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    English-Latin Translations, Part II

    History is like an unraveling coil, as it gets longer, the beginning becomes less and less firm, leaving what was once a strong and solid fact as weakly bound loose ends flailing away from the rope of knowledge
  2. Sextus Roscius

    Google Vs Yahoo On Net Censorhip

    Google was my choice anyway, I always hated yahoo. wasn't good for anything, except for checking stocks, though I use other things now. Though the schools tell us to use yahoo. It is better censored (in terms of inapropriate searches and pics....
  3. Sextus Roscius

    David Irving Jailed For 3 Years

    While Irving is stupid and definately ignorant of facts and I can't agree with him, Austria can't and should not have jailed him. It is proof to the world that the Austrian Government is willing to override the right to free speech and freedom of opinion to some one becuase of there thoughts, as well as empowering a group of people to become better or more important than others. While I don't agree with Irving, Austia's decision is a conflicition and a debasement to democracy. Whether he is right or wrong, you can't jail him becuase of what he thinks. The very basis of democracy, is that all people are equal, no matter where they come from or what they've been through. Austria has just made sure they aren't
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    New Group?

    Professor has been around since the previous professor did a Q&A session way back when. Nothing new.
  5. Sextus Roscius

    How To Judge Them

    A much disputed thing is how we judge the past. Many people judge the past as though it happened in modern times. Tell them that Romans had slaves and had gladiatorial shows for pure entertainment and they will be stuned. With crys of how cruel, shameless, and indeed heartless, the Romans were. Cursing them for a lack of resemblance to their hyper-humanitarian (at least where I live) western beliefs that think "hate" is the strongest word you can use. On the off-hand, historians and professors, as well as the educated ( on the subject) will be perfectly acceptant when you bring up the subject and will say that for the time, some things the Romans did were realitively softer punishments compared to other civilizations. They compare that civilization to the world around it, not around us. But which view is the correct one, should we be shocked at the habits of people 2000 years ago, look at them as though they knew our world and aimed to appease us, or should we view it from their standards, and the standards of the world around them, to see if that view makes sense, or makes casts what they did in a different light. Which is right? At least in your opinion. Personaly, I support the second point of view, that we should judge by their worlds standards.
  6. Sextus Roscius

    How To Judge Them

    You shouldn't have a problem applying your morals to Nazi germany, though I don't. I judge them in the same way I judge the Romans (which is indeed highly controversial) and I have no problems doing so. Thats due to me learning about them from too young an age. Though to get off that subject. I think overall when it comes down to it, how we judge or view ancient cultures from a moral standpoint really is whether they come from a familiar world of standards as we do and what time period the people or person in question existed in. Also, the world around that peoples at the time in question would give us a level of how good were they compared to the rest of the world.
  7. Sextus Roscius

    History Anyone?

    Personaly, my favorite documentaries (series) is the ancient discoveries series. Simply fascinating, comendable, and it completely reverses any though of the ancients being dumb. with the antikathera mechanism, roman supper mills, huge water wells, automaticly openning doors, and the bagdagh battery, there is so much more to it all. No substitute for that, it was my favorite series, and still is.
  8. Sextus Roscius

    How To Judge Them

    In hindsight, view would be a much better word and be far more accurate. Though over all it I was trying to make a reference to how do we view their culture as moral, immoral, ethical, unethical, and right or wrong. So in a sense, with all the things they did added up, was it right or wrong. Thats the reasoning behind saying "judge" though view would work to. I personaly marvel at what they did, and beleive it is comendable. Through all the things that they did, it made the world better. Which is certainly comendable. Even if certain parts of their culture was unseemly by our standards, that doesn't mean its wrong.
  9. Sextus Roscius

    You Knew It Would Happen: Julius Caesar!

    Hmm, a trial on UNRV.... eh, or what not. Personaly, for my own safety, I'll just be standing over here. WAY, over here. However, if worse comes to worse I'll help out my good buddy cato.
  10. Sextus Roscius

    Mr./ms. Unrv

    I agree, though we'd need a few more people, Afteral germanicus and Favonius can't make an entire caladener....
  11. Sextus Roscius

    Russian winter

    Beautiful.... Simply stunning...
  12. Sextus Roscius

    A Personal Favorite Site Of Mine

    One of the sites that I frequent daily. Today boasting a very silly and anti-love valentines day joke front page. If that puts you off, look up some articles, Uncyclopedia won't let you down (the front page will say Emotopedia for today though) Uncyclopedia.com
  13. Sextus Roscius

    Jack In The Green

    Or simply people dressed up in ridiculous camo
  14. Sextus Roscius

    Family Motto

    The Love of my fatherland guides me
  15. Sextus Roscius

    Mr./ms. Unrv

    Well um.... thats.....or....ig....inal? um......*shivers*...... I think I know who Flavius here will nominate... As of me, um....I'm not really going to give you what I look like in a swimsuit....or evening wear... But, may I be comentator on the preceedings? please...
  16. Sextus Roscius

    Your Level Of Education?

    I'm not even on there, I'm in middle school...
  17. Sextus Roscius

    Which Province Was Most Valuable To Rome

    Well, um, Aegyptus, holding major urban and cultural centers long before Roman times, the true remnantes of Alexanders Empire.
  18. Sextus Roscius

    Unusual By Today's Standards!

