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  1. Good for you and your friend! The people you helped probably thought you guys were angels. Very bid angels, but there are all sizes of angels.

    But, it you keep doing good deeds like this, you just won't be living up to your Sulla name. hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Giving up football? You are so young! But I guess years of activities like that puts your body through hell. Both my boys have played American Football and I do think all the time, what is happening to their bodies. Last year, my little one had a knee bruise.

    We use to go see the Kansas City Wizards soccer team and after the game the had a rugy match. Never seen one up close. OH MY GOSH! You guys are huge. The hitting, the blood! I kept yelling kill, kill, and I had my thumb down. Oh that was in my former life in Rome! In Florence Italy around St. John's day, they have Calcio in Cosutume. They have a Renassiance parade with the famous flag throwers, real Princes on horse back, lovely ladies showing their D

  2. Well! I had a beautiful, Catholic, semi big wedding. White Roses, in honor of Richard III and the House of York. I loved being in my wedding dress, but everyone would laugh, it is the typically 1990's dress. Big, puffy shoulder pads. And of course a tiara! I don't think I went that crazy, but who can remember almost 16 years ago. For the most part, men don't take an interest in the details. Some just say, tell me when to show up.

    Sulla, you'll like this, my bridesmaids and I had memosa's while getting all made up! But I was sober for the cermony.

    The wedding is only one day, then the reality hits the fan. I have known a few women who said marriage was not what they thought! That is so true! Only the strong survive! I went to the apartment office today and there was an older gentleman there with a University of Kansas tee-shirt. Of course that is our enemy, but since being in Texas, I go up to anyone that has to do with Kansas. He was not, but his grandson went there. Anyway, he has been married for 47 years! Oh my Gosh!! Then I said, it is too late to train someone new! Any it is cheaper to keep her!

    Hopefully, your sis-in-law will get back to normal.

  3. Yea! Don't forget, you have a little Roman in you!

    Stand up, great! Maybe you tape some of it so we can all see it. At least you don't have to get messy if we throw tomatoes at you! haha!

    Congrats to getting your children to speak the language! My children are so stubborn! If only children would listen to their parents! Like I did, not! Knowing another language, whatever it may be is so important in this world!

    Congrats on the blog!