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    What Religion Are You?

    I always wanted to get a general idea of what religion this site is compraised of. This is simply a poll, not a debate. So just state your religion or a comment on the data. I ask for no furthur contributions.
  2. I felt like creating this topic after reading another one which is the reverse of this topic. I wanted to figure out who was the worst general in Roman history and what other people thought about the subject. I thought this would be a better result than the normal questions asking about who the best was. Anyways, in my opinion the worst general of the Romans was (out of the major ones) Hardian, becuase he ultimately signed Romes death wish be sealing off the frontiers. The constantly expanding frontier was vital becuase new conquests provided slaves and wealth for the empire which we needed to keep things being built and to maintain the mass infastructure of the Roman Empire. Though I do see why he sealed off the frontiers, I think he sorta took the sore losers way out by saying "well, I give up, fine, we'll just stay right here!" instead of saying "Oh ya, well your mom is smelly too! Come over here and say that to my face! Thats it I'm a coming over" I know this isn't at all acurate but I sorta think that is how the Empire started being once Hadrian sealed off the Frontiers.
  3. What would you be in Roman soceity, any era, job, class, or stature you would want to be in Rome. Describe what you would want things to generaly be like and such. Personaly, I would like to be a banker durring Agustus's rule. A member of one of the more successfull but not inceribley well know, some what like the Caecilii of Pompeii. I would want to have a fairly nice town house but would spend most of my time in a villa out in the countryside, preferably tuscany or in the area around Naples. I would want to have a nice family, a wife and a son preferabley along with a good commidation of slaves so I didn't have to do anything becuase I'm lazy. All of these would let me have a fairly laid back lifestyle. Praise Bacchus! Thats just me though, what would you want to be
  4. Sextus Roscius

    Lead poisoning and it's effetcs.

    I've long had the wonder of how the Romans had not realized that lead was a toxic substance. It seemed to me that with the Romans, having people like Galen that did such advanced things, would've been able to figure that lead=poisen. As we all know, in fact, the Romans made their water pipes out of lead. Curiously enough, there is little, if not no reports of people dieing from this. Why did this happen? I've yet to find out, ideas, thoughts, feel free to do so.
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    AQUEDUCTS Aqueducts, these were the driving force in Roman sanitation, running water, and indeed holding up their lifestyle. Aqueducts allowed even the poorest in Roman cities to be treated to the amazing things that we today consider impossible to do 2 thousand years ago, such as flushing toilets, elaborate bath houses, and fountains. The most amazing thing is that aqueducts allowed people access to these pleasures for no charge at all. Surely aqueducts were among, if not the greatest feat of civil engineering completed by the Romans, or any culture at all. All of this came from a simple concept. THE IDEA: Aqueducts are a simple idea; you put a pipe of water leading to a city. The ancients realized this, but they had no way of pushing water along of a horizontal surface efficiently, so they had to use gravity. So as a revised idea, a slanted pipe runs to your city. Now the ancients would
  6. Sextus Roscius

    Worst Roman Punishment?

    I wanted to get people's opinions on the worst Roman punishment of the anceint world. Any time period is fine but I thought I might learn something new out of this and might make some people feel sympathetic for the criminals today he heh.... Personaly, I think the worst Roman punishment was the punishment for patricide or killing your father. This was considered a act of ultimate evil durring the pagan ages or Rome. The punishment was devised by the Priests of Jupiter rather than the roman politicians. My file name is actually the name fo some one accused of this crime and also the case where Cicero made himself famous The first thing that happened was that you were taken to the feild of Mars outside Rome. they would Then strip you of everything on you and have you put one foot on two pedestals placed a couple feet apart as to expose every part of your body. You were then wipped until there was no difference between flesh and blood on your body. The crowd was free to throw stones at you and about anything they wanted really. After you were completely whipped they took your naked body and but you in a sack with a snake, a chicken and a dog. This was to simbolize the reverse of being born. Thus un-born since you had taken the life of the one that gave life to you, it was seen as fit punishment. After you were in the bag with the other animals they would sow the bag shut and then chuck it in the Tiber. How gruesome I can only imagaine the poor person who had to do thins... :fish: P.S. not sure why I put the fish thing but I thought it was rather funny at the time...
  7. Sextus Roscius

    Ahh, So Good To Be Back...

