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    What's Under the Forum?

    Didn't Sulla build on top of the Forum? I read somehere (sorry about that I seem to read a lot and then can't remember where) that Sulla raised it so many feet??
  2. dianamt54

    Ode To Colleen Mccullough

    I really love the Master of Rome Series. I was introduced to two men I really knew nothing about. Marius and Sulla. Reading about these two men, I just had to learn more and there is a lot to learn! I know that there are a lot of people who may know a little about Rome, just the basics, don't know of these two men. They did start some 1st for Rome. McCullough, to me, makes me feel like I am walking in Rome. I can feel the violence in the streets. The feel the loneliness of the some of the women who's husbands were away for years because of wars. One aspect of the books, is the long, long battle. I prefer more dialogue. I am on my second reading of the books. I read them a couple of years ago, now I know so much more about the time frame of the book. I can be like, ok, that makes more sense now.
  3. dianamt54

    Emperor Series, By Conn Iggulden

    I tried to read the first book in the series, but I just could not get through the facts and history he didn't follow. My husband really likes them because he knows almost nothing of the Roman Republic, so he can read it with an open mind. I have just started reading Imperium by Robert Harris. I can read it because I really don't know much about Cicero, so I don't have a preconcieved notion about the history. Make Sense? Thanks, PP - I think, in that case, I will pass on this one! I
  4. dianamt54

    Biographies (Republican Era)

    Thanks for this list! I can't wait to dig into some of these books.
  5. dianamt54


    In November my boys and I went to Italy. My mom was born and raised in Florence and she had an apartment for 3 months. We went for 10 days. We spent 8 days in Florence visiting relatives. and then 3 wonderful days in Rome. We walked to the forum and it was the highlight of my trip. We took a picture in front of the plaque. My mom transtalated it. So I will write it in Latin first and then the tralsation will follow. DEPOSERO (LA SPOGLIA DI CESAR) NEL FORO DOVE E LANTICA REGGIA DEI ROMANI, E VI ACCVIARONO SORPA TAVOLE, SEDILIE E QVANTO ALTOR LEGNAME ERA LI...ACCESE RO IL FVOCO E TVTTO IL POPOLO ASSI STETTE AL ROGO E DVRANTE LA NOTTE IN QVEL LVOGO VENNE ERETTA DAPPRIMA VN'ARA, ORA VI E IL TEMPIO DELLO STESO CESAR, NEL QVALE EGLI E ONORATO COME VN DIO. APPIANO DI BELLO CIV II 48 Caesar
  6. dianamt54


    I guess the people lay the flowers as a tribute to Caesar. I was so surprised when the young woman, in her late 20s did it. I really wanted to go ask, but I didn't.
  7. dianamt54

    Which Roman Films/TV series would you Recommend?

    Although it wasn't the greatest movie, my children really liked it. It is not true to form, but with a young boy being the main story, it was easy for them to enjoy. Watch it with an open mind and know it is kind of a kid movie,that is my opinion also.
  8. dianamt54

    Which Roman Films/TV series would you Recommend?

    I really liked that movie. It was nice to see Sulla in a movie. I thought Chris Noth was really good as Pompey. Jeremy Sisto, I just loved as Caesar. I just saw another side of Caesar with this movie. I can see why people would love Caesar from this movie. I love HBO's Rome, Hinds was wonderful. I though the actor that played Pompey Magnus was good, I just felt he was too old. Pompey was about (give or take) 47 when he married Julia.
  9. dianamt54

    Where would you have lived in the Roman Empire?

    I would live in Rome on the Palatine and I would not be a slave. (Stuck up aren't I)
  10. dianamt54

    What Roman Personality Are You?

    Number 1 was Sulla, I didn't think I was that crazy?? Julius Caesar was 6th, the Gracchi are 22, Gauis Marius was 11. Those are a few of my favorites!
  11. dianamt54

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    It is funny! Rufus means red hair. But I have red hair! (auburn) And both my boys have natural red highlights mostly in the summer. You those Roman summers! But does this mean that I, Ateria Decembrina could be married to Lucius Hedius Rufus Lollianus Abitus?? Or am I just his cocubine? Nanny for the boys??? Thank you again, you must have so much fun doing what you do. I hope I can find something fun like that to do!
  12. dianamt54

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Thanks What fun, can't wait to tell them! Thank you again!
  13. dianamt54

    Why Do You Like Rome?

    My mom was born and raised in Florence, Italy. Growing up, I always like Florence better than Rome. Then I saw Gladiator and my interest in Rome just grew. I watched Julius Caesar with Jeremy Sisto and loved it. Then came the HBO Rome and that was it for me. This past November I was in Italy with my boys and we spent three days in Rome, not enough, but just to be there! I have been to Rome several times and my parents would just run though it, saying here is that, here is this, just looking at stuff and not knowing what it was I was looking at. This time with my boys being 10 and 7, I wanted them to know what they were looking at. I did a lot of research (so I thought) on the Forum and Republic Rome. Again, not enough, This was the first time I actually walked through the forum. It was FANTASTIC! I was overwhelmed to know who had walked these same roads I was walking. To see where Julius Caesar's funeral was almost brought me to tears. A woman, I would say in her twenties, laid a rose on the site! Amazying. The Rostra was wonderful too!! So much blood spilled on those stones. Next time I go back, I am going to spend a lot more time at the forum and walk through Julius Caesar's forum. I have been consumed with Rome since then. I have talked the ear off my boys! I point out everything that we hear and see that comes from Rome. How many tv shows use famous quote from Rome. Rome is everywhere! Viva Roma!
  14. dianamt54

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    dsekerhdaobteumjaiex deueodbkriaehtx dejaekemrs dnhaviculimoahedteibex dteidunahobviex diimvaecnhel Thank you! Ateria Decembrina
  15. dianamt54

    The Brothers Gracchi

    Help! Can Patricians run for Tribune of the Plebs? Tiberius Gracchus, I thought was a patrician but yet he was Tribune of the Plebs.
  16. dianamt54

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    I love love love it! I guess that last name Thibodeaux gets in the way of a lot of things. hahahahaha Thank you for going to all that trouble! I don't think I would last a second in the arena! Thank you, Ateria Decembrina
  17. dianamt54

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    How is this? dintaadeiahuboxThanks, I can't wait. Since I am new and still learning. Do the names mean some people are patrician or plebs? Thank you!
  18. dianamt54

    Your Hidden Roman Name