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    I find it interesting that both Caesar and Augustus had only one heir each and only daughters. Caesar did a least have a natural heir, his great newphew. I think that Augustus used Julia to beget heirs. Since he couldn't. He married her off as soon as one husband died. In the end, he didn't have any natural heirs. Julia just rebelled, in the only way she knew how. Get back at daddy by using sex. What other rescourse did she have?
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    Tee Shirts and Hoodies

    Salve, I love to wear shirts or hoodies that show something I love. I have an awesome shirt from Cafe Press that is black, with an outline of Caesar's face, saying Vedi, Veni, Veci, and the date March 15, 44. I aslo have a couple of hoodies that I designed (meaning I chose what I wanted on it). https://www.customtshirtsandsigns.com/Design.htlm http://www.cafepress.com/?CMP=KNC-G-EF Cafe Press have lots of designs to put on a shirt, like Titus Pollo for President. Enjoy!
  3. I think it would be interesting to see the reign of Augustus. He had a long life. He kept marrying his daughter Julia off. He married her to Tiberius and that was a disaster. I think the releationship with Julia and her father would be very interesting if it historically acurate. Would someone PLEASE, make a movie about Sulla? Sulla was in the movie Caesar with Jeremy Sisto. It was nice to have a glimps of Sulla. I am not sure who would play Sulla. Either they would have to age an actor, or find an older Sulla. I think Sulla's appearance changed a lot as he got older. The other movie I would love to see is about the Gracchi. So, if Bruno Heller ever lurks around this site, please look into it. Any other writer, produce, actor, actress or director please be sure to lurk
  4. One of my favorite scenes is when Marc Antony presents himself at the House of Brutus after Caesar's assissination. He is so polite and in good cheer. Antony says he is going to serve out his term as consul and then retire, like Cincinnatus, grow crops and do my slaves. "I am through with politics, you play to rough for me, knives in the senate, I didn't think you had it in you". Servilla then asks if they could have some time to think about it. Antony says "take all the time you want, I'll wait outside". To me, that is so funny. Brutus and the gang were probably expecting a couple of days, and Antony is waiting outside for the answer.
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    Greatest Roman Figure??

    I am still an infant in learning about Ancient Rome and Republic Rome. For some reason, I do love Caesar, again, I am still learning about him. I do think (my opinion) is that why Julius Caesar is so well know throughout Rome is because of his murder. People have been fasinated by the fact that Brutus was on of the murders. He was almost like a son to him. How could Brutus do that to his father figure?People all over the world love a martyr and that is the way they see him. Maybe that is why I like him. Can we combine all the important men in Rome and make up a name for him?
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    I have been to quotes the last month. I love these quotes by Gore Vidal. What he says is so true. There are many more, but these are a start. I think that some of these quotes are parallel lto the Roman Republic and beyond. What say you?
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    http://movies.about.com/od/moviesinproduct...leopatra-3d.htm Seven Soderberg wants to make a 3D movie called Cleo. You can read it at the above site.
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    http://movies.about.com/od/moviesinproduct...mpeii020207.htm Robert's Harris Pompeii Some of these It does say the movie is on hold but we can only hope!
  9. I read somewhere (brain toot I don't remember where) that in Acient Rome didn't start a war unless provoked. I am not versed in the Punic Wars or any other wars in Rome for that matter, but what is the real story? Thanks
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    THE TUDORS. USA opinions wanted.

    I see no one has posted in a while, but here is my opinion: I like the Tudor's. The first eposode I hated, but then I had to sit back and watch it for enjoyment. There were a few things that made me cringe, but I got through them. I like the idea of showning Buckingham. Not too many people know about his claim to the throne. I love JN as Thomas More. He was amazying. Sam Neil was also good as Wolsey. I have imagined Wolsey as a "kisser upper" at the end. Henry was his life. I wish more historical books and movies would stick to the descriptions of a person. Catherine of Aragon had arburn colored hair. But she is shone with black hair to tell the audience she is from Spain. In the PBS Henry VIII, Catherine did have aburn hair. It drives me crazy that in movies about Julius Caesar, they always have Julia with dark hair, she had the blonde hair of the women of the Julii. Back to The Tudors. Anne Boylen had black hair and black eyes. I know someone mentioned that already. But it was one of the things that drove Henry wild. So different from his other wives. He liked blondes and light red hair. Even in Anne of the Thousand Days (the movie that started my study of history in 8the grade) Anne had brown hair. But GB played a wonderful Anne. To me, it was a wonderful movie and will always be my favoite. It will be interesting to see how The Tudors will age Henry. I am looking forward to that. I think they are going to do two wives per season. Jane and Anne of Cleaves (who is suppose to be ugly). Then probably Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr. It took me a few eposode to sit back and let my mine free, but I really do enjoy The Tudors.
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    Mark Antony

    For many years, I thought MA was a hero. Dashing like Richard Burton, or handsome and loyal like James Purfoy My eyes have been opended. See what reading can do? Open your eyes and mind. Now I can't wait until I read more about MA. He was an oppurtunist and was out for himself. After many years, my eyes have been opened!
  12. Sulla where are you? Are you ok?

