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  1. I'm going to have to get a better computer before I play this. LOL Not that my computers are bad, I just need something with a better processor and more ram. I have a feeling I'm going to be neglecting a lot of responsibilities when this comes out. And think of the Mods that will be made... *Drool*

  2. Like one of the youtube comments stated, it's using the music from Gladiator, so it's not real. I don't think re-making 1979's Caligula would be necessary, but I would like to see a new original, and, (key phrase) *well made* film about Caligula.

  3. Slightly off topic but relevant... I find the Mormon's idea that the Native Americans came from the pacific islands, and Israel before that, interesting. Not so much the "lost tribe of Israel" part, but the part saying that they came here from the Pacific islands like Tahiti, etc. There are many Tahitians and Samoans here in Hawaii, and they look exactly like native Americans. If you took a "local" from Hawaii and put them on an Indian reservation on the mainland, no one would be able to tell the difference between the person from Hawaii and say, a Navajo or a Seminole. I find these kinds of discussions highly interesting, personally, but sometimes it's easy to offend people because everyone's so touchy and sensitive these days. It gets harder and harder to have an honest discussion every year. LOL

  4. I'm sure one day the world will be without cash, everything will be electronic, but I doubt we'll see that in our lifetime. I think there would be quite an uproar if that happened in most parts of the world. Here in Hawaii there are many people who don't even have bank accounts. Filipinos don't believe in banks. It's not uncommon for Filipinos to have thousands of dollars in cash on them. LOL Crazy, I know, but hey, what does it matter to me? As for checks, I still use them for paying certain bills. I'm paying off a medical expense from an ER visit last year, and the accounting office for the hospital doesn't do auto-debit or online bill pay, so paper checks it is. Going back to the uproar statement I made, I think many of the worlds poorer people would be unhappy with a cashless society, because how many homeless people do you see with plastic? Probably none, unless it's a government issued food/welfare card. But hey, either way it goes, there's always gold and silver coins and bullion, which I have a collection of, and I'll take that over fancy looking toilet paper any day. ;)

  5. I'd have to go with Game of Thrones also, and South Park will always have a special place in my heart. Even my dad who's almost 60, and a highly educated and nationally renowned doctor likes South Park. LOL Sure, when it first started most of it was just toilet humor, but after season 2 it really started to blossom into the show it is today, full of side-splitting dark humor, and meaningful social and political criticism. It's one of those shows that bridges the generation gap too. My little brother is 13 and he loves it, and so do his teachers at school.

  6. I have a request. I would greatly appreciate a translation of this: "God speaks to those who listen."


    I used this link to come up with "Deus loquitur audientibus", though I have no idea if it is correct.




    Anyway, I found this thread while searching for an existing thread for translations. I'm wanting translations for the noun forms of "Strength" and "Honor", yes, like in Gladiator. LOL The link I posted gave me:


    Strength - robur (ROBVR)

    Honor - honorem (HONOREM)


    Ancient Latin was all caps, right? Reason I ask is that I'm trying to come up with a tattoo idea. LOL



  7. You mean this guy? Lucius Vorenus, played by Kevin McKidd




    No, not him, the other centurion. The guy with the butt chin. LOL He's the guy Antony said "Don't push me to violence, centurion..." to. About 39 minutes into episode 8 of season 2... I tried capturing an image of him with Snagit, but it doesn't seem to work on paused video. :blink:

  8. I think that one guy from HBO's Rome would be perfect for Macro. The guy who played the Centurion guarding Attia's house after Octavian forced her to stay there, and made Antony go to Egypt. I have no idea what the guy's name is, but he was stocky and had a strong chin. LOL

  9. From Decimus Caesar's list, I chose "Dacii" and found it online. Just finished watching it, and I must say it was entertaining, altho had to watch with subtitles. I never did figure out what language it was. Also, I never saw such a variety of costumes in such patterns and colors. Some of the plumes on the helmets were sensational! :D Oh, and if you thought the rain dance in Chelsmford 123 was great, wait until you see the one in this film. But, all kidding aside, I cared enough for the characters to watch the whole thing. And the battle scenes were not too shabby. Here's the link to Part One, the Utube version. Part two can be found there also. Let me know which country made this film.




    According to IMDB the language is Romanian, but looks to be produced by both Romanian and French film companies.



  10. First post updated to include all (I think) of the movies mentioned. I only included fiction and biographical dramas thus far. I don't have the patience to do the documentaries quite yet. LOL The list is looking better. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. Maybe in another year or so we can sift through all the nooks and crannies of the film world, and have every movie set in Rome ever made listed here. :lol:

  11. here are a few I haven't seen -


    Sign of the Cross (1932)

    Constantine and the Cross (1963)

    Imperium Nero (2004)

    Dacii (1967)

    Conqueror of Corinth (1961)


    Constantine and the Cross was pretty decent, even with the dramatic license taken by the writer(s) and director. Imperium: Nero was pretty corny though... Entertaining, but corny, and it isn't exactly true to what is assumed to be historical fact.


    I found this box set on Amazon. $15 for 50 classic "sword and sandal" movies. It includes Warrior of Rome, Romulus and the Sabines, Gladiators of Rome, and many others.

  12. Keep us updated about the mod's progress. Do you have a thread on TWC for it, or a site where we can follow along on the progress? I love Rome: Total War. I bought it back in 2004 and I still play the crap out of it. LOL Can't wait for CA to make R2TW so the modders can make it even more awesome. :D

  13. There was a series last spring on the Military History Channel (U.S.), and I can't remember what it was called. I only caught two episodes, the one about Spartacus, and the one about Varus' column in the Teutoburg forest. Can anyone remember what it was? I'm trying to find it. Thanks in advance.


    You'll find it on this DVD


    Awesome! That's the one. Thank you. I guess I overlooked it since this is probably the 112th documentary series called Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire. LOL I wish they'd put more thought into naming these things...

  14. I'm looking for some good text books on ancient Rome. Let's say I went to Harvard or Oxford or some other ritzy school and studied ancient Rome. What books would I be buying?


    Are you looking for general books on Rome or special topics? (culture, army, politics, art etc...) Be warned, top notch scholar textbook while for the academics a treat, can be very boring and confusing for the laymen..


    Culture, army, engineering, politics, and religion/mythology mainly, I can do without art and music. It doesn't matter if it's all in one book, or in different books. Basically I'd like to learn everything there is to know from the founding of the city (and even before) to the fall of Byzantium.


    I don't mind difficult books, as long as they're readable. I've learned some pretty dry stuff in my years from microbiology to MQL programming language for creating custom technical indicators in MetaTrader. LOL Dry doesn't bother me as long I can extract information. As far as complexity goes, I would like the book(s) to assume that the reader knows nothing, so I can be sure that I have a strong foundation of knowledge to build upon. I know quite a bit already (for the average Joe that is...) but I want to know more. :D

  15. I've been doing research for a game I'm developing. I was hoping this would be a good place to ask some questions!


    Looking at the period in the immediate months post Etruscian rule, when Rome had to fend off the armies of Veii and Tarquinii B.C. 510..


    Surly, the newly independant Rome would be structured like any other Etruscian army?


    ..if so, when did Rome develop the structure of hastati, principes, triarii and velites?




    Are you by chance making a mod for Rome Total War? If so, I would like to participate, or at least offer some ideas. :D