    Are you fellows reclining on your stomachs, no the Romans would be lying on one side while doing this, it allowed them to have a spare arm while reclining on the other, and just to let you folks know, don't use any forks or what not. Romans ate with hands... Therefore any Roman food was bite size so to speak, making sure that one didn't have too much in one bite. So to point out, there way of eating works perfectly well when mixed with other aspects of culture.
  19. Sextus Roscius

    Roman Mathematics

    I'm not sure how fair an arguement it is to say that arabic numerals built sky-scrapers, while Roman Numerals built the coloseum. Thats not comparing thigns from the same time period at all, who could say what the Romans would've done 1500 years later, and besides, the Arabic Numerals ended up doing the things they did in the hands of non-arabs, so in the end, I think we can come to the conclusion that its not so much the number system, but who's hands it is in. And yes, many scholars of the time who spoke greek often learned the number system of the greeks which was profoundly more simple than Roman Numbers. All and all, this is like saying which is more sophisticated, English or an African clicking language. Opinions vairy, but those among us who are practical will say english, while those of us who can't say that anything isn't sophisticated or better than others in its own aspect would argue for the clicking noises. Simple as that.
  20. Sextus Roscius

    Things Are, Quieting Down

    Well, I've got really nothing to complain about, though I'm sure something will emerge as I write this, and consequently I'll have to change the title, but oh well. Of my most pressing matters to contend with, is a band concert on march the 8th, which happens to be my sisters birthday. However, thats the least of my worries about the concert, its in a month and we got our music a week or so ago, which (any one who's been in a concert band would tell you) is not alot of time to prepare it, especially with 4 peices total, the longest of which is 9 minutes (though its a conglomoration of songs) which will take a while to perfect. Also, tomorrow is Valentines day (I think I spelled that wrong) which is to me no major holiday, infact, its sort of worse than a normal day (except for coming home and eating all of my mom's chocolates ) Some people make a large hipe over it, though that is merely media induced. I find the holiday annoying enough that sometimes I completely don't respond when people talk to me about it, though last year I participated in the festivities of fake love notes, doing and giving dares, and all the rest of the speill. Wasn't that fun, so I think I shan't do it this time round. All said and through though, things are going fine for me, and the world doesn't have any major even happening today. Absolutley lovely, and hey, I guess I didn't have to change the title...
  21. Sextus Roscius

    Unusual By Today's Standards!

    Personaly, I took the liberty of trying that out by myself on my own couch one night when my parents were out, and no, I was starved becuase it was 6:00 and I hadn't eaten since 10:00 so I hate happily and finished my meal within half an hour, didn't get a stomach ache... though we might differ. Infact, I perfered it to eating in seats at a table.
  22. Sextus Roscius

    My Troubles With The Goths

    Goths, we all know the general style, dyed hair, dressed in all black all the time, strange religions that seem to encourage depression (such as wiccan, etc) and general glumness. Oh all things, of all peoples, of all sub-cultures, I hate this group the most. The reason, simple, it takes people with good prospects for life and who are inteligent, and turns them into depressed, poor-preforming, unsocial members (or outcast depending on your view) of society. The problem, is that these people are going no where, and there is no laws that stop them from doing so. Unlike Gangsters and their lot, who tend to be going backwards till they hit jail and then that solves things often times, goths and the sub-culture (on the large majority) don't go anywhere, they neither advance themselves, yet they don't fall back. This leads to depression, which is a result of many converging forces, a number of them their fault, others not so. This depression becomes all consuming, and when one is depressed, they become more of a goth, and the cycle continues with a black hole into deeper and deeper areas of sadness, until one day they kill themselves. This cycle is breakable, but sometimes it is too late to undo the negative effects being a goth has had on their life. To add matters worse, wiccan (as an example of a religion) is very supressing, in the belief that all humans are mere ripples in a river of life (which I think is totaly poppycock) which is obviously a mental deterant. All in all, I hate the gothic sub-culture, becuase it largely leads its members towards oblivion. I've seen the effects first hand on friends of mine, and it is a sad fall which ends up in not very pretty places...so I hate it, the idea of the sub-culture is useless and a demeanor to society, nothing more, and it is impossible to be less...
  23. Sextus Roscius

    Unusual By Today's Standards!

    I find the "cure" for a stomach ace quite funny (this was a remedy used not uncommonly for a period of time) you swallow a small amount of lead, which would, infact, make your stomach ache stop, but you'd be dead pretty soon.
  24. Sextus Roscius

    Da Vinci Code Movie

    Hell, we can try... Cato, there is so winning against mysticism, if you care to stop the beleif, the only way is to destroy it, not change it, and they've got that covered to. As of the moment, fight against them only when what they say is hindering your own personal development or the development of those you care for. 2006 is not the time where we can fight the battle on the side of logic, and win...
  25. Sextus Roscius

    My Troubles With The Goths

    When it comes to some of them, that is who they are deep down. For me, when it comes deep down to it, I think it says a ton about a person, its obvious that they chose that path (which is half a cowards way our in my opinion) and that tells me alot about that person. It tell you that they are the type of person, that choseto put themselves down, rather than try to elevate themselves. Sorry, I have no respect for that, or some one who would submit themselves to that, there is no good reason. These are the people I'm refering to when I say I hate goths, my opinions are mingled dependong the exact situation though.