. (Lucius Tillius Cimber's brother had been exiled but Cicero claims that Tillius himself was a strong partisan of Caesar... at least prior to joining the conspiracy). Of course, in fairness to Caesar famed clemency, Ligarius was one of those who had been pardoned and we certainly can't be certain of the partisanship of the 50 or so other conspirators who have not named in our surviving sources.
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    I can't really say I like Sulla, or I don't, I just find him interesting. I have had a question burning in my mind. Why didn't the senate kill Sulla like they killed Caesar!!??! Was it because there wasn't anyone left in Rome or the Senate after the proscriptions brave enough to stab Sulla at the base of a statue of Marius? Maybe Caesar should have killed all his enemies just like Sulla did.
  23. dianamt54

    Julius Caesar an Emperor?

    I had a history professor in college that said history never repeats itself. I was one of those young freshmen that was very timid to argue, but now look out. Anyway, history does repeat itself. The names and times have changed, but the situations are the same. Look at Jerusalem. One of the last lines in the movie Kingdom of Heaven "What is Jerusalem to you?" And the Muslim general says, "Nothing and everything". How many years has that city been in turmoil? I love the quote from Cicero about what to do to avoid the Fall of Rome. I am posting it again, "The budget should be balanced. Public debt should be reduced. The arrogance of officialdom should be tempered, and assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome become bankrupt." Marcus Tullius Cicero I can apply this quote to today. To me, this applies to the USA, now. As far as the question on the board, what was it?? Some call him Emperor, some just call him dictator. I would hope that if a student is interested in learning more about Caesar and Rome, they can research for themselves and come up with their own answer. And of course they have to prove their answers. Sometime in schools, they don't have time to let the students research a question. The school districts here in the USA are only teaching for the assessment tests. I imagine a lot of students say, "Why do I need to know Julius Caesar?? (like me and algebra.) The student who feels the history in their bones will be the ones who can find the answer to this question and many more
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    Caesar and Cleopatra

    UGH! I had a whole message written, hit the wrong button. Curse of Long Nails! Claude Ranes and Vivien Leigh did a move in 1945, It is awful. Vivien Leigh protrays Cleopatra as a nutter, wide eyes little butterfly. She skips about the palace. Needless to say, I could not finish it. I do like Ben Hur, I saw it when I was little, so I have a different perspective when I saw that. A couple of weeks agao, I tried to watch Quo Vadis and The Fall of the Roman Empire. I just could not do it. And I love old movies. I do like Julius Caesar with Jeremy Sisto. I just saw a different side of Caesar. Plus I like that Sulla was in a movie. More Sulla! I still like Gladiator, no matter what the history licence is. But the more I am learning about Rome's History, the more I can really pay attention to the details of the movie. I would hope that when people see some movies on Rome, they would research all they can. If it wasn't for Anne of the Thousand days, which I read in 6th grade, I would not have a BA in History. The Tudors did drive me crazy because they really played with history, but as I got over it, I could enjoy it. Salve all,
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    Greatest Roman Figure??

    Didn't Machiavelli write about Sulla also? To get back to the original post, I'm not a fan of Caesar. For just one list of reasons that I'm not an admirer of Caesar, see HERE (plenty of juicy counter-arguments also follow). Poke around, and you'll find other lists I've written, variously condemning Caesar's Machiavellian character, short-sighted laws, exaggerated military reputation, and destructive legacy. As for the greatest Roman figures, my personal favorites are the most idealistic ones: Cato the Younger and Sertorius. I also greatly admire (1) M Junius Brutus, for founding the republic and defending it against his own sons, (2) the tribune Licinius who opened Roman government to the plebeian caste, (3) the plebeian consul M. Curius Dentatus, whose armies defeated all of Rome's enemies, including Pyrrhus, and (4) Scipio Africanus, who saved Rome from the greatest general of the ancient world (and perhaps all time), Hannibal.