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    Latin or Greek in Judea ca. 30 AD?

    Before I read the end of the thread I had supposed that the legions would be Latin speakers. But Pontius Pilate himself, might he have preferred to speak Greek?
  2. dnewhous

    Languages: Greek and Latin

    Reading a review of the Passion of Christ I read a criticism that has me intrigued. The criticism was that Pontius Pilate should be speaking Greek, not Latin. This made some memories resurface in my mind. I think I remember learning that the Romans considered it more cultured to speak Greek rather than Latin, and if I'm not mistaken by the time of the Byzantine Empire Greek had replaced Latin as the language of the empire. It is certainly true that the earliest manuscripts of the bible were in Greek, not Latin. I am wondering what information is available on the use of the two languages in the empire.
  3. dnewhous

    Languages: Greek and Latin

    If the official title of the emperor was "Augustus" then why do we remember it as "Caesar?"
  4. dnewhous

    Roman Military

    Why don't we make this question more sophisticated. What were the names of Rome's 25 legions? And how about the auxillaries, did any of those units have names? Also, concerning citizenship status. I believe the two types of citizenship were Roman citizenship and Latin status, correct? Roman citizenship gave you the right to vote. I believe you had to be a Roman citizen to join the legions, right? Did you have to have Latin status to join the auxillaries or could any ambitious barbarian sign on board? Also, did the citizenship qualifications get more lenient as time wore on? I have the impression that Rome's military shrank something awful near the end. In particular Rome was essentially helpless after losing an army of only 20000 men to the Goths. Pathetic. They lost more men than that in some battles against Carthage!
  5. dnewhous

    Languages: Greek and Latin

    How did Augustus eliminate Octavian? And how did Octavian become Julius's heir? And I read a little bit of a book (not enough time for the whole thing) on the Roman emperors that makes Sulla look completely different than how he was portrayed in the TNT special. He was a general that usurped power but voluntarily gave it up and went back to being a farmer after 2 years. Apparently Julius mocked him for being such a wimp as to voluntarily give up power. The TNT special made Sulla look like a completely ruthless dictator who died of a hear attack when Pompeii refused an order. The book also pointed out that Mark Anthony (Julius's chief lieutenant) wanted to be Julius's heir but he didn't have anywhere near the same talent level.
  6. dnewhous

    Languages: Greek and Latin

    Now that you bring up Egypt, how exactly did it become part of the Empire? I remember something about Ptolemy leaving Egypt to Rome in his will but Rome wasn't interested at the time? From the TNT special "Julius Ceasar" (I know, don't look there for real history) there was something about Cleopatra's power being usurped by nefarious locals. What the special did bring up that was really curious, which may or may not have really happened, is Cleopatra seducing Julius Caesar and bearing him a child and this is what finally sent Brutus over the edge because he feared a heriditary monarchy.