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    The first Roman army

    Are you by chance making a mod for Rome Total War? If so, I would like to participate, or at least offer some ideas.
  2. NoJobRob

    Coming up next . . . .

    There was a series last spring on the Military History Channel (U.S.), and I can't remember what it was called. I only caught two episodes, the one about Spartacus, and the one about Varus' column in the Teutoburg forest. Can anyone remember what it was? I'm trying to find it. Thanks in advance.
  3. NoJobRob

    Crackpot predicted Rome earthquake

    Well there was an earthquake in Spain. Kind of a creepy coincidence...
  4. NoJobRob

    Odd Musical Tastes

    lmao That drummer is probably tanked. I went to Oktoberfest when I was stationed in Germany. Good times. Blurry, but good. LOL
  5. NoJobRob

    Odd Musical Tastes

    Hey, I'm a metalhead too. Mr. Bungle and The Dead Milkmen are pretty strange... not exactly radio friendly, but cool/funny. LOL
  6. NoJobRob

    What Roman Personality Are You?

    I got: 1. Paulus 2. Gaius Marius 3. Scipio Africanus
  7. Welcome. It is a cool site. I don't contribute much since I'm not exactly an expert on the subject matter, but I do spend a lot of time reading through the site. There's loads of cool stuff here.
  8. NoJobRob

    R.I.P Guitar Hero

    Rock n Roll will never die though. When I'm 70 I'll still be jamming out and shredding on my guitar. I just wonder if I'll still be into the newer heavy music by then. As of now I can't really imagine how the heaviest bands could be any heavier. There's a point of diminishing returns, so faster and crazier doesn't necessarily mean heavier. It's mostly about the guitar tone and singing anyway.
  9. NoJobRob

    interests and hobbies

    Agreed. The commodities bubble is next to burst in my opinion. Do you ever trade forex? AUD/USD is my primary source of income. I'm a short term trader so I go off the 1 and 4 hour charts, but always have the daily and weekly charts marked up for reference so I can see if price is approaching important longer term reaction levels and such. And just to keep this post on topic, I'll add computers to my list of interests. I'm planning on building a new desktop before too long and it's going to be loaded. LOL
  10. NoJobRob

    Motorway Maximus

    I read the thread title and thought maybe the circus maximus was restored and used for race car driving. LOL
  11. NoJobRob

    interests and hobbies

    I like going to the beach, going hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. I'm really into music. I've played guitar since I was in fifth grade, played in a handful of bands, and done a lot of recording. I have everything I need to record an album right here at home. I used to have a myspace page for my music that I could have directed you to, but I am no longer on myspace. My other hobby is playing with trading software like MetaTrader and Thinkorswim. I also read a lot about the financial markets, and just trading in general. I find it to be a fascinating subject. It actually goes much deeper than most people realize, psychology plays a huge role in one's trading, as well as in the kinds of people who become traders, i.e. risk takers, thrill seekers, entrepreneurs, etc etc, and it plays a big part in one's money management and risk assessment. Trading is one hell of a skill set that they don't teach in school. That's what I like about it most. Anyone can do it if they are determined enough to put in the time to learn it and practice it. 90 to 95% fail at first, but if you keep at it, you'll eventually get it, and when you do, nothing can hold you back. Lastly, I love laughing so I watch a lot of stand up comedy, and South Park.
  12. NoJobRob

    History 101 with Lego (Rome)

    LOL! That's awesome. I remember playing with my castle legos when I was a kid. I used to make the soldiers crucify people on little crosses I built. LOL My fascination with Rome started at an early age.
  13. Well you gotta give them credit for being creative! If I were the judge hearing their court case I'd try and persuade them to go to school for engineering. After their sentence is served of course... LOL
  14. NoJobRob

    Favorite Episode or Scene in HBO's Rome

    LOL That is a hilarious movie but this thread is specifically for HBO's Rome series.
  15. NoJobRob

    Favorite Episode or Scene in HBO's Rome

    I like the scene where Vorenous is laying in bed looking pathetic with his mourning beard and Marc Antony comes in after Pullo telling him of the state of Vorenous. Marc Antony enters and says "Look at the f*#king state of you..." I don't know why I find that so funny but I laugh every time I see it. Then Antony picks up the severed head of Erastes Fulmen and chucks it out the window. Antony has got to be my favorite character on that show. He's hilarious.
  16. NoJobRob

    What's the last thing you saw/heard/played etc. ?

