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    The Eagle (Movie)

    Wow. That does look like a good movie. Kind of reminds me of Last of the Mohicans in a way. I will definitely look forward to this! (Along with the HBO Rome movie... which isn't being made by HBO LOL)
  2. Hello everyone. My name is Rob and I stumbled upon this forum not too long ago. I've been lurking here for a while but recently joined. Anyway about me, I'm 29 years old, I trade stocks and forex for a living from home, I've been a guitar player since I was in 5th grade, I enjoy a good beer, and I love Roman history. I graduated high school in 2000, went to school to become an EMT, then after 9/11 I decided to join the air force as a firefighter. I figured I'd do what I wanted to do for a living, AND serve at the same time, so I did. Got out in '06, went back to delivering pizzas for a living, and then got started trading in February '09. The dummy bull market we had after the March lows was a great environment to learn in. The money came easy and it left much time to study and learn everything I could. Fast forward two years: Still here trading and being profitable, so I must be doing something right! LOL As for my Roman interests, I enjoy reading books on Roman history, though I have recently gotten into fiction. Simon Scarrow's Eagle series is pretty good. Rome: Total War is my favorite PC game (it's the only one I play), and I love movies and TV series that are set in Roman times, provided they aren't absolutely horrible like the "Empire" mini series was. But anyway I'm starting to ramble. I need my morning coffee to cure my sleepiness induced A.D.D.
  3. NoJobRob

    Significance of Avatar/ Profile Name

    My name is my name because my name is Rob and I have no job (sorry to sound like Dr. Suess). Well, I am self employed as a trader (U.S. Stocks and forex), but I don't have a "job" job. You can find me on a few other forums with the same username (forex factory, hot stock market, etc etc...). My avatar is my gravatar which automatically appeared here. I created it for use on heaven games but it magically works here too somehow. LOL
  4. NoJobRob

    Rome total war & barbarian invasion

    I like playing as the Julii or Scipii in the original, and the Saxons in Barbarian Invasion. If you haven't played Rome: Total Realism yet I would highly suggest it. It's a great mod for the game.