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  1. Hello Viggen,


    Hold five. I never for once took you as attacking my credibility. The question about not being an academic was general in sense. I should have written it as " do people think if you are not an academic you cannot have anything to offer." It was more in a response to the replies I get from publishers.  The publishing world seems to think only professional academics would have the answer, and that a book is easier to sell if I was an academic. Sorry, getting this all the time from the publishing world.


    As for a bad day, no, but trying to get the paste mechanism to work was annoying. In my original word version, the credibility issue was written differently,  but as I was rewriting this again I was cutting corners because I was annoyed at the time I had wasted doing it on word and I was adamant I was not going to rewrite the whole thing over again.


    Second posting and already problems. I think I will give forums away. I don't like misunderstandings. However, do read the paper and let me know what you think. It would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hello Viggen,


    I wrote a long reply on Word and it will not paste no matter what I do and I have given up. I am not in the mood to rewrite the whole thing again due to some technology problem, so I won't be. I am an amateur historian. I am not an academic. Does that mean I have less credibility? The paper I posted was a watered down version of my research which is part of my book "Rome's Legions: Decoding Their Pythagorean Organization 753 BC to 410 AD.


    After eight years I have finished the book and it has been reviewed and examined by academics. They have not been able to refute it and they have no idea of what to do with me. As all my conclusions contravene and challenge almost every popular and established theory concerning the Romans for the last four hundred years I am not that popular with some academics. I have found that if you want academics to accept you, its is better to conform than make discoveries.