    I just watched The King's Speech. It was very good.
  17. NoJobRob

    Grand Ages: Rome

    I have it but my graphics card isn't compatible with it? Had an issue when installing... Once I upgrade my craptop to a new laptop I'm going to try installing it again. I do have Caesar IV which is fun.
  18. NoJobRob

    Paper Help Needed

    A Legal History of Rome by George Mousourakis might have some good information for you. You might be able to find it online in pdf format.
  19. NoJobRob

    Where Is Every One From?

    'Superior' means closer to Rome, and 'Inferior', further away. Simple as that! Then it would make more sense for northern Germany to be Distal Germania and southern Germany to be Proximal Germania.
  20. NoJobRob

    Where Is Every One From?

    Also, why is Germania Inferior north and Germania Superior south? Shouldn't it be the other way around? I know in medicine superior means above and inferior means below. Well, that's what those words stand for anyway... LOL
  21. NoJobRob

    Where Is Every One From?

    If you like hill walking you can come to the south where I live, that is the only place where you can find proper hills in the Netherlands...and we, the inhabitants of our province (Limburg) are very proud of them Why I said sadly.... That's a long, to long, story (about, among others things, politics). Cheers, M When I was stationed in Germany some friends and I went to Amsterdam. It was fun. There's a heavy metal bar there called The Excalibur. That place is awesome. We were hammered and then the bar tender brought us the "menu". A few minutes later we were totally ripped and Type O Negative was blasting and I was in heaven. Good times...
  22. NoJobRob

    What's the last Roman site you visited?

    I'm intrigued as to why the world needs to be any safer to get to Rome. Do you know something I don't? Should I be worried? Tell all! I was just referencing the terror threats and bomb explosions at the Swiss and Chilean embassies. Stuff like that. The world's been pretty crazy since 9/11. Crazy stuff happened before obviously, but it seemed to escalate after 9/11. My time spent overseas brought a lot of things to my attention that the average Joe isn't aware of. I'd just rather play it safe for now and wait until things calm down before venturing back as a civilian. Even if that's not for 10, 20, 30 years, that's fine. I'm still in my 20's so time is on my side.
  23. NoJobRob

    Where Is Every One From?

    I was born in Illinois (USA for those of you non-U.S. citizens), grew up in Michigan, and now I live in Hawaii (just moved here). My family moved out here a year and a half ago and after I visited them in October of '09 I knew it was only a matter of time before I too settled here. It's awesome and I love it. The people are great. There's none of that rat race, keeping up with the Jones', NIMBY bull crap here. Oh, and the weather is amazing. Warm year round. The coldest it gets here ever is the lower 60's F, 16-17 C. And the beaches... those are nice too. The island I'm on also has the world's largest fresh water source. Add that with the abundance of fruit bearing trees, fish, crab, wild chickens, and wild boar, and you have everything you need in case of global famine. LOL
  24. I like the Roman Republic idea. All other suggestions are very cool too though. Down the road perhaps it would be an idea to have a map depicting the rise of Rome, from a single city to the conquering of its neighbors like the Etruscans, Sabines, Samnites... With each new addition to their territory the map could be color coded with a lighter shade of red as they expanded their borders. And of course have it annotated and such with historical events, dates, etc. Just a thought...
  25. NoJobRob

    What's the last Roman site you visited?

    When I was stationed in Germany in 2002-2004 some friends and I went to Trier and saw the arena, Porta Nigra, and the baths. Being a fan of ancient Rome since I was just 3 or 4 years old, I was quite ecstatic and awe struck being able to see those ancient structures. We even walked through the tunnels beneath the arena and saw the cells they kept people, weapons, animals, etc in. It was pretty awesome. I had tons of pictures that I took, but then I lost my camera while in a drunken stupor in Paris. Oh well. When the world is safer one day I will travel to Rome and spend a couple weeks.