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  1. the people in Sapanish are "gente"

    Is it possible that Etruscan was the lingua franca of the Roman empire? jus sanguinis and jus solis have posts discussing their modern significance on Youtube.  IIRC, that is not how these issues were spelled before.  jus sanguis and jus soilis, IIRC.

  2. persona

    mob = mob

    The Hebrews of the bible appear to be paid.  It is not clear in what sense they were slaves.  I think they were indentured, that is the sense they were slaves.  They were indentured in the sense what the Pharoah wanted was a vaccine for sea anemone poison for the release of the jews. 

    I have been told or have theorized in the past that a slave is someone who must worship the God of their sovereign against their will.  Silliness, the jews had their God, and the pharoah had his, Osiris. 

    The word is legerdomain for those who must worship the God of their sovereign. 

    I'm trying to remember a court decision, and its possible reversal.  I remember a peculiar decision "the people shall not be construed as to include the legerdomain of society."

  3. One of the epic rap battles of history had what looked like a real image of Octavian.  The Roman soldiers looked - shocking.  It appeared as a comedy sketch after one of the epic rap battles.  Has anyone seen the Youtube video?

  4. What were the banners of the legions?  I think I saw them once on this site.  Of particular interest are the 5th legion, the praetorian guard, and the emperor himself.  I see what's on the wikipedia, and I wondered if everyone thought they were legit?







    I don't want to lead any witnesses.


  5. left:
    Karl Marx
    John Maynard Keynes
    Paul Krugman

    Thomas Jefferson
    David Ricardo (1)
    Andrew Jackson
    Grover Cleveland
    Warren G Harding
    Calvin Coolidge
    Ludwig Von Mises (2)
    Joseph Schumpeter (3)
    Friedrick von Hayek (4)
    Raymond Moley (5)
    Paul Volcker (6)
    Robert Reich (7)
    Marc Faber (8)

    Adam Smith
    Alexander Hamilton
    Irving Fisher
    Milton Friedman
    Ronald Reagan
    Arthur Laffer
    Larry Kudlow
    Donald Moffitt

  6. What does the Etruscan alphabet look like and what are its antecedents?


    It's hard to get a straight answer out of the wikipedia.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etruscan_language


    It appears the best answer for the language is that it is semitic.  The best answer for the alphabet is that it is semitic as well?  But semites used ideograms!  If the alphabet is derived from Greek, let's see the symbols.


    If I understand correctly, semitic is a famly of languages that came to dominate the middle east after the old kingdom/new kingdom break.  I suppose it would be a transfer of dominance from Sumer to Akkad in the middle east.  The dominate semitic dialect became Akkadian, but I haven't had enough time to read everything I want to and I never will.  As Gandalf said, there is never enough time.


    Anyway, has anyone ever compared Etruscan to Egyptian?  I'm shooting in the dark, but so is the wikipedia.


    Isn't pharaoh "Great House" in Etruscan?


    What was the "real" title of the Egyptian ruler?  I'm going to head to the library and check worldbook.  I know it used to be there.  It starts with an 'm'?