    I apologize that I've been gone for so long. I just couldn't bring myself to come back for quite a while becuase I lost my intrest in Rome for a moment, then summer came and I've been jumping around. Anyways, now I'm back, but probley won't be very constructive for a week or so... Anyways, just has possibly the best day of the summer yesterday for reasons too long to explain. Basiccally just happy to be back. Thats all I've got to say for now I guess.
  8. Sextus Roscius

    Weird Place Names

    Anyone else know that the town of Waterproof, LA, was moved 3 times due to flooding?
  9. Cybernations I've really gotten into it. A bit too much really I suppose.
  10. Sextus Roscius

    Roman "blessings"

    Man I'm out of it...
  11. Sextus Roscius

    Good Freeware Music Composing Programs

    Finale Notepad is great if your just trying to write music.
  12. Sextus Roscius

    Roman "blessings"

    I don't really know any besides "Praise Fortuna" or something like that. The Romans being not very religious probley didn't have as many saying of that sort.
  13. The equestrians were more trustable becuase they didn't bother with politics as much, and weren't as dangerous. Simple as that. I apologize for my undetailed posts. First day back in months...
  14. Sextus Roscius

    Building Threat To Roman Remains

    Disgraceful the whole ordeal is.
  15. Sextus Roscius

    Greek Flamethrower

    exactaly sir.
  16. Sextus Roscius


    Severus's home town was the city of Leptis Magna along the coast of what is now libya. Severus however was in all likelyhood not black (unless his family had furthur back eithiopian roots or something like that) he certainly would've been semetic.
  17. Sextus Roscius

    Roman Village Life

    Villages in Italy its self after the introduction of the Latifunda system were not as common as one might think, the closest thing in most cases is a collection of Villas around a similar point.
  18. Sextus Roscius

    Sorta creepy

    Painting of the Madonna and Saint Giovannino, in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, attrbuted to the 15th Century school of filippo Lippi. Pretty creepy
  19. Sextus Roscius

    Alter The Outcome

    You are given the ability to go back to any event in history and change it. Stop Alexander the great from embarking on his journey by having him never be born, make sure Jesus doesn't die on the cross, Give Napolean a few extra hints which will lead him to take Russia. Go back and kill George Washington so America never existed, Expose Hitler for who he really was and stop WWII, Make sure the War in Iraq never happens, It's all up to you! Personaly, I go back and make sure Judaism was never founded, then we would all live as nice, easy to accept the other, pagans and polytheistics, making sure that most all religious conflicts (especialy the modern ones) never would happen.
  20. Sextus Roscius

    Challenge - Find An Old Photo Of Your Home Town

    That ones particularly attractive. Its a site called the "Old Well" as best I remember. Its on the UNC campus here. Its a newer image though Thats an older photo of a football field Thats a library I beleive durring the Civil war, probley after the Union took NC
  21. Sextus Roscius

    Sectarian Violence/civil War In Iraq?

    You mean West-Germany, East-Germany was Communist Soviet Terretory, till it became a German-Communist state that existed from 1949-1990. Thanks for the correction, I wasn't thinking...
  22. Sextus Roscius

    Kennewick Man Deliberately Buried

    But Germanicus, why take the chance.... theres so much that might be a possibility. Are we going to say "well it will probely be nothing" What type of attitude is that. Honestly, we never would invented anything or discovered anything with that attitude.
  23. Sextus Roscius

    Kennewick Man Deliberately Buried

    Honestly Ursus, this is being ridiculous, surely you can agree that by studying the kennewick man we can learn very much about earth's history. He could be a european, who knows. We could learn something from him that could completely remap history as we know it. Who knows! Though maybe after we've done everything possible (testing all the possiblilities) we'll have him buried, but honestly... Also, I'm very muched biased too I suppose, I'm an atheist and have little sympathy for people's rituals who to me are pointless....
  24. Sextus Roscius

    Kennewick Man Deliberately Buried

    Rebury it! For heavens sake no! The kennewick man is a very important peice of science. We can't bury it. Imagine all the knowledge we might learn from it. These stupid religious groups are only holding up scientific progress, and the Indians are just annoying losers who can't accept that "they got beat". Honestly, this is just annoying.
  25. Sextus Roscius

    Norman Castle, Skipton (the Gatehouse).

    what does Des-Or-Mats mean, its in big stone letters over the gate house, thats really awkwards...