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    The small town of New Iberia LA has had a statue of Hardian from 127 BC. It was in the Iberia Bank for 40 years. The bank is being sold and the statue is being sent to Christies in New York. Link to article No where in the article does it say where it came from. Even if they don't know where it came from they could have said that. What is making some of the citizens of New Iberia is the bank is selling the statue and the shareholders will get the money, not the town. I was in New Iberia last week, but was a day short of seeing the statue put in the shipping crate. It is amazying to me that this little town in the middle of no where has this statue. Should the statue be sold at Christies or sold to a museum. Sould the town people get a share of the money or the shareholders of the bank!
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    Thank you so much! Since I am not from the area, I didn't get a chance to look up other places. It seems my in-laws knew about the statue, but didn't know where it came from. I got a kick out of this person who wrote to the paper: Brian wrote on Jul 7, 2008 1:05 PM: " Just wondering if any of you super religious folks knew the following:Hadrian was in fact, a gay man. While on a tour of the empire in Egypt, Hadrian's younger male lover drowned in the river Nile. Hadrian then declared an empire wide state of mourning. How's them apples religious right? " I wrote back and said it doesn't matter who the statue is about, it is from Rome, 127 AD! Do you think it should be auctioned off? Given or Sold back to Rome, but not the money going to the banksharholders, but to the people, or given to a museum, like LSU? Or just give it to me! haha Thank you again! Salve, D From The Independent, Hadrian waltz out of New Iberia: "... The 7-foot-tall, full length statue of the Roman emperor Hadrian... Carved in 127 A.D. ... the statue is the only extant full length portrait of the emperor in the United States. It was removed from Rome in 1820 by the 4th Earl of Darnley, and brought to Coban Hall in Kent, England. From there, it came into the possession of New Orleans collector Wilson J. Raker, until it was sold at auction by Sothby and Co. in 1957. IberiaBank purchased the statue for $3,000. Its worth today is speculated anywhere from $300,000 to nearly $1 million... New Iberia historian Paul Schwing, at first the statue was inside the bank. "When they first put it up outside, it was facing the Baptist Church... The ancient statue lost one of his fingers during that time as well. "That's when they put him under glass," By Mary Tutwiler Tuesday, May 06, 2008 Some tourist information sites state the statue arrived at 1961.
  15. Does anyone know, or where I can find if Sulla did build on top of the fourm? Julius Caesar did some work on the fourm and then his own fourm. Did Caesar build on top of the fourm?
  16. In the HBO series, Octavian brought Antony's body back to Rome. Poetic license or real? What book or books would I find information as to where he is buried. Why didn't he have a funeral pyre? Wasn't that the custom at that time, but I guess not in Egypt.
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    The Last Legion

    I like this movie, but to see it as a historical movie, it is not. It is a good movie to watch with children. My boys loved it. They liked the fact that it had a young boy who was the main character. I thought Colin Firth was funny.
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    New Job

    Sulla, I can't send you a reply to your message, it says your mail box is full! Please email me again so maybe I can send you my message. Salve, Diana
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    The Tudors

    So this is a day late and a dollar short, but, I love the Tudors. Henry VIII had an older brother,Arthur, then Margaret, Henry and then Mary. What I have read, sorry one of those places I can't remember, but the writers didn't want to confuse the audiuence with Mary and Margaret. So combined them. Mary did marry a King of France who was very old and did die soon after the marriage. There is a movie from 1953,the Sword and the Rose. shows Mary and her old husband dancing, horse riding and all sorts of activites to ware him out. He dies not long after they were married. It has been a long time since I have seen it, I just remember how the old king would look at Mary, with love in his eyes. And she was telling the horse to hurry, faster! I am not sure when Mary and Brandon fell in love, but they did get married on the way back from France. Mary and Brandon had three children. Their daughter, Lady Francis married Henry Grey and their daughter was Lady Jane Grey, the nine day queen. I just love to talk about this time in history, Richard III and of course ROME. Margaret married James IV of Scotland. Right, that I knew. But I was pretty certain that she never figured into Portugal's politics in any way -- and certainly didn't murder the king of Portugal. Last week's episode of The Tudors seems to have been a bit of a stretch, to say the least. -- Nephele
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    New Zealand

    I was listening to Rush Limbaugh yesterday and he said that New Zealand was going to out law butter. Its fattening. Sure, if you eat a tub of it. Also heard that Margarine is but ONE MOLECULE from being PLASTIC. Some people believe it, some don't. I just rather eat butter. Why do governments want to control what we eat?? In the USA, they changed the recipe on movie popcorn! I know that some people go to the movies a lot, but since I don't go as often as I would like to, but if I want movie popcorn, I want it! Just a thought! And, yes, I do have a lot of time on my hands!
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    Favorite Episode or Scene in HBO's Rome

    Great, for me there isn't a scene I don't like. It is bad I can recite the whole movie. I guess my favorite part of the movie is in the coliseum when Commodus says to Maximus what is your name..... My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius. Commander of the Armies of the North. General of the Felix Legions. Loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife
  22. This subject probably has been posted before, but I could not find it. My new drink Is Vino Frizzanti, as I call it, fizzy wine. I like it sweet!Frizzante [free-zahn'-teh]. Italian term for slightly sparking wine. The small bubbles provide a refreshing tingle.http://' target="_blank"> I also like sweet tea, with three lemons, not two, not one, but three. Once in a while a Shiner and a margarita. In Louisiana, they have drive through Daiquris shops. They give you the cup taped up and the straw separate so there won't be any drinking and driving. Those crazy cajuns! I think I am thirsty!
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    Does anyone like Jagermeister? For me, writing it down makes me sick to my stomach. One of those nights I would rather forget.
  24. Who were the back benchers in the Senate? Were they aristocrats? Were they elected? Could a back bencher become a front bencher? What were the requirements to be back bencher?
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    Cato the Younger

    In the HBO's Rome, Cato is wearing black in the senate. The writer of HBO's Rome refers to Cato wearing black to represent the fall of the Roman Republic. Is this true? What books, or other sources would